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  1. F*@$ this F*@$ing virus. That will mean my interview on the 23rd will have to be rescheduled yet again. 4th time lucky maybe? My husband literally had to fly back to Colorado from Georgia (where he has been working) in preparation for my interview. His company had to make some huge changes to allow him to be able to come home. One of his colleagues literally put themselves at risk to fly over to Georgia and replace him, and now it’s all for nothing. I feel so terrible.
  2. Mine took about a week I think. My status changed to my card was mailed to me, USPS picked up card, then delivered. They gave me a tracking number which made it easier.
  3. Thanks lovely. It’s certainly been frustrating but I’m trying to stay positive - I’ve got my EAD/AP and my SSN came yesterday so I’m feeling thankful I at least have those things. And my Mama is arriving on Thursday for a two week visit so I’m super excited about that! Hope all is well with you guys 🙂
  4. My interview was supposed to be tomorrow. Just had a phone call from USCIS saying they don’t know where my case is and they’ll reschedule me once they get a hold of it. Ugh.
  5. I had: 1/6 - New card is being produced 1/7 - Approved 1/8 - We mailed your card 1/9 - Your card has been picked up with USPS - Tracking number XYZ123456 1/13 - Your card was delivered
  6. You’re not the only one - tried twice for a SSN and was denied twice. Two different offices. I had no real need for it so I gave up and decided to just wait for my EAD. I don’t have any info about the ITIN but wanted you to know you’re not the only one who has been refused a SSN.
  7. Tell the truth. I had the same situation as yours - we decided to apply for K1 visa in September but I didn’t get officially get proposed to until June (after the visa was approved!). I didn’t have a ring on my finger for the interview in April but we knew we were getting married in July and that’s all the officer cared about. As someone else said - engaged isn’t a legal status. They only care that you have the intent to get married. Don’t lie - you’ll end up in over your head and the last thing you want to do is be caught out making up stories. My response to the question was something along the lines of: ”In September 2018 we made the decision as a couple that we wanted to be married in the near future and as such we decided to proceed with the K1 visa as it best suited our needs. We have tentatively planned our wedding for July, should our visa be approved” They were satisfied with that and I was approved on the spot.
  8. Interview scheduled for January 28th at 7.10am(!) in Denver! At least we are early so hopefully don’t have to wait too long to be seen @Yu Q we’ve decided that given the time of our interview we‘ll drive there. We’ll allow plenty of time for traffic on Arapahoe! Thanks for your advice.
  9. Was there plenty of parking at the Denver office? I’m waiting for my interview notice to arrive in the mail. We’re brand new to Denver so we were considering just getting an Uber to the office so we didn’t have any stress of finding the place or finding a parking space 😂
  10. Just got an early Christmas present - my interview was scheduled! Again! Hopefully this time for Denver.
  11. Thanks Jodi! I’m trying to think that everything happens for a reason. I have to admit even though USCIS told me I could attend the interview in Charleston, I had a feeling I would show up and they wouldn’t let me in! At least we didn’t waste any money on flights or a hotel 🙂
  12. Well after the whole debacle of USCIS losing my change of address, they’ve gone ahead and cancelled my interview in Charleston SC, despite me confirming with a tier 2 rep that I would indeed like to attend this interview even though I’m now out of state. Feels like we just took a step backward, but I’m trying to forget about it and get into the Christmas spirit. Hope all of my fellow August filers have a very merry and safe Christmas.
  13. I would start looking for a sponsor. Not sure if you can take an updated affidavit of support with you but might be a good idea just in case. I’m really sorry this has happened, what a crappy time of year to be laid off!
  14. In a strange turn of events - my interview has been scheduled for Charleston SC for January 28th. My local office in GA was Atlanta but Charleston was technically closer so I guess they’ve taken my case. I spoke to a tier 2 rep today and they said I could attend my interview in Charleston if I wanted! We’re considering flying over from Colorado for it because then it’s done and out of the way. Also - Charleston just happens to be my favourite city - we got married there! Very considerate of USCIS to give me an excuse to visit again! 😆
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