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  1. For those of you undergoing K1 processing, the Embassy said there are available appointment dates for you to go online and schedule. Unfortunately, they are still working through the 18 month backlog for Immigrant visas.
  2. Good morning all, the Embassy will be live on FB tomorrow at 10 AM EST regarding immigrant visas. You may post questions ahead following the link below. https://www.facebook.com/100064622086869/posts/257217546442313/
  3. Tune in to Nationwide90FM tomorrow morning at 9am (JA time) for Ask the Consul LIVE, hosted by Vernon Derby! Our Acting Deputy Chief of Mission, Scott Feeken will discuss our current operational procedure, the new CDC vaccine requirements for IV applicants & more! Tune in!
  4. Hi @CynRob I am not sure why you would need to quarantine if you live in Jamaica but your medical is done before your interview once you receive an interview date from the embassy you register on the andrews website and arrange your medical appointment with Andrews. Call Andrews if you need further clarification. Good luck.
  5. Hi @CynRob they usually give at least a 2 weeks notice but they are so unpredictable these days, it's hard to say. Some have gotten expedited interviews right away while others have waited 1-2 months. I hope you hear back soon.
  6. Maybe something was found in the lab results for which he/she needs treatment/medication. I know of ppl who've experienced this.
  7. @KD-Fletcher to my knowledge they are still working on IV DQs from mid-end of July 2020 and per the live, they have a backlog load thru the end of 2022. There are also canceled interviews from Feb/March 2020 yet to be rescheduled (I believe these are spouses of GC holder Cases). All visa categories are now open, but on a limited capacity. Visitor's visa, for example, has a 15 month wait for interview appts. Sorry, it's not better news. However, they did say they would double up their efforts on immigrant visa cases and fiance visa appointments were available to be booked at the time of the Live. Try to expedite or hang in there, seems it'll be a while. Feel free to watch the saved live on Facebook.
  8. Good Day, per the Embassy, fiance visa appointments are now up for grabs. I believe this is the link for Jamaica. https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-jm/niv
  9. Good afternoon...been quiet here. Hope all is well with everyone. The Embassy will be live on Wed at 10AM JA time. You may post questions ahead of the live for them to answer Wed on the post below. https://www.facebook.com/143560048536/posts/10159534332603537/?substory_index=0
  10. @NHC this is a normal chain of actions for approvals or otherwise, it will change from AP to issued when printed.
  11. Good morning, to my knowledge the Embassy is still behind from mid-end of Aug 2020 CR-1/I-R1 DQs, unless you've expedited, that was the last batch of interviews done. @RedRose75 is today the big day? You're in my thoughts and prayers 🙏🏾❤
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