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  1. Thank you! I hope so too!
  2. After 297 days I finally got my NOA2 today!! 😍I hope everyone here is doing well and if you're not with your loved one already I hope you will be soon!!
  3. Finally after 297 days I got my NOA2 in the mail today! 😍I hope everyone here gets their good news really soon!
  4. I'm still waiting for my NOA2 too. I got a letter last week thinking it was going to be my approval or at least RFE, but it was just a reply to my online service request saying my case is still pending security checks. I hope you hear the good news soon!
  5. Yeah I know I've been following your case, it's ridiculous! 😒 Wish you the best!
  6. I got a letter today from USCIS and couldn't breathe from the excitement, I didn't even care if it was an RFE as long I could finally have some news. But it was just a response to my inquiry telling me that my case was still in security checks and they can't do anything until it's cleared I don't know why they would send me a letter, I've submitted an inquiry twice before and they always email back. Anyways I just thought I'd share. Has that happened to anyone else before?
  7. If it makes you feel any better I'm still here waiting for my NOA2😔
  8. Do you guys know if the "extra security checks" are affected, since USCIS says its not them that do that?
  9. My NOA1 was received on April 20th, and I am still waiting for my NOA2. I keep being told to wait also, and that my case is "pending security checks".
  10. Shrouq615


    Yes, I am an April filer and still have not heard anything.
  11. Do any of you guys know if the "extra security checks" are impacted by the government shutdown? My case has been pending security checks for a while.
  12. April filer with no news at all.. it's killing me too😢 I hope we both hear great news soon!
  13. Ok thank you! Trying not to raise my blood pressure! Do you think my fiance being a resident of Jordan and the fact that we are using the embassy there would make it a little better? Just wondering
  14. I am still waiting for my NOA2 Losing hope, but hoping for a better 2019 than 2018.