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  1. Same as us - we just got our letter this week. It has been a year for us as well. I hope the medical/vaccination report we got from our home country is still valid. Good luck to you guys and to everyone still waiting - hang in there!
  2. I'm not even sure how to word my question to where it makes sense to everyone but I was wondering what is the financial requirements at this stage, if any? (Applied for AOS, biometrics done, just waiting for interview....) We've been married for over a year now and just waiting for the interview - we were wondering if my husband (the petitioner / American citizen, ) still had to make a specific minimum amount per year? I am still unable to work because I haven't gotten my EAD/documents and my husband is thinking about a career change - where he may or may not be making more than what he currently does. We are way above the minimum but we'd still like to know if there are any financial requirements for those that are at this stage. He also wants to take an extended vacation before a new job ( months, or even a year), but we were wondering if that would affect the visa. We have some savings for him to be unemployed for a little while so that isn't the issue - we just won't have income coming in. Is the minimum income requirement just for those trying to apply for the K1 visa? We want to make the big changes with the visa process in mind and do the right thing (this entire process is confusing enough as it is!)
  3. My husband contacted Mimi Walters but there was no response - but we will definitely be contacting the above mentioned! We had gotten the message from USCIS stating that as of August 2018 they are "ready to schedule your interview" so we figured everything was on track (eg: no RFE's) - that is why we just kept waiting around. THANK YOU so much for the heads up! I truly appreciate you took the time to make this comment as it really helped us and let us realize that perhaps we CAN do something. With government stuff we just always figured we could do absolutely nothing except wait.
  4. Thanks - good luck to you guys on the move and hopefully we all get the conclusion to all of the AOS soon. I will definitely report back on here when we get our good news. Happy holidays :-)
  5. We're in Orange County, CA and still have no gotten an interview (nor did we get the AP/combocard - so we've been on ONE income for over a year now.. living paycheck to paycheck and not able to do much about it). Always nice to hear we are not the only ones still waiting in the 12/2017 AOS filers.. at least I know a lot of people are in the same boat and waiting... any day now! Wishing for that Christmas miracle.
  6. I finally got an update that "As of August 28, 2018, we are ready to schedule your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status". Is there anyone here from the December 2017 AOS out there still waiting to see this updated on their case status? I feel like I'm the only one left in this forum waiting on this. Also, for all of you who is already on this step... how long did it take for you to actually hear from them regarding the interview date? I haven't gotten any official letter in the mail, just an email saying there was an update on my case and that they are ready to schedule the interview. Any responses would be so greatly appreciated!
  7. Those that haven't gotten yours, you're not alone. I'm still waiting. I don't know how to count the days but did the biometrics on Dec 21, 2017, and haven't heard anything else other than they are very busy and is scheduling the interview (Jan 31, 2018).
  8. Seems like many of you on the east coast have more luck! Still nothing for me (status: "we are scheduling your interview, Jan 31st") here on the west coast. Happy for all of you that have gotten the card or is about to get it in the mail! Good luck with the job hunting.
  9. Seems like not many of us in Los Angeles/OC have gotten EAD's/combo cards approved.. most of you that got your cards are in other states. Lucky!
  10. Thank you so much for giving me that link - for some reason it never lets me sign in when I start from the main page (uscis.gov). I was able to log in thru the link you gave and got the passcode to log in and see my case history. Congrats for getting your combo card!
  11. Do we get the EAD before the interview? For some reason from reading this forum I thought we'll get it after the interview (assuming you passed).
  12. I have a question regarding my "new" married name and how it affects my documents and IDs, etc. I'm already in the AOS status, having been married for almost 5 months now since I came here on the K1. My question is, which documents do I need to have changed to reflect my new last name? I added my husband's last name to my full first/last name. Which changes are needed and which ones are not so important? I am so confused and everything is just a mess with some of my documents reflecting the 'old' name, some with the 'new' name. Here are all the IDs/documents that are still in my 'old' name (or maiden name): - my passport - driver's license / car registration - home rental lease - credit cards / debit cards / bank accounts - car insurance - if I buy a home with him, which name do I use on the deed? This is what I have so far with my new married name / husband's last name - SSN - marriage certificate I wasn't sure how important it is to have everything changed and did not want to unnecessarily update everything unless it is required. However, if it is important to do so for every piece of document/ID, then of course I will. I ran into a little issue recently when I went for my biometrics, as my driver's license + passport was still my maiden name. I had to rush home to get the official marriage certificate as proof. I would like to avoid situations like this again, especially if I am to travel out of the US soon (vacation/honeymoon). Also, my current passport has the K1 visa stamp so I wasn't sure how getting a 'new' passport would affect this ongoing status adjustment/green card process with USCIS - since my case is linked to my passport #, etc. Any advice on what you did would be wonderful! I want to get all my ducks in a row and not wait until the last minute to do what is required :-)
  13. I had my biometrics done late December 2017, and have yet to get anything in the mail. I just checked the USCIS my case status and this is what it says: As of January 31, 2018, we are ready to schedule your Form I-485, application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, Receipt Number --------- , for an interview. We will schedule your interview and send you a notice. Please follow any instructions in the notice. It is now March 1st, 2018 and I haven't gotten a letter in the mail. Is this normal? Was I supposed to get a receipt of some sort? Just wanted to double check with you guys in case mail is lost/stolen. I just fear that for some reason the mail gets lost and we miss out on the interview!
  14. I believe she can volunteer at the local food bank(s), as I've done that before (although I was on a student visa at that time). You are basically just there for manual labor for 2-3 hours. They don't ask to see any IDs and you are not getting paid. You simply just sign up (usually online), walk in on the day of the volunteer job, sign in, and they put you right to work with everyone else who is volunteering. At the end of the "shift", you just leave. What you might get is some free water/cookies ...and you leave feeling wonderful that you've just done some good things. Usually at these volunteer things I also get to interact with people, have small talk with people (human interaction definitely helps to make one feel less lonely). They might just be simple conversations and nothing too deep, but it does help. If you are not in the mood for small talk/interaction, you can just be silent and focus on the task at hand. This is just my advice as I am also here in the US by myself (as in, parents/siblings/cousins/friends are not here) and I've found these things helps the loneliness/boredom feeling a little. I'm not sure if you were referring to other volunteering like at some sort of office type setting, but this is also something she could consider (and perhaps some good karma points ).
  15. LorRie

    AOS, AED Biometric ID requirement

    Great question - I actually ran into some issue at the biometrics appointment as my passport/driver's license was not reflecting my husband's surname, which I took when we got married. Luckily the biometrics office was not too far away and we rushed home to get our copy of the marriage certificate which has my new married name. The lady then accepted it as proof of identity. I learned my lesson and from now on will always make sure to bring these with me until I have all my documents updated to reflect my 'new' name: - original copy (NOT photocopy) of the marriage certificate - passport - driver's license