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  1. Thank you. Unfortunately it is too late for us as it's past the claim date. I do have a letter from USPS saying "it was delivered' but not admitting fault, even though they said so over the phone... I showed it to my appointment last time and they said sorry, tracking says delivered so that's it.
  2. I called them and they told me an agent will look over my case and see if they can mail me a stamp or if it requires an appointment. I'm sure you can guess, they booked an in person appointment for me. I'm pretty sure they will just tell me the same thing at the appointment as they did last time (which is no, cancel the application and reapply under the correct reason). I don't plan on going but I can't cancel my appointment as I don't have the required pin number to cancel it. What a great system.
  3. Definitely an expensive lesson learned. I'm just curious about how long it took for your first I-90 (filed as never arrived) took to be canceled so you could file a second one? I don't care if I have to pay now, I just want my stamp so I make my travel plans in time. Also, did you send in a cancel request or did you wait for it to be rejected on its own?
  4. Hello, thanks for this info! I will definitely make a call tomorrow and see if they'll send me one too. Do you know when they implemented this with paper I-551? I had my stamp appointment in early Feb and was told I can't get stamped unless I filed under the correct reason (which I did not do).
  5. Hi I know this is old but worth a shot. I'm in almost the exact same situation - temporary holiday postal worker put it in the wrong mailbox and I filed for I-90 under "never delivered". We were also told the same information that I need to file it under lost/stolen and pay the fee so I didn't get my stamp at my appointment. We've sent in a letter AND fax to cancel the existing I-90 under the advice of the clerk at my stamp appointment. Also contacted my state senator for assistance which was almost no help. USCIS responded to them saying it will be processed under normal processing times. Could you share what happened with your situation after? I made plans to go out of country for a wedding this summer and didn't think this lost green card fiasco would happen. I'm worried it won't be canceled fast enough for me to apply for another I-90 and get a stamp appointment. It's already been over a month since we sent in the cancellation request letter.
  6. That's really not helpful lol. We live on separate floors and when I moved in with my husband's family, it had been this way for years. I did not "create" this mail address. I have no control over who rents that unit and she has taken my amaazon packages (left at the door) by accident before and opened them. I don't know her - how is it my fault that 1) it was delivered to the wrong box, 2) she may have thrown it out without realizing? In fact, USCIS forms have an option for Floor when you put in your address. It's completely valid. 3) We have never had issues before with receiving mail from USCIS and it's not our fault that the person who delivered it can't read. Don't act like you live in a perfect world. Plenty of nasty people are out there that steal for no reason or are just idiotic and cannot read. And yeah, you would think that they would just give us the mail that doesn't belong to them right? I literally asked myself that same question. Why did she not just do that? Thank you, I'm going to contact my state senator since they have an office with resources specifically to help with USCIS issues.
  7. Has anyone recently AND successfully filed an online I-90 with the fee waived after USPS misdelivered? If so what steps did you take to ensure this? We really do not want to pay the $455 fee if we can avoid it since money is tight and prefer to file online since it would be faster and easier. Our situation is explained below. I live in a house where a second family rents from the first floor unit so we have 2 mailboxes, one for their family and and one for mine. After my I485 was approved, I received a tracking number. After some waiting, the tracking said it was delivered to a "PO box" with no number. We do not have a PO box. I called the USPS office that delivered it and the lady that answered the call said it was strange that the tracking says delivered to a PO box with no number and that it shouldn't happen. Turns out, she recalled that she was the one that delivered it and said she didn't know which mailbox it was (even though they're labeled - mine says 2F for floor 2, which is reflected in my address) so she put it in a random one - which turned out to be the incorrect one. We've never had past USCIS correspondence misdelivered before so I was confused. I spoke to the family downstairs about it and they don't have it/don't know any information about it. Basically, we have no idea where it is now. Maybe someone on the first floor took it and threw it out or lost it in their house. We cannot accuse them of anything. Ultimately, it is still USPS' fault for misdelivering it. Their usual postman was on holiday during the time they delivered it so the lady that filled in for him was from another office, unfamiliar with our mailboxes. I asked them to write me a statement or letter to confirm they delivered it to the wrong mailbox and they agreed. Waiting on that to be sent to me currently. We called USCIS and asked what we should do. They told us to file a paper I-90 along with a fee waiver but I'm worried it will be denied. I also did some searching on this forum to compare other people's similar USPS experiences and it seems mixed. For example, these posts were able to get it successfully waived: The first one was able to get it waived for free online but the second one seemed to have done the paper filing with a fee waiver form. But there are also some failed experiences: These are pretty old from 2015, 2017, 2019 so I really want to know if there are more recent cases where they were successful. Should I bite the bullet and pay the $455 lost/stolen option and attempt to file a fee waiver to be "safe" and get a stamp OR do I have good chances of filing online as "never received" since I will have the statement from USPS that they misdelivered?
  8. I’m getting really stressed and anxious now. I just tried to check in on the app for my flight back to the US and for the first time ever, it’s asking me for secondary travel doc info (alien resident card or PR card) which I do not have as I’m still in AOS. I did a quick google search and some said if you don’t have those, you need to check in at the airport with relevant docs. Has anyone else encountered this before or can give me any insights? I have a valid AP doc with me. Should I just show that at the airport when I check in in person?
  9. In case anyone finds this post, I have an update. I ended up calling again and they told me we just have to resubmit the forms from scratch. I resubmitted everything I had from the original filing and just added in an extra paragraph about how my name was incorrect in the first one. After sending it in, we got notice that the new AP doc was approved and produced about 10 days later. All in all, it took about 2 weeks from us mailing the new forms and receiving the AP on hand.
  10. Hey sorry I know this is super late. But when I sent in the W2 with the other stuff, it was accepted and my case is currently being processed
  11. We applied for our AP doc back in March or so and didn't realize my name was reversed on the form. We only realized our mistake when they sent in the NOA shortly after and I noticed I was given another USCIS account even though I already have one. We called them, emailed them, sent in the correction form request (as per what the agent told us to do over the phone), and also scanned a written letter to my USCIS account to inform them of this mistake very shortly after the NOA. Only received automated responses via the form and email. During my biometrics appointment, I also told them the same thing and they told us to do the same things (which we had already done by this point) but still took my photo and fingerprints. The AP doc arrived today, 4 months after our first NOA and all our attempts to contact them but still with the incorrect name mistake (family and given names reversed). What can I do now? Will I need to redo this whole AP application process all over again (send in new forms, do another biometrics, etc. )? Is there a specific number we can call or specific phrases we can say to get someone who can help fix this? I would like to avoid doing this whole thing from scratch if possible.
  12. I received an RFE for the I-864. I already used the search feature on this site to look for similar cases but I wanted to double check in case I'm misinterpreting something. I've attached a screenshot of the RFE. I'm confused about what it is asking for as we have provided everything in the original package except for the W-2 etc. It asks for the following: - completed and signed form I-864 (done) - sponsor's SSN on form I-864 (done) - complete and correctly calculated household size for the sponsor (total of 2, myself and my husband) - sponsor's Federal income tax return including all supporting tax docs etc. (we provided tax return transcripts of the most recent 3 years) Note: Applicants using a family member's visa petition to adjust status must be listed as a family member on the principal immigrant's Form I-184 I'm pretty confident the first 3 bullets are correct so I'm not sure why they were explicitly stated in this RFE. This is causing most of my confusion. We will provide the W-2s, 1099s, Form 2555 and tax schedules along with everything else stated in this RFE. But what does the "Note" line mean? I'm guessing this does not apply to us since I'm the only applicant? I'm very nervous about getting this wrong as I do not want to be denied.
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