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  1. Still confused...hes still here...he freaked out the last day of the visa which was may 13th...called a mobile pastor to marry us then called him back saying I changed my mind while having a panic attack. I did read that all is not lost...we can do a spousal app with aos...but thats over $400 extra...I told him hed have to have his parents pay it Cause that was his fault...so right now hes still making a decision but he doesnt have long...I told him its not fair to do this to me...its been emotionally exhausting and I've been very sick since that weekend....I just cant take anymore....but he obviously doesn't want to go home.idk😑 I told him I rather date other men if he doesn't know what he wants...Ive given 2.5 years and thousands of dollars....I am over it.
  2. No hes still here just on the visa ..but funny thing ...he still hasn't gotten a ticket back...like 7 days left...idk what he's doing...
  3. Horrible...he played me for a fool...worse of all I saw the signs...hes taken me on a roller coaster of ...I love you...I want to stay but cant this or that . ..then pull me in with affection and sex ...just to say hes leaving.....but he hasnt even got a ticket from his parents yet and his visa expires may 12....meanwhile hes sleepin in my bed....this is the worse experience ive ever had....my heart is shattered to little bits
  4. Sorry I didnt post guys...its been a whirlwind of emotions for both of us and a lot of adjusting....hes here and we are getting used to this IDEA that is now real...we will see what happens...the 90 days is up May 12...so we have to make a decision by end of April....were trying to just enjoy each other and go with the flow.
  5. Its so soon now...basically tomorrow at 10pm ...7am Monday his time, his plane departs...I can't believe it's finally here and soon he will be too! Just so much emotions....
  6. Thank you very much, I still have to "see" if he can adjust to being here...so there's that but either way. Can someone tell me , when you apply for the aos, are the fees for the aed and travel card included in the $1140 ? According to the info here it is....can someone verify whos done it...I just want to plan ahead. Thanks
  7. Thank u so much! I felt this day would never come.....I feel I've aged 10 years during this process...sleepless nights, arguments and stress over timing and paperwork....but I know once I am in his arms....all will dissipate. Only a few more days now. I can't wait....
  8. Well guys it was rocky....but my baby is gonna be here Monday evening at 6:45pm he lands in LAX....His interview was pretty long...she asked a lot of questions about my kids and family but of course he knew what to say and she approved him on the spot. I can't wait....so happy this is finally over and I can breathe now.
  9. Dont know if anyone still comes on here...but wanted to let you guys know...he did the medical and we submitted our ds160 we are now waiting for an interview date, croatia gives you the appt. they arent busy at all so hopefully it will be end of next week...he is officially ready to come and excited....I am almost at the home stretch.....
  10. One of my friends pointed out that he probably lied cause he wanted to do it in his own time cause I really have no proof and he seems completely unphased by the whole thing...so idk. So annoying. I am keeping him at arms length because hes ridiculous and I already told him he wont get much from me at all, especially anything lovey dovey. So for now...I go on and act like I dont give a bleep. Hopefully they delete the account soon. But thanks guys
  11. Thank you....I realize that I have worth even though he chooses not to see it ......I have many men, banging on my door and many ive passed up for him...but not anymore.
  12. Thank you janet....seems the only way this could remotely be fixed is if he just waited to test...but i dont even trust him anymore....what a flipping idiot he is.
  13. Goodbye everyone...I have requested this account be deleted. It seems this is all damned to hell so...I accept it. Thank you for everything and congrats to everyone who successfully made it.
  14. Belieeeve me Janet ...I have told him that....I even told him to go date a month ago....I told him just yesterday before he agreed on the date..like ok...dont come..lets just pick a last day and say goodbye and go our own way....I have been trying to break it off for so long....I guess it'll just have to be me....saying goodbye...idk if this can be fixed...he says hes trying to fix it...cause he like never smokes but even when i told him a month ago not to anymore ...( he has about 6 times since ive known him) he went and did this.... so idk what to do or say anymore...cause I feel this is indicative of his mindstate...he says its just a lack of judgement or a screw up....i told him my trust is completely broken....idk what to do now....im so numb
  15. As my world turns....this guy went and got drnk and smoked marijuana right before he was suppose to have the medical on Thursday.....I am obviously an idiot to think he wants to come....