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  1. it might be a glitch in the system or its not just been updated. never heard of 3 interviews. what questions were asked in your second interview?
  2. the reason that happened is because after enquiries by my lawyer as to why time was being wasted, the reply we were getting was security check . and i realised our interviewer kept on hounding on why we married quick . so i guessed it was being seen as fraud. i expected either a stokes interview or bed check . wasnt bothered cos if you live with your spouse you have no issues . plus the main people know us in the city we live . the mayor, the police chief, fire marshall . so wasnt really bothered . so i was expecting something . plus i live in a gated apartment where you have to go through security and all you cant just come in and out. also im not the type to be messed with . i can hold my own . but from the way they moved and they acted i had read them and known . but yh it went well . thanks .
  3. yes . they are from the fraud detection unit . they mentioned they will write their report and pass it on .
  4. thats understandable. they were shocked at the fact that i came home and my excited reaction to see them. i guess most of the time they are used to scared nervous people. was a relief to me. cos i ran out of a meeting they said i could tell my boss to call them so they can confirm it was cos of them i left. they were very pleasant .
  5. lucky for us we work close to home. what they do apparently is that if you are not home, they speak to your neighbors and ask them about you or they leave.
  6. this was post interview. i got an RFE after interview to re do my I 693
  7. they suspected the marriage cos we married not too long after we met . 2 months .
  8. Yesterday afternoon my wife gets a call from someone saying they are from homeland security and are around to see our home. she calls me cos she didnt understand why homeland was around. i was in a meeting and drove home. lucky i was close by. i see them and im like im glad youre here. been waiting to hear from immigration somehow. so if you are here it means youre working on my case. they asked if i wanted to see their badge, i was like i dont care, just come on in. they were like youre a trusting man but still showed their badges. they came in with my wife in the house. she was a bit embarassed cos the house was a bit messy since we rushed to work early that day. i gave them a full tour. they went everywhere, checked everything. i wasnt even bothered cos its a real marriage so enjoy. wats the best way to win your case than for them to come see. we werent questioned like they normally do. it was a convo. like i was with friends. i had soo much fun cos i was glad they were there. we laughed and joked around and after like 15 minutes they said they were leaving . 2 of them dropped their cards and one gave me his personal number and i went back to my meeting. All in all it was pleasant and wonderful from my point of view . lol .
  9. 2 immigration officers came to my place. actually enjoyed their visit.
  10. 2 immigration officers came to my place. actually enjoyed their visit.
  11. Congratulations Was there any RFE after your interview? Plus what do you think could have caused it?
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