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  1. We did, indeed, have to get a new medical. The IO told us the previous one was no good as theyve changed the rules. TBH, it was so long ago I don’t remember exactly what she said. Now, I know that there are people on here that will argue that but, it happened. And, I know that people say to contest what the IO says. But, my wife and I aren’t confrontational people. And, let’s be honest: when you FINALLY get your AOS interview (the day that you have been waiting years for), you’re not about to make the IO angry. So, we got a new medical. We finally got the RFE after a month and just sent everything in this past Saturday. Who knows, maybe it is dependent upon the I/O. I would just wait and see what they have to say. Good luck!
  2. Hey! My wife had her AOS interview on 12/20/18. My wife needed another medical and the officer said that she would send out the RFE telling us that. We’ve not received it yet. Now, taking into the fact that the IO would be on holiday break until 1/7 (she made us aware of this), about how long until we get the RFE? We called USCIS and were told the usual blah blah. How long should we wait to do something further (info pass perhaps)? Thanks
  3. We submitted every we had but that was not part of it. We did have all of the vaccination records that my wife had from the doc in Sydney.
  4. The IO explained that the rules changed in November (ya'll might know more about it than I) as to how long the medical was valid for an, I guess, ours was invalid. I honestly don't remember the specifics as that was the very last thing that the IO asked for and by that point, I was ready to get out of there! It was an easy interview but still nerve wracking.
  5. Sorry to post this here but as the Nashville office hasn't been added to the drop down in the review section, so I'll just write a bit about our experience for those coming to the Nashville office. Our appointment was at noon and after arrival, the first step was the security. Call me naive but I really didn't expect that as there wasn't any security at the Nashville office that we went to for the biometrics appointment. At any rate, be prepared for a little bit of gruffness from the security guards. After security, you go to a window and check in. The clerk behind the window was very friendly and after looking at our appointment letter and IDs, he gave us a number and asked us to have a seat. There were three or four other couples/families already waiting but we were only seated for about 10 minutes when our number was called. We went into the IO's office and were sworn in. The IO had our file on her desk and, after opening it, asked my wife (Diana, the applicant) if she was working and, if so, where. My wife has her EAD so, she's been working for awhile. The IO wrote on the app and began asking Diana the 'yes' or 'no' questions that are in the AOS application. The tone was light and conversational. After all of the questions were asked, the IO looked at all of the evidence of cohabitation that we had brought as well as our wedding photos and Diana's original birth certificate. She then asked if we had a new medical, which we didn't. We were gambling on this part as we knew we might need it. The good news is that the IO stated that everything looked good and just get a new medical to her and we'll be fine. All in all, it was really easy and not at all scary. We were prepared and ready. We had brought along a lot of stuff that the IO didn't bother to look at. Be prepared and you'll be fine.
  6. We just got our interview date and I just about flipped when I saw the location. It's only 4 miles from our house vs. 4 hours to Memphis! So great.
  7. I agree with this. My wife and I have been married since January of this year (her K-1 was approved late last year) and she now has her EAD/AP. The USCIS site and case tracker still says her K-1 is pending approval. HA! Yet, it's been up to date during the AOS status, thus far. We constantly checked the app and USCIS site during the K-1 and it drove us nuts seeing "Case Still Pending". Then one day, the approval letter showed up in my mail box. Now, we just wait it out and don't really bother checking on where they are at during the rest of the process. It'll happen when it happens.
  8. Add another one to the list. Got our rejected packet back today. ALL of the forms that we downloaded were the correct versions. Spoke with USCIS and they told us it was their mistake. Resent the entire packet back with a letter and a screenshot of the USCIS page that has the edition date. Fingers crossed...
  9. We downloaded every form (I-485, I-864, I-7865, and I-131) from the USCIS site. Packet was sent back with an explanation that the I-485 form was outdated. Called USCIS and spoke to rep that confirmed that we had the right forms and told us to send it back as is with a letter explaining things. Has this happened to anyone else??
  10. You are correct, you begin the AOS after your fiance(e) enters the country and you get married. Check out all of the guides that VJ has and feel free to ask questions. My fiancee, now wife, and I have done everything on our own thanks to VJ. It can be done! Good luck!!
  11. My situation is very similar. I am self employed but do odd jobs here and there. I assume you are referring to what documents you need for the Affidavit of Support? If so, I just sent along that last three years tax transcripts (which you can get for free off of the IRS' site) as well as a letter from my bank stating when my account was opened and how much money was deposited within the last year. They want to see that you make 100% above the poverty line at the visa stage and 125% above at the AOS stage. I had no problems at the visa stage...we're now at AOS and fingers are crossed.
  12. It’s gotten to the point to where it’s impossible to look at VJ on my iPhone. Here’s the latest one. http://landingdisplay.page.user.liimrs.com/?Flow=9415118573539377&uid=e3876ceaaba0eb4216ec5c8384e6ac6d&toke=YNhNCE8-M&pagecode=1512945961.3604&actken=LKC9y7Twz8CBy73U1KWLoJh6m6zM57l6gHaFkUWAWUS9z6TFnGyCe9HM6JJTnUF53HC4l22GkL6FsX6UjXVC65m5xJR5s8XE0KWPmKCFx5jQ47S5e7U=B
  13. shawndee

    Applying for K1 - any concerns?

    No. All of the info was in the description of our meeting. I really think all that is necessary are the dates that you were physically together (that you can back up with evidence like boarding passes etc.) and the way that you met. By that I mean it seems they want to know that you've not met through any suspect means. In my opinion, for what it's worth, it doesn't seem like there would be any red flags in your situation.