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  1. Hi everyone! I’ve got a question, after DQ email is it possible to pause the Immigrant Visa or if you receive the IL letter can you send an email to the Embassy stating you’d like to wait a bit more like a year or so? Is it possible to pause after NVC stage?
  2. Is there a way to find out when the Embassy received your file after DQ email?
  3. Hi everyone! How long it takes from DQ email to IL email depends on the embassy or NVC?
  4. Hi everyone! Received DQ today November 7 2nd resubmission September 30. How long from DQ to CC email?
  5. NVC 2nd submission September 30 and DQ November 7! How long for Case Complete email?
  6. Hi everyone! NVC 1st submission September 12 and then RFE on September 30 and re uploaded docs again the same day. How long until I get a DQ? 1 month has passed since resubmission. Hopefully this week?
  7. Hello everyone! I have a question: I resubmitted docs on September 30 and one “proof of US Domicile” document was upside down so NVC asked to resubmit it again with the words horizontal. However, I uploaded it again horizontal but it’s slightly tilted the doc not perfectly aligned on a line but still visible and readable without altering the document. Do you think this document will get accepted?
  8. Congrats! That’s a good sign as I resubmitted docs on September 30. Should I expect something this week maybe?
  9. Hi guys! After an RFE, how long from resubmitted day to approval?
  10. Hi everyone! I need help here! I got RFE 3 docs submitted September 12. Passport rejected saying “this document is not in the right-side up position. Please replace this with a scan which displays the words horizontally on the screen.” Can I just rotate the same jpeg and send it again? Then another rejection “this document contains an editable PDF form. Please replace with a as can that is not editable.”. Any help here? Thank you everyone!
  11. Hi everyone! My PD date is August 2017. Sent IV August 2019 and AOS September 12. Do you guys think it will be DQ or Completed faster?
  12. Thank you! Does it mean DS-260 was already manually checked and it’s all good? In just a week or less was COMPLETED.
  13. Hi everyone! I uploaded DS-260 form on August 28 and it said since then COMPLETED. On September 12 I uploaded civil and AOS docs and now it says “SUBMITTED” while DS-260 is Completed. Does it mean they already checked DS-260 and it’s good to go but the submitted date is officially September 12?
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