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    mtina518 reacted to glmg21 in German people...rührt euch!!   
    Dann hoffentlich kommt es heute! Bitte informieren uns! Mein Termin ist in nur 48 Stunden 😬
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    mtina518 got a reaction from twinee in February 2017 I-129F Filers   
    In my case it was for one vaccination. My doc took a blood test and proved that I'm immune. He wrote a note stating this and I brought it to my medical. The physician at the medical accepted it without any questions. 
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    mtina518 reacted to Estibaliz in February 2017 I-129F Filers   
    The ceac website tracker works with the NVC number, so either you call them to get it or patiently wait for them to send it to you 
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    Dahinter steht: Note: Fiancé and K visa applicants need to submit their appointment confirmation at the time of the visa interview instead of the registration confirmation.
    Das bedeutet für das K1 muss man das nicht mitschicken, sondern erst dabei haben zum Interview. Wenn ihr packet 4 bekommt und online den Termin macht, DANN bekommt ihr diese Seite wo euer Termin, Adresse und Bestätigung über Zahlung drauf steht. Das nehmt ihr zum Interview.  Also, keine Panik :-)
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    mtina518 reacted to Special_K in German people...rührt euch!!   
    Nachdem man das DS160 ausgefüllt und abgeschickt hat, wird normalerweise eine Seite angezeigt wo euer Foto drauf ist, welches ihr hochgeladen habt. Daneben stehen ein paar Infos über euch wie Name, Geburtsort, Passnummer etc und es ist ein Strichcode drauf mit eurer Bestätigungsnummer. Mann konnte das entweder direkt ausdrucken oder sich per email schicken lassen. Habt ihr diese Seite nicht bekommen?
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    mtina518 reacted to Foxrup in German people...rührt euch!!   
    Und mach dir nicht zu viele Gedanken über das Interview. Ich war unglaublich aufgeregt und habe beim Datenabgleich meine Telefonnummer nicht mehr gewusst. Bei  Interview selbst habe ich schlechtes Englisch gesprochen, hab anscheinend seine Fragen anders verstanden als der Konsul es gemeint hatte, ich hab gestammelt und noch was falsches gesagt, was mir erst später aufgefallen ist. Anscheinend war nichts von dem ein Problem. Solange bei euch alles stimmt ist das Interview nichts worüber man sich Sorgen machen sollte
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    mtina518 reacted to Foxrup in German people...rührt euch!!   
    ich hatte mein Interview am Montag und am Samstag kam die Sendung. Dazwischen war auch noch ein Feiertag. Also ziemlich schnell, wie ich meine.
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    mtina518 reacted to Foxrup in German people...rührt euch!!   
    Ich habe zum Interview die Petition mit allem was ich mitgeschickt habe, nochmal Originaldokumente zur Sicherheit (Führungszeugnis etc),  noch ein paar Fotos, ein paar neue Chatverläufe/Emails, ein paar Dokumente von der Planung der Hochzeit, meine alten Reisepässe mit den relevanten Stempeln, die Rechnung vom medical, den Reisepass und natürlich den appointment letter mit Bestätigung der Bezahlung der fee mitgenommen.
    Ich glaube ich habe ein bisschen übertrieben, aber so habe ich mich wenigstens sicher gefühlt
    Tatsächlich gebraucht habe ich nur die appointment confirmation und meinen Reisepass. Sonst absolut nichts!
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    mtina518 got a reaction from Willy Wilcox in February 2017 I-129F Filers   
    Hi...exactly. For each beneficiary one separate DS-160. I think it doesn't matter which one you do first, as long as you will have the confirmation page for each beneficiary in the end. 
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    mtina518 reacted to Lovemycroatianman in February 2017 I-129F Filers   
    So email to ombudsman did nothing, they wouldn't do anything without their form filled out, so I did that. I suggest others who are late like me do it too and complain about the non updated processing times, which prevent us from doing case inquiries and are a complete farse and the non updated tracker....maybe if enough of us complain they will move on it since they've already been on USCIS for this problem. Just a thought...
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    mtina518 got a reaction from metraxik in DS 160 question   
    Only the conformation page! It's the one with the barcode, your photograph and your case numbers. Just this single page. 
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    mtina518 reacted to Estibaliz in February 2017 I-129F Filers   
    Let's go straight to the point.
    1- Yes, alien number in NOA2
    2- It refers to people claimed as dependent when you fill taxes.
    3- See 2.
    4- Check yes and then in page 7 for additional information put something like "N/A K1 visa application". There's a couple of good threads about this topic on here if you search...
    Good luck!
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    mtina518 reacted to RaptureSongbird in February 2017 I-129F Filers   
    And this is where this part of the process is so confusing to me.  Even if you look on the NVC website it says that the K-1 is a non-immigrant visa and that you should complete the "DS-160 non-immigrant visa application".  So, when I go to fill out our DS-160 I need to choose Immigrant even though their own directions say non-immigrant?  Wow...
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    mtina518 reacted to FindHerKeepHer in February 2017 I-129F Filers   
    It's another holiday again in Trinidad so tomorrow is my Monday... I've never in my life wished there weren't holidays until now😰😰 
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    mtina518 reacted to glmg21 in February 2017 I-129F Filers   
    As you appear to be applying from Germany, I should inform you that (some, possibly all) new K1 cases going to Frankfurt are being processed through NVC's new electronic system. The long and the short is that this process is taking closer to a month (to get a case number), as has been the case with me and a few other German filers on here.
