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  1. Yes I am too and it's so annoying not able to check my visa case
  2. AP can take as long as it takes... No one can really tell you when yours will be over, could be days, weeks, months or even years.... Good luck on your journey!
  3. Good Morning Everyone, I wanted to update you all on the recent happenings on my case. I had my interview on June 7,2019 and I was given 221g to submit a joint sponsor as my woman didn't make enough to sponsor me and also her medical bills. I emailed the Embassy and asked if we could email them the documents, I got a reply back granting me permission to email the documents only in PDF format only. We emailed the documents on July 15 and got an email July 18 acknowledging they received the documents and a Consular officer will review and get back to me with the next steps. Our case kept updating and updating, we decided to involve our congresswoman office and the director of case work services at the congresswoman's office contact us and sent us the release form which we filled and signed. After we sent it back, she inquired into our case. I called the Department of state August 26 and the lady asked me how I submitted the 221g docs, I told her through email, she said the embassy wants hard copies of all emailed documents, I told her they were the once who authorised me to email it and she appologised on behalf of the Embassy and said we needed to submit the documents so they can have the case completed. The same day, the Congress woman's office got back to us with an email from the embassy requesting hard copies of all emailed documents before completion of our case. I immediately went to DHL and dropped off the documents on August 27, case updated August 28,29 and then September 3,5 and 6. But my case still stuck in "Ready" since I had my interview on June 7, I thought it would be in Administrative processing, but I don't know. This is my case so far. Good luck to everyone on their visa case.
  4. My case has also stayed in Ready since I had my interview June7,2019... I was given 221g to submit a joint Sponsor which i emailed to them as they requested but got a response from my congresswoman office and the department of state on August 26 that the embassy needs hard copies of all the documents I emailed to them... I submitted them August 27 and I got another response from the embassy through the congresswoman's office that they have confirmed receipts of documents I submitted and they will review and get back to me with the next steps... I'm still waiting and my case still says Ready hasn't even changed since interview..... I don't know what that means
  5. You should be contacting NVC to get a new case number for Lagos Nigeria because I'm sure by now, they r aware of your situation, embassy in Lagos can't use Cyprus's case number for Lagos.... You'll be fine as long as you do the needful and fast.... Good luck!
  6. No, still shows ready since interview
  7. Hi everyone, I got a case update yesterday (Friday) and today (Saturday)... I didn't know they update cases on Saturday... I've had my interview since June7, 2019 and I was asked to submit a joint Sponsor which I did on July 15. My case has always being updating.... The fact that it updated yesterday and today, is it a good sign?
  8. But he stated he was asking on behalf of a friend who isn't on VJ.....
  9. No update.... But I believe this new week is a week of Grace.... And I'll be coming back here to tell y'all I've being approved
  10. Hi everyone, I was given 221G to submit joint sponsor on June7 and on July15, I submitted the request documents. And on July 18 the embassy emailed me acknowledging that they received the documents and a Consular officer will review and they will get back to me after they are done reviewing the documents. On July23 my case updated again, but it's still showing "Ready" since. What does the ready actually mean? Cos I would think it would be showing Admin Processing by now. Thank y'all.
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