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  1. Hi, I think this also depends on which state you live in. I am in CA and it did take about 118 days for my card to arrive. I hope yours arrives sooner.
  2. Hi! I recommend calling NVC, if possible. As soon as I received the NVC case # and the IIN # it took about 49 days to get to get the interview date over the phone. On the same day I noticed my case reached the ‘at NVC’ status, I called and received the interview over the phone. It’s been a year and a half since then, but I recall seeing the same trend for previous cases. Good luck for the interview! 12/01/17 - Got the NVC Case # & IIN over the phone 12/05/17 - AoS and IV fees paid Received Welcome letter through e-mail earlier this day. 01/02/18 - NVC packet delivered to/received by NVC 01/05/18 - SD assigned 02/05/18 - CC (First showing "At NVC" on CEAC, then called and confirmed it) 02/13/18 - Received e-mail notification of our CC and it being placed in queue for interview scheduling 02/13/18 - Just got interview date over the phone: 03/20/2018 Operator said that it was scheduled TODAY and that I'd be getting an e-mail with instructions soon Later on the day I got the e-mail with PDF letter confirming the CC 02/16/18 - Received PDF letter indicating date of interview + instructions CEAC status showing 'In transit' 02/21/18 - CEAC status showing 'Ready'
  3. Hello there! If you were issued a Social Security Number/Card you could have your fiancé add you on his bank accounts, car insurance, etc. It may also be an option for him to add you on his rental agreement or lease. I was also on a second J1 when my husband proposed unexpectedly and we decided to get married. My particular circumstances inclined me to take the CR1. I needed to return home finish my degree, this also gave me time to gather my documents (birth certificate, police records, etc.). Luckily I was able to visit my husband multiple time using my B1/B2 visa which I had from before my J1s. A dear friend of mine who was dating an American US Citizen was on her 1st J1 when her boyfriend proposed and they married. Her case is somewhat similar to yours as she had been dating this guy since they met in Peru for about a year or so. She had no issues adjusting status. And she didn’t even use a lawyer: she proved her bonafide with lots of pictures from the time they were dating, and photos of her visiting her soon-to-be in laws at the time. I hope these two experiences help you feel more comfortable with your decision.
  4. Yes it is. And there doesn’t seem to be a standard waiting timeline. Check the ‘OS115A Status’ thread for reference.
  5. Si, NOA = (N)otice (O)f (A)ction Ahora puedes usar la herramienta de búsqueda en la página web para encontrar ‘I-129F timeline for CSC’. En promedio, la espera toma unos 6 meses. Siempre y cuando no te toque un ‘RFE’.
  6. If you’re a CR1/IR1 case, the timeline according USCIS website is: it can take up to 120 days after the payment or your POE date, whichever was the last event in your case. Some people got lucky and received it within just weeks. Others like me got it a few days before the 120 days mark. You can check my timeline on my signature, down below. I apologize for not being able to find the website at the moment. But if you have your accounts with both USCIS portals, just follow the links that say ‘green card’, on of them has the info I just provided.
  7. Hello everyone, Status updated on July 13th to “Card being produced” Any idea how long it’s currently taking from that status to getting the card on hand? TIA
  8. Hi! My husband and I chose the CR1. I had a B1/B2 visa prior to starting the process and was able to visit several times (the last time for about 5 months) with no problems. Each time, I was admited for 6 months total. For the 1st three times, I’d only stay for 1 and a half week; the last visit I used almost my 6 months. POEs were LAX and SF, idk if that makes a difference. Having obtained the tourist visa already and showing continuous visits it’s great in her/your case. After getting married, I was a bit afraid to state my purpose of stay as “visiting my husband” BUT that’s when your good record helps you. Also make sure she brings documentation supporting that she’ll be be back home (I would usually bring with me my employers “vacation slip”, or future doctor’s appointments, etc.). Imo your best option is to do a CR1. That way you could do the destination wedding and keep the continuous visits.
  9. I believe it depends on which USCIS jurisdiction you are. I live in CA. Fees paid on March 26th POE at LAX on March 28th I'm still waiting for my GC to arrive. So far no notifications or whatsoever. On USCIS website it says that they can take up to 120 days to produce it; yet upon entry to the US the officer reviewing my documents said they may take up to 6 months.
  10. Hi! I wanted to ask how long did it take you to get the actual GC by mail? Or is it that you are still waiting? ROC can be filed online through this website: https://myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov/ which is also where you can track all your cases with USCIS, and change your address.
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