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  1. Thank you so much, I completely agree with your statements and we are on it.
  2. Just listened to this on youtube and people have been rejected multiple times because of this:
  3. Thank you so much. I will do that, I actually agree with your statement and fear that it was wrong as well. I will talk to an immigration lawyer before proceeding with anything
  4. Just got off the phone with a representative from USCIS. They cannot give you legal representation but to break it down, we were told that we needed to pay the biometric fees for both children living in the Dominican. We will never have to pay for the biometric fee to remove conditions on them again but we will have to pay for the application fee for any type of application that we fill out for them to come here to live with us. Shocking but true.
  5. thankyou all for your replies, this has helped significantly. We made sure to check to make the check out to U.S department of homeland security. We have continued to get stamps like this on all of our rejection notices. Rejection.doc
  6. yes we did this exactly how you stated as we were worried about the fees but every time we got the same response. I thought we were supposed to include them all because that is what we did on the fiance visa early on. However, now I believe we have to pay the biometrics fee for them. I am reading this online:If you became a Conditional Resident on the same day, or within 90 days of your parent, then your parent can include you on his or her I-751 Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence. That means you will not have to file a separate I-751 Petition. However, you will have to pay the Biometrics Fee, which, as of this writing is $85.00. If you are included in your parent’s I-751 petition then you are considered to be a derivative dependent of your parent and whether the conditions on your residence are removed will depend upon whether your parent’s I-751 petition is approved and his or her conditions are removed.
  7. that makes a lot of sense. Doing some research now and I believe that is the issue.
  8. Why should we if they are not coming here to the US, and the other was born here in the United States? So that means it would be 255 in for all three of them? Wow
  9. thanks we will get this done. Just to clear things up, I got pregnant with our son while he was living in the Dominican in 2017, had our son 2018, bf at the time moved here in 2019 after our son was born. Procrastinated to get the signed birth certificate then covid hit and put things behind. Which is why my husbands name was not on the original bc, because he was not here when I had our son. He came months later.
  10. We will go tomorrow and get it done since they opened back up last week. they say it is a quick process so we will just do that instead so that there is no more confusion.
  11. I did not think we needed the birth certificate because we had everything else showing proof of relationship and pictures to back it up. That was my fault, hindsight 20/20 wishing I would have done that first.
  12. Honestly procrastination, we had planned to get it done a couple months ago but the offices were closed due to covid. they opened this past week. i know that is bad but it is an honest answer and we plan to put that in the letter.
  13. Even if my husband's name is not on there yet. We had him when we were filing and did not get his name on there because we were trying to get all other stuff dealt with that we forgot. However, i am putting it in there so they know he is an american citizen with a letter to match clarifying this. Do you think the letter will assist?
  14. yep and we said no for both of them but said that our son that we had together is living with us and I am assuming they thought that he was filing with us or from the dominican as well. I did not put the birth certificate in there because we still have yet to put my husband's name on the birth certificate with covid and everything it put so much behind.
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