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  1. Visa in hand! And the flight was booked! So happy and excited, and very grateful to all of the help I got here. All the best to all of you 😊
  2. Just a tiny mini note if you don’t mind, when it leaves the NVC to the embassies the status changes to “in transit”, and when it shows “ready” it means your case is arrived and ready to schedule the interview date. If you’d guessed I got this info from Greenbaum, you’re absolutely definitely right! :)) very thankful and greatful to Greenbaum for his help.
  3. Like you mean to clean up the windows and all the class doors of the department like mine ??? 😂😂
  4. How did you know that guys? Do we suppose to wait till tomorrow for updates? Did you call them to find out? I checked my NVC status and it still shows at NVC. Little bit disappointed ☹️
  5. Hopefully today or tomorrow our cases will be sent to the US embassies from NVC 🤞 please keep us updated 😊 great luck to all of you!!
  6. Him&me

    Case Status

    My file is at NVC now, and my case status at USCIS never changed until this moment. So, it is not a big deal.
  7. Totally understand. We went through all of the waiting hardship and we’re still going through it now. Being apart is sucks😔, but every day is going through, we become closer to each other. Best luck to you guys!
  8. I don’t think it worth it to get a lawyer in an embassy interview unless it’s a complicated case I guess. Because it all about few questions about you and your partner so all you need is to be honest and relaxed 😅
  9. I’ve got RFE too. They received my mail December 20th and got approved December 28th. No worries, you’re almost there! Good luck!👍🏻
  10. It’s so kind of you! Im definitely gonna check everything before he submit the application. I don’t think so, Some embassies don’t even let the petitioners to attend the interview with their partners. But I’ve never heard of an attorney had attended a visa interview with an applicant 😅
  11. Great info, thank you so much! I have an appointment with my attorney tomorrow afternoon, he asked me yesterday to bring all the required documents to get the visa application and the sponsor stuff ready. I think he wants to save some time and to get what’s needed ahead of time.
  12. Will they wait for you to do ds-160 and pay the visa fees before they send the cases to the embassies?
  13. I’m very grateful to you! Thank you so much!
  14. @Greenbaum could you please share the links needed for US Embassy at Baghdad if they are available, this would be greatly appreciated!
  15. Just got an email from NVC. They got my case and assigned a case number for us😃 what a blessing! Great luck to all of you guys!