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  1. Pretty cool considering I received my green card exactly the same day we filed our I-129F a year ago. all the best to everyone else still in the process.
  2. Hi all, just checking in, how long did you wait for your EAD after it was approved? I have my GC interview 15th of Jan but to my surprise my EAD was approved too, just curious as I’d like to renew my Drivers license which has expired (no luck with renewal as I had no paperwork other than I-94) Thanks
  3. Hey everyone, hope you’re doing well! Just curious for those of you who have been through the AOS process, but how long after your status was updated to “ready to schedule interview” did you get your date? Seems like most timelines are around a month five or take? Any advice on what would be good for the interview, thanks! Appreciate it...
  4. Congrats!! How many days did you wait from your biometrics for your case to be ready for scheduling interview?
  5. agreed! on another note, does anyone have advice on how to extend their drivers license? I have a limited term now for 60 days and i used my NOA1 docs from my AOS to extend it, but they now say i'll have to come every 60 days and extend it a further 60 days until i get either my EAD or my GC... any advice, I'd appreciate have a good weekend further.
  6. Hi Everyone, just dropping in to catch up... hope you’re all well, has anyone here that’s recently filed for AOS gotten any word from USCIS for their interview (green card)?
  7. Yes I interviewed in JHB, was in July, doubt anything had changed since then, I also asked this question when I was preparing so I know the feeling, fortunately the people here are really helpful and thorough too!
  8. Hi... no need for wet signature, I had my fiancé sign and scan the copy to me. No issues... don’t need to worry about that
  9. Hi everyone, could you just assist, I’m preparing my AOS Package. Could you list the items you put together on file that you mailed to the Chicago lockbox in as much detail as possible? I’d really appreciate that
  10. Thanks! appreciate all your advice and input! all the best for you too @Greenbaum
  11. Visa issued today in the ceac website, so no need to change any flight plans
  12. How long after your interview did status change to issued? mines currently in Administrative processing, I am expecting around a week for things to get moving, hence why I booked flights out around 2 weeks from now
  13. Visa approved! overall great experience! things went so quick, was out in under an hour! to all the other members having interviews coming up, all the best! if your paperwork is in order there will hardly be any difficult questions! So grateful and blessed through this whole process, now on to the next step, wedding bells!!
  14. Yes, good spot, I however do have those already yes! thanks to everyone! i'll keep you posted with the outcome tomorrow!
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