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  1. When I had my interview last year it took me three months to get approved. Somewhere in the middle we made an infopass appointment and filled in a form for the officer that worked on our case, asking if there were any news. Worked out 8n the end. It was also a simple case. Our interview went very well too.
  2. I received my green card yesterday, 2.5 months after my interview! Good luck to everyone still waiting!
  3. Hello I had my interview in May after only applying for AOS in January. 2.5 months after the interview I finally received my green card yesterday! We had an ingopass appointment a few weeks ago, but i don't think that changed anything. The officer we talked to was very surprised by how soon after filing our interview was. I am sorry it is taking so long for some of you. I hope all of you receive good news soon.
  4. My EAD and AP approval notices arrived today. I want to be excited, but the fact that I had my interview on the same day as they got approved and that there is no update on my green card yet makes me feel disappointed.
  5. My interview was ok. My AOS still says that my interview was scheduled and my Ead says rhe same as yours. I hope something changes soon or that we get something in the mail unexpectedly
  6. I also had my interview yesterday and I have the same change with my EAD. I thought it was a coincidence until now. Maybe it happened because we skipped our EAD?
  7. I received my interview letter today May 30
  8. It sure looks like it. I hope the letter arrives soon!
  9. Yesterday I received an email that my interview got scheduled
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