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  1. Thank you 😊 Just be patient, and soon you will hear news. I was Dec.2020 filer and my biometrics appointment took place on July 30, 2021 which was a way longer of waiting period than i expected. Then, Aug 30, 2021 my status changed to “Case is ready to be scheduled for an interview”. Somewhat in Nov.2021, i got my interview notice scheduled for Dec. 13, 2021. Hope it helps to get you an idea. The interview was easy pissy, the officer asked only the details on I-485 form til the many yes or no questions at the end of the form 😊
  2. I had my interview last Dec. 13, 2021 and got my green card a week after. It was a very smooth interview as the officer is so kind. As for documents, she asked us what documents we want to give her. We were confused to what particular docs she wants to see, so we asked what docs she needs and she said anything like proof of relationship. My husband (US citizen) was not interviewed, the officer said it’s mainly for the show only why he’s required to come.
  3. Hi, need not to worry if one of the work dates is mistakenly put in DS-160. As for my experience, they just asked the document. During my interview itself, the consular officer only asked how long have i been in UAE and the rest of the questions are purely about me and my now husband.
  4. Me too. Till now, no biometrics appointment yet. It’s been almost 7 months now since i received my NOA1’s. Any update on you?
  5. Is there anyone here in December 2020 filers who’s also waiting for Biometrics appointment? I haven’t received biometrics appointment yet till now and it keeps me anxious. They received our application 12/17/20 and got all our NOA’s 1/5/21, but nothing next after
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