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  1. Hi! Just wanted to post an update on my N400 progress. So, firstly, I have to correct my own post I’m quoting above: that bio appt. made for March was for my I751 (Removal of conditions). Those fingerprints got denied bcs I have very faint fingerprints (I was not surprised to get an RFE/an appt. to retake them on Aug. 13th). It literally said the FBI couldn’t accept them lol I received this letter via snail-mail on the July 24th. The real update to the N400 happened right after: via email, I got a PDF letter saying I had a bio appt. for the N400 for August 16th. I had to download the letter from the USCIS portal though. To avoid going twice, I called USCIS and the agent told me to go on Aug. 16th with both printed letters. I did so, and today morning my USCIS portal showed the N400 updated to ‘… Your case is actively being reviewed by USCIS.’ I’m hoping for a combo interview soon. I don’t think I’ll get updates on the I751 soon bcs I started that process by mail. I hope this helps! Good luck to all of you, we are getting close to end our journey.
  2. Has anyone with a WAC***** number received updates? My bio appt. took place on March 2021, since then no updates online or via letter.
  3. Thank you, Villanelle. I appreciate the words of concern. This was the 1st time I was targeted in such way while trying to take advantage of my situation as a foreigner. I feel better now, phew. I'll get to work on updating all my pws as you suggest. I didn't think of it until now.
  4. Haha! There were no background noises that would make me suspect. But the guy had an accent— Though I'm sure there are foreigners that could work for USCIS (I don't know about ICE).
  5. In all honesty my husband and I don’t have any red flags. I can only think that someone is targeting me for some revenge. It’s still scary. But thanks for the reply Boiler.
  6. I received a call today from a person that said his name is 'Ryan Reese.' He identified himself as someone calling from USCIS to inform me about this supposed complaint against me/my case. Then he asked if the embassy had tried to contact me (I haven't interacted with the US Embassy based in my country since 2018 when I moved here.) The only reason I picked up this call is because my iPhone showed the caller ID as 'US GOVT DEPT OF.' Later, I researched the number 313-568-6049. It appears that this is ICE's number. So this is the 1st contradictory information: Why would this person identify themself as an USCIS employee, if they are calling for ICE? The tone and manners of the person didn't seem professional either. He kept arguing saying 'You don't understand the severity of how this can affect your immigration case' and towards the end of the call he even declare 'I'll be sending an officer to your address today.' I decided to not volunteer any information, I kept asking for a letter or a ticket # to call back later (I was in the middle of my workday.) I'm still startled by this conversation. But I know there isn't anything wrong with my case and/or relationship with my husband. However, I would like to hear if someone has received this kind of call. Or, if they call before being visited by ICE.
  7. You are very welcome. We are all in this together, so I try to provide as much info as I can. Funny thing is that my window to apply for citizenship will open very soon on Dec. 28. I may submit my file before the end of year.
  8. Yes, that was exactly the last update currently displayed. However, I did get a letter in March to notify me that my (1st attempt) Bio Appointment was booked for April 2nd (or 10th, anyway right during the lockdown). The letter update was never reflected on the myUSCIS web app. For clarity, my updates on the app are showing in this screenshot. For detailed timeline information, you can check my 'timeline' from my 'profile' if you click on my name.
  9. Hi there! I had been checking everyday since Nov. 1st and also today, but the website only shows my last update from back in February 7, 2020. I don’t think they’ll alert you using the web app. You’d want to make sure you use the USPS service— this is how I got to see the picture of this incoming letter. They scan it, and I get emails showing what will come to my mailbox. I read somewhere that signing up for phone/text alerts can be accurate too. I don’t know how to do that, and I couldn’t figure out how to enable that service yet.
  10. Hi everyone! I just wanted to let the group know that yesterday I received a letter (posted on 11/16/2020) informing me that I have been scheduled for a Bio Appointment. The new date is 12/10/2020. It took time, but I do feel that the ASC in San Jose/Santa Clara is working according to their own waitlist. I hope this is helpful. Happy Holidays.
  11. Hi! I don’t know enough about the K1 process, but if you are at ROC stage then you completed AOS already— And this means USCIS could reuse your fingerprints. This thread and others show users commenting that their cases updated to ‘fingerprints were applied‘ or something along those lines. But please feel free to tag me for this or any update. And thanks for reading my post 👍🏼
  12. Hi everyone! I am a January 2020 ROC filer (CR1 case). I just called USCIS and got to talk to their 1st Tier agent. I am in CA, and my ASC center will be USCIS San Jose (95050). She confirmed that I should expect a rescheduled bio appt. within 90 days from when they reopened. This ASC office opened on July 13th. I just used a calendar calculator (removing weekends and holidays), and it turns out I should be expect a reply by Nov. 18th (or I can call). I thought this could be helpful to anyone based in CA. It appears they have a list for the pending bio appts. and the agent confirmed 'that I am in the list, but still within normal time.' However, I really hope it takes less– Anyone here has gotten their appt. rescheduled? Mine was supposed to happen on April 2nd. Hope you have a great week 🙂
  13. Hi! I’m a Peruvian citizen married to a US Citizen. My husband and I married w/o witnesses and kept it a secret for almost a year. I’m a female and only child, so the norm/expected for me would have been a big celebration and religious ceremony with parents and extended family included but it didn’t happen. This was no issue when submitting my application or during my interview. IMO they only care for your marriage license and the ‘strong’ evidence that others have listed above. Instead of affidavits I would recommend listing the marriage in Peru, so your spouse’s National ID ( called DNI) can be updated to ‘Married.’ This is something I did too as an extra. This is something that can’t be so easily faked (unlike affidavits made/signed in Peru). The only question I was asked during the interview was when/how did we meet.
  14. When was your Biometric appt? Was that before the shutdown of ASC and other offices?
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