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  1. That link was very helpful, thanks!
  2. Exactly my thought, good thing her number is prepaid though she said it is very important for her she has had that number since her first phone early 2000’s. I am getting her an extension line from mine. Our 90 days started yesterday, she’s here so we can take care of that now. Thank you very much!
  3. I asked because my fiancee has no facebook, thanks everyone.
  4. My fiancée uses globe to make calls while living in the Philippines. Can globe be used in the United States or will we have to change the cell phone number and switch it to another company within the US?
  5. We received the k1 visa today at mall of Asia and went to cfo and got the sticker placed on the passport. How should the cfo certificate be attached to the passport for the flight to the US?
  6. We are keeping the same delivery address we chose when we scheduled the appointment Do we still need to confirm it?
  7. Our k1 visa was just approved today! Is there a way to confirm the delivery address online? We tried calling to confirm over the phone but the options were very confusing. Also our case is now in administrative processing, is this a normal part of the visa process?
  8. The best time to contact NVC is when they open, you will still likely be on hold but the wait time shouldn't be long.
  9. How difficult is it to file AOS without an attorney? We are currently deciding whether or not to hire an attorney for the next part of the k-1 visa process.
  10. Oh. I was right! my fiancee insisted it was NVC. Thank you so much @Hank_
  11. Thanks for the links, very helpful! We have Hank’s links as one of our main source this entire time. We are a month out before the interview, the nerve is real even for me. We figured the right answer for our case is NVC for the “Interview source” in the SLEC online registration. We scheduled CFO 2 days after the interview date. Slec registration is only valid for a month so we have to wait a until after the 18th. Ps Good luck to you and your fiancee on her interview in 2 weeks @Zach2015!
  12. We scheduled our interview for k1 visa but it said about an error and that the interview time would be provided by NVC but ceac lists the time we selected as our interview date. Does the NVC provide the interview date? Our second question is when filling out the page for the SLEC medical registration it asks for the “interview source”, is that NVC or US embassy?
  13. Guys, @greenbaum’s right about NVC shipping out cases in bulk to US embassies on tuesdays/wednesdays every other week. Our ceac status is now showing “In transit”.
  14. What is the cheapest way to book the flight to the U.S. from manila once my fiancee recieves her k-1 visa?
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