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  1. Thank you. We have talked about other options about me moving to Egypt with him while we were going through this whole process. It saddens me because I have not seen my husband for a year because I have been working and I have a young daughter that is in school and I couldn't go back and forth or last year or else I would lose my job and jobs are very hard to find in the town I live in and losing my home and taking my daughter out of school was to much. I can't wait to get my ticket to go to Egypt and be with my husband There will not be anymore long distance phone calls, no more video chats, my husband and I will be face to face now . I miss him sooo much. This whole year of this visa process has been a NIGHTMARE for both of us. I am ready to leave the US behind and go to a whole new world in Egypt with my husband and be happy.
  2. My husband has been on AP for 6 months and my senator has been helping me with my husband case .He sent them inquiry in December and the Embassy in Cairo responded with this email. What does this mean and what can we do now. I feel so sad.
  3. I am sick. I was diagnosed with pneumonia a week ago. I sure wish my husband was here with me.☹😢
  4. Can someone please tell me what MInor Bainouna means. Thank you
  5. His friend got approved on his interview last month then was put on AP for a few weeks and just a couple of days ago he got his visa issued.
  6. I know his friend just had his interview last month in November was put on AP for a few weeks then just got approved a couple days ago.
  7. Administrative Processing is such a nightmare. My husband has been on AP for 5 months now. I had got the Senator to contact the Embassy and nothing, they just send him the same email they send me.I have called NVC also to get info and the person I talked to said that the notes said that someone (me) got a hold of a senator but no other notes. I just feel like packing my stuff and moving to Egypt . I miss my husband so much and I don't want another year to go by without him. I talked to a friend here in the US that got approved in May and got his visa and he told me that alot of his friends have got a visa just this year from Egypt and they are here in the US..And it seems like the same consular that interviewed him and his friends all got approved to get visas and they are all here in the US... I find that very odd and very disappointing.
  8. Really 4 mounts it’s to much i wish u good luck same is my husband  only one mounts administrative processing and normally processing took 60 days ....Egypt 

  9. We are CR1 and my husband has been on AP since his interview on July 6,2017
  10. Still on AP 4 months now. Got an update , only because Senator sent an inquiry on November 5. 2017 I miss my husband sooo much . So sad😢
  11. My husband is on AP for 3 months now. 2 men went to my husband's home on August 22,2017 one of the men told my husband, someone would contact him by phone. Well it's Oct 12 now still no call. Is my husband allowed to call the Embassy in Cairo and ask why they didn't call him.
  12. https://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2017/09/24/enhancing-vetting-capabilities-and-processes-detecting-attempted-entry
  13. https://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2017/09/24/enhancing-vetting-capabilities-and-processes-detecting-attempted-entry