    I suggest that when you call, you call the immigrant line ((603) 334-0700), and after selecting English, choose option 5 ("If you are required to submit documents through CEAC" is what it'll say). These agents are the ones are dealing with and able to see electronic cases, like those going to Frankfurt, and should be able to confirm if your case has been received and whether it has a case number yet. Many agents at NVC don't seem to be able to locate the electronic cases, so that is your best bet. Call them early in the morning, they open at 7am eastern, and you should get through fairly quickly.
    If you have any other questions please let me know or come join us in the German thread, as you are not the only one who experienced this!
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    mtina518 reacted to Special_K in German people...rührt euch!!   
    Juhu ich habe gerade meine Email bekommen und konnte den Interviewtermin ausmachen! Ich habe den erst verfügbaren genommen, in nur 10 Tagen! Es waren noch ganz viele Termine verfügbar im kompletten Juli!
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    mtina518 got a reaction from Willy Wilcox in February 2017 I-129F Filers   
    Hey guys...
    Just a quick question. Is "ready" the last update that you can track using the CEAC tracker? Or are there also updates like "Package 3 sent" etc...?
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    mtina518 reacted to Willy Wilcox in February 2017 I-129F Filers   
    Ours was sent to the consulate from the NVC today.  Our application is headed to Bogota, Colombia and the "In Transit" status has the same message about an interview date being provided.
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    mtina518 got a reaction from Willy Wilcox in February 2017 I-129F Filers   
    Wow...our case was stuck at the NVC for over a month. NOA2 was May 11 and we just got our case number today. And I can't even believe it but now it's already in transit. 
    Still I have a question....The note below the "In Transit" status says:
    - Your case is in transit to the Consular Section. Your interview date was provided to you by the National Visa Center. -
    What does that mean? The interview date was provided where? Will we get an email oder a letter from NVC? I thought that the interview will be scheduled at the embassy?! I'm so confused!   
    Thank you...
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    mtina518 reacted to glmg21 in February 2017 I-129F Filers   
    Yeah, we called a short while ago and they said they haven't done the number yet but it should be some time later today. 
    I notice you are also going through Frankfurt. It's listed as one of the embassies that can handle electronic processing for CR-1 visas, and now seems to be on a trial for the electronic transfer of K1 petitions too. NVC told us today our case was being sent to Frankfurt digitally, and my understanding is that the message you received is what Cr-1 applicants who go through Frankfurt get (Your case is in transit to the Consular Section. Your interview date was provided to you by the National Visa Center).   
    In their case, they submit their docs to NVC and are given a Frankfurt appointment accordingly. My guess is that they're just sending the same message to all electronically processed Frankfurt applicants, even if you still have to wait for packet 3 and schedule your own appt. Hope this helps.. we're gonna call NVC again later on. My medical is in Berlin on Wednesday and I had to wait a month for the appointment so here's hoping we get it soon!
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    mtina518 reacted to glmg21 in February 2017 I-129F Filers   
    Our case was also received June 3rd, and we are yet to get our case number. We've been told our case is being processed electronically which may be part of the delay, but just a heads up that it can actually take the amount of time they quote you. There are quite a few who are waiting a long time for their case numbers, but hopefully yours will be quicker.
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    mtina518 reacted to Dhanu and Justin in February 2017 I-129F Filers   
    Thanks for the info!  I definitely hope it was a rare case. I can't wait anymore.  I just got done telling my fiancé how much I miss him and how I can't sleep.  This process needs to end soon. There has already been so much of waiting, frustration and anxiety. 
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    mtina518 reacted to tevans2 in February 2017 I-129F Filers   
    That moment when you tell your fiancé to video chat immediately because it's an emergency and he's having a panic attack because he thought you got in a car wreck 😬 But it's actually because you received a little piece of mail and absolutely had to open it together!!! Y'all. Words don't even begin to describe any of it! So here's some screenshots to do the job.   
    Received: feb 10
    Noa1: feb 14
    Noa2 date: June 9
    Noa2 received: June 15!

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    mtina518 reacted to Estibaliz in February 2017 I-129F Filers   
    Sorry, but it seems clear to me the right answer is "single". I mean, if you were never married or in a civil union before, that's it.
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    mtina518 reacted to TriloByte in February 2017 I-129F Filers   
    Today was root canal day for me. I had a run in with a crappy dentist three weeks ago, who sent me to the ER after drilling into my sinus and pouring bleach into it. Today I had a specialist go in and fix all that damage, so I was extremely nervous and scared about today. However, I woke up and checked the informed delivery and there it was. The golden Wonka wrapper, the USCIS letter.
    I didn't tell my fiancee because 1) until I opened that letter it could have been and RFE and 2) I wanted to record a video of me opening the letter so that she and I could get the good news at the same time.
    I sat through the 1.5-hour root canal cleanup job, staggered out of there and headed toward home toward that mailbox. About 5 minutes from the house I started recording a video and talking like nothing was up. Then as I pulled into home, I changed my tone to be much more excited and told her that I hope to have a surprise for her. I walked to the mailbox, pulled out the letter so that the camera could see it, walked to the car and got in, took a deep breath and NOA2!!!!  
    Received: Jan 31 
    NOA1: Feb 2
    NOA2: June 7
    Please hang in there everyone who is still waiting. I know how hard it is, but the good news is on the way. I have said it before, and I will say it again, you all are the strongest and greatest people I know.
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