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  1. Has anyone recieved this response in regards to an expedite of a work request, and what does it mean: Type of service requested: -- Expedite The status of this service request is: Recently, you contacted us about your application. Your application is currently in suspense until you appear for your biometrics. You may request expeditious processing again once we have received your biometrics.
  2. But isnt there a form called i693 that we need to fill out for proof of vaccinations or do we have to get them done over again here in the states
  3. All I am a bit confused. My fiance is here and he told me that the United States customs took his envelope with his vaccinations in it. Is this normal and dont we need it for the adjustment of status phase.
  4. Yes multiple times. Its a very stressful ordeal and they make it harder for what i have no idea
  5. I believe not because i tried this twice and was unable to. Your best bet is to be sure on your dates as you only get three tries before having to pay the fee again.
  6. My heart breaks for you. I am so sorry to hear this news. We also experienced some deep sadness on the day of our approval his father passed suddenly that same night and now i am just supporting him in his grief before he comes. The process was long as well for us but at times i think there was a reason why it took so long. Keeping you in my prayers this is beyond what i could have imagined. God speed!
  7. @Greenbaum I would like to thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for your assistance, diligence in responding in a timely manner, and always providing top quality (hilarious) responses. It has been over a year and a half going through this process for us with tons of bumps, mistakes and all out burst of tears. However, every time we got down we looked to a higher power and knew that things would work out according to plans. We were issued the visa today and my fiance can finally meet his 8 month old son for the first time and my heart is so heavy. I thank you to all of you who have posted and responded as I have sometimes just been behind the scenes reading others experiences and trying to keep my head above water. Happy Valentines Day as this is the best Valentines I have ever had!!!!!
  8. Any updates on the document delivery being blank outcome and why this happens?
  9. Thank you for the quick response, I also, saw from another post you had posted on that to always look at the ceac site as that is your true source. Thanks again.
  10. Has anyone seen this before: where there is no document delivery information updated and on the ceac website, we noticed that the date has been updated from February 7th to February 11th but still stating under administrative processing.
  11. Has anyone had any issues with medical results from the Dominican embassy getting lost? If so can you please share your experience because me and my fiance are going through that now. He took his back in November as we tried to get them done way in advance we had our interview in January and they were not in the system si therefore he had to go back to the office to retake his urine test. It has been 5 business days and he called today to be told that they will be sending the results over to the embassy tomorrow. We are so confused because his passport is at the embassy but do not in now if we got approved or not. Please help
  12. Thank you for your response, did you ever get put under administrative processing during this time?
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