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  1. Yes, good spot, I however do have those already yes! thanks to everyone! i'll keep you posted with the outcome tomorrow!
  2. Hi all, I have my interview appointment tomorrow, I'm sure i have checked all my documents 10 times over to be sure, here is a list of what i will be taking: Passport +Copy of Bio page Birth Certificate (Unabridged) + copy Police clearance+Copy I-134 Affidavit of support for both fiance and her parents to co-sponsor, supporting evidence includes: - Tax transcripts -Bank letter -pay stubs - Employer letter - Banks statements Evidence pack, all pics, chats, e mails and plans for the wedding since the I-129F evidence pack was sent... Copy of NOA2 NVC letter Payment confirmation Appointment confirmation DS-160 x-Rays and vaccine records ( The doctor didn't give me any packet to take with to interview) If i need to add anything please let me know, and if anyone can shed some light on anything they might ask for that isn't included in here will go a long way, thanks!! have a blessed day!
  3. I would just like to find out from anyone who might know, for my interview, my fiancé and her parents do really get pay stubs? But I have bank statements records of deposits and employment letters etc, would that be any issue if I can provide the last 3 months pay stubs?
  4. Awesome stuff! I will look out for her, what time? 1pm? My Fiance was just as elated as I was! finally one step closer and I'm exceptionally excited! I'm all ready and waiting patiently for the 24th! All the best going ahead for the rest of the process!!
  5. Dates are up on the website!!! Just scheduled an appointment for the 24th of July
  6. Haha USCIS still says my case has been received, I don't think it's worth getting stressed about these online updates, just stick to the timelines you get on members from the same country in sub-forums... My DHL also never updated (no tracking at all) and 3 days after the expected date of arrival I got my P3. try spelling June as just Jun so for eg. EXP 25 JUN 2019A
  7. Apologies for the bad grammar and English there, I was preoccupied whilst writing that, serves me right for not focusing... However I did try calling them multiple times, you can call the consulate appointment call center for the JHB Immigrant unit, but they can only help you as much as the website does, no dates on the website means they wont have dates either... As frustrating as it is, it's simply hurry up and wait
  8. Yes, myself and another member are awaiting K-1 interview dates are waiting for them to open up dates. I tried calling the immigrant call center but they always tel you to keep checking the site, I’m waiting 2 weeks now and the other member is waiting a month now. I created a new topic on this specific issue
  9. Hi @Liez I think they only say you need an appointment as the medical is valid 6 months and you need a valid medical to do an AOS after marriage, so they don't want you to do it too early and wait for a long time before your interview, but they are not really busy by the looks of it, the JHB doctor does many medicals for other countries too, shouldn't be an issue, just take 4 days into account as you need to go back a 2nd time for the results and the physical. I just took a chance and they seemed to process it, going back today for my results and follow up, please let me know if you get an interview as well, I'll keep you posted from my side! praying for some movement this week! haha
  10. Thanks so much for the info, so if I supply the typed out I-134 and scanned copy of my sponsors signature then I should be fine for the interview? Thanks
  11. Hi, no still nothing either, went for my medical today, going back on Monday for the 2nd part. Hoping to pick up something in the new week, when did you receive your P3?
  12. Here is the relevant part of the memo:  "A signature is valid even if the original signature is later photocopied, scanned, faxed, or similarly reproduced.Regardless of how it is transmitted to USCIS, the copy must be of an original document containing a handwritten, ink signature, unless regulations or the form instructions state otherwise. 3 USCIS will not accept signatures created by a typewriter, word processor, stamp, auto-pen, or similar device."  https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/USCIS/Laws/Memoranda/2018/2018-02-16-PM-602-0134.1-Signatures-on-Paper-Applications-Petitions-Requests-and-Other-Documents.pdf Thanks so much! I found so much conflicting info, but this definitely helps a stack! now it's just the wait for the interviews to open up, waiting a week now and nothing has opened up yet...
  13. Hi, do we need a wet signature on the I-134 form? I know someone answered something here before but I can't remember if they actually said we need a wet signature. Thanks
  14. Can we use W2 forms instead of tax transcripts? My sponsor says that it would be the same kind of info as submitting tax transcripts if I use W2’s TIA
  15. @greenbaum or anyone else who might have some experience with the Consulate stage, I have checked multiple times, but since I got my P3 from the consulate they have had 2 different update dates on my CEAC status? I have been waiting for interview appointment date since last week thursday, South Africa seems to have a unique process where you have to check back online all the time as the K-1 interview dates aren't in abundance from the NVC? what do the more recent update "dates" refer to on CEAC? Any info regarding this?
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