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  1. They are high not just in India. Much more expensive than a normal medical exam he would have done. But it MUST be done at the location mentioned on the letter. These are doctors who are approved and held accountable with the US embassy.
  2. you should be able to download it online if you have already filed. try doing that, its faster than requesting a paper one.
  3. well the time frame changes. either way you are in the wrong group this group is for Feb 2018. Some people in this group have already completed their interviews and are in the US already. Some are at the NVC stage. Some are waiting to hear back on their interview dates. You should check out the Feb 2019 filers to get a better understanding of where things stand for you.
  4. Did you submit February 2018 or 2019? When did you receive your noa1?
  5. wait till next month. my CC December 6th and we heard back on Feb 14th for our interview. It took a little over 2 months to hear back, you havent hit 2 months yet.
  6. when did your case close with NVC???
  7. they still have to add your joint sponsor it takes a few hours. or day depending on when you add them. the person's name will show up and you will be able to click on their name to add all of the supporting documents. also i would do more research about the sponsor having a household member. you are the primary sponsor and i believe only you can have the household member? another sponsor would just be a sponsor not household member unless they are your direct relative who you reside at the same address as.
  8. No, those are things you would show at the interview itself, not upload to CEAC. the only required thing to upload is your marriage certificate and any divorce certificates if either of you have been married.
  9. why were they asking for 2018 tax returns, the deadline has not come yet? my husband's interview is next week and my 2018 taxes havent been filed yet. was your situation different? or is this a thing? my co-sponsor's 2018 is ready and filed and i submitted them.
  10. this how i understood it, in the final number dont count someone more than once. though, now looking, i may have been wrong. either way my i-864 was accepted as I submitted it, final number i did not count my spouse twice but I did state i was married.
  11. thanks, is this the case for the joint sponsor or household member? because my documents were already all approved and we submitted tax returns from our accountant not the transcript. should i bring the transcripts to the interview or upload them to CEAC even though we received our CC?
  12. actually you are supposed to put 1 for married. and in the final number not count anyone more than once.
  13. i am reading things about the tax return not being accepted and it has to be the tax transcript? does anyone know if that is true? ours took a little over 3 months, from CC to interview scheduled, with the interview being the next month.
  14. just thought i would update in case anyone is facing a similar situation. on the CEAC website, it states to notify the embassy ASAP if there are any changes to your paperwork. so i emailed the embassy asking them how i should send them my updated I-864 and I-864a. they replied right away saying to upload them to the CEAC website, which i did. Any chance they will delay my husband's interview due to the changes? I am glad I emailed them and uploaded it rather than wait till the day of the interview, which could have possibly delayed things. But now I am worried they may delay it anyways to review the documents?