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  1. Our NOA1's were received in the mail on August 1st (yesterday). Hope this helps anyone still waiting.
  2. My application was received on the 9th of July. So far we have received the text notification and the NOA1 for K2. We're still waiting for the K1's NOA1.
  3. Hello, We mailed our I-751 packet on July 8th and the package was signed for and received on the 10th of July. So far I have received the NOA1 receipt (about a week ago) for the K2 but not for the K1 yet. Has this happened to anyone else? My wife received the text with her receipt number and the number is valid in the "Check Status" on the USCIS webpage but it seems strange that there would be this much time in-between when both NOA1's are received in the mail. The website says to contact USCIS if the NOA hasn't been received by the 8th of August and that date is approaching quickly. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  4. Hello everyone, I have a couple of questions about how to go about filing for a step-child to come to the U.S. My wife and other step-child received their green cards in September 2018 after having come in on K-1 and K-2 visas respectively. In June 2020 we will start applying for their Removal of Conditions. My wife has another son still in Colombia that we would like to bring here to the U.S. as well. I'd like some advice or help as I'm a little confused on this process. I will be filing the petition since I'm the U.S. citizen as it seems this is the "easier" or "fastest" way to go as I understand it. The more useful resources I have found so far are the following: https://www.uscis.gov/family/family-us-citizens/bringing-children-sons-and-daughters-live-united-states-permanent-residents https://www.visajourney.com/wiki/ezguidespouse Do I need to provide any evidence of me having a relationship with the child (15 year old) at this step or any further? Him and I don't really have any kind of personal relationship. I'm also a little confused about the steps after the I-130 is approved and it goes to the NVC. What does this step entail? Where can I find information about timelines and how long it is taking other U.S. citizens to get their stepchildren/family members to the U.S. from the beginning of this process? I understand that since I'm the petitioner that his visa process isn't categorized (as it is with U.S. green card holders if I'm not mistaken). Are there any other good resources for this process? Any help is appreciated Thanks!!
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