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  1. Yes I know it’s so frustrating you never know what to expect! I knew my fiancé being from Iraq would make the vetting longer but never imagined a wait like this!! It definitely destroys lives but I hope you get yours soon!
  2. Hopefully yours is much faster and mine is k1 so since yours is marriage it’ll probably be faster! It is definitely a long and miserable wait though
  3. Mine has been refused pending DS-5355 since the interview in June 2019
  4. Status changing to expired seems to be kind of common. Contact your consulate and they will change it if you have been keeping up with your case. I know it causes lots of stress but mine was changed back to refused (for administrative processing) 11 days later
  5. Yes it’s because I’m still waiting and don’t want to share anything prematurely. We had a second interview in mid November for re-oath and biometrics and sent updated medical and other documents along with the passport but then the embassy closed two days later due to rising COVID cases and are not processing visas. I will definitely be updating my timeline when this is all over. I know we all can use all the help we can get and abandoned timelines help no one.
  6. Haha yes I know I was just sharing her exact wording. Hoping for the best and I will let you guys know!
  7. No I didn’t mean it was issued she just emailed “requesting that the case be reinstated and and approved without further delay”.
  8. Yes which is why she thinks it’s a mistake and emailed the consulate to change the status and process the visa without further delay. I don’t know why you feel the need to be so rude. I’m just looking for a little bit of friendly advice or someone that’s gotten something similar.
  9. Yeah I understand that but that’s not an option for everyone and unfortunately it wasn’t for me. I’m just trying to see if anyone had experienced this. I don’t think it’s a refusal. My lawyer emailed the consulate making it clear that the reason I am still waiting for the visa is beyond my control and it’s in AP.
  10. I don’t think that’s a decision they can make. They either deny or grant the visa and the denial needs a reason. My lawyer thinks it was a mistake and has emailed the embassy but I’m trying to see if anyone here has experienced or seen something similar
  11. Yes it has been 2.5 years since I filed my petition so I filed wom due to the long wait times and over a year of administrative processing now
  12. Has anyone had or heard of a case in AP changing to expired on CEAC? I’ve already filed a mandamus and have constantly emailed the embassy since my interview so I don’t know why I would get this status and what it means! I am always following up and have done everything possible to get my case moving. I filed k1 in April 2018, interviewed June 2019 and filed mandamus April 2020. My case status was changed to expired on September 10th and I’m freaking out!
  13. Hi guys! I just found this thread and wanted to say hi and share my timeline! I applied for a k1 visa for my fiance in April 2018. He interviewed at the Amman, Jordan embassy on June 13th and was given the DS-5535 form and put into AP. It's been almost 8 months and no updates. It updated at least one a week or so in July, but we have had no updates since then, other than when we send inquiries via email. I have contacted both my congressman and senator and I just get told it's in AP and I will be notified when its finished. I am very worried and am considering doing a writ of mandamus, but am trying to stay patient and hope for the best!
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