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  1. Referral ID: **************** Beneficiary (if you filed for someone else): -- *************** Your USCIS Account Number (A-number): -- Information not available Type of service requested: -- Expedite The status of this service request is: On 12/21/2018, you contacted USCIS concerning your I-129F to notify us that you were requesting an expedited review of your case. Below is a summary of what we found and how the issue has been or may be resolved. Your case is currently being adjudicated. You should receive a notice of action* within 45 days. *A notice of action may be in a form of Approval Notice, Denial Notice, Transfer Notice , Request for Evidence, or Notice of Intent to Deny. We hope this information is helpful and appreciate your continued patience.
  2. Are you sure they aren't asking for additional evidences? Can you send us the documents you got at the embassy
  3. Yes we sent an email to California Service Center and we got a reply saying indeed our case should get an expedite but the evidence we sent in wasn't enough so we involved the congresswoman's office and we got a release form from them and we r also sending the congresswoman office additional paperwork to support our case.... So we will see how it goes when they contact uscis on our behalf and show them the additional paperwork as to why we have to expedited.
  4. It's being 6days we requested an expedited processing of our I-129F Petition based on petitioner medical reasons, and we received this email from USCIS which says : "Thank you for your inquiry. Your expedite request is now under review. You should receive a follow-up correspondence informing you of our decision regarding your expedite request shortly. We hope this information is helpful to you." how long till we get a response back if it was approved or not (but we r hoping and praying for an approval) Thank y'all.
  5. t Thanks a lot for the reply, We also hope to expedite at NVC/EMBASSY STAGE AS WELL
  6. Austin

    I-129F filing fee

    Yes we used money order and it was added to the K1 packet
  7. Hi everyone, Please how long to hear from immigration after receiving email which stated Expedite Request Under Review
  8. Austin

    Just sent fax

    Hi everyone, Please how long to hear from immigration after receiving email of expedite request under review? Thank you y'all
  9. Austin

    Just sent fax

    We just got this email
  10. Hi everyone, Please we just sent our supporting documents to USCIS through fax after we requested for an expedited processing based on petitioner medical reason, now the question is how do I know USCIS received the fax as it was sent 2days ago and no update yet on while checking online but we do have the fax confirmation that it's being delivered. Thank y'all.
  11. They gave an address for us to mail it in Thanks for the reply.
  12. Good Day everyone, We contacted USCIS for expedited processing of our case based on medical and we got a letter asking for additional evidence, we tried to fax but we r having issues with that. Question is can we mail our supporting evidence to the address in the letter USCIS sent us???
  13. Good Evening Everyone, My fiancee got a letter from USCIS requesting for further evidences after we requested for expedited process based on chronic medical reasons... I wanna ask, is there a timeline for sending in the evidences cos we have to get Dr letter from pain management and also letter from her surgeon.....we already have a letter from one of the Doctors but we r expecting other letters from the two other doctors so we just wanna know if there's a deadline for sending the evidences required......Thank You