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  1. Yeah that's what we were thinking but we are a little paranoid cause she's traveling as soon as she receives the card
  2. I am wondering more about what information they use to put in the visa... DS 160 or appointment ....
  3. My mom's visa was approved and today we realized her appointment confirmation has a typo (our mistake) the DS 160, the passport and everything else has the right name. Visa is on the process to be delivered. What name appears on the visa? the DS 160? or the appointment one? In case the visa has the name wrong on it. What should we do? Can she travel regardless with it? It should say Maria but says Marcia. Help please..
  4. It wasn't and I'm not going to enter in an argument with you or that other person. Bye
  5. Hi. Thank you for the clarification. She has money of her own. In the application however is stating the trip will not be paid by her.
  6. Some people shouldn't be allowed to respond.
  7. Hi, I am a legal resident in the US, I came here a year and a half ago. I haven't seen my family since then and I started the process to have my mother visit me since it is easier and cheaper if she comes rather me and my husband go back to Mexico. She is an elderly woman, she is not good with computers so I filled out her application and I paid for the interview which will be held next month. I know it doesn't look good when the person that is applying for the visa doesn't have enough income. She perceives a pension every month, I was planning to send her my bank statements showing I have enough money to have her here for 2 weeks. Did I make a mistake by applying in her behalf and now she will not be able to come and visit? She is excited to come but she is extremely nervous about the interview. What evidence documents should I send her to make things easier for her? And what documents she should bring to prove her whole life is in Mexico and she is just planning to visit me? I held once a tourist visa before getting my fiance visa, I know the interview process but since I had a decent job and income I was given the B1/B2 without any document evidence. I was asked a couple of questions and I was done in 5 minutes. I know things will be harder for her. I want her to have the chance to visit me.. Any word of advice would be great!!!
  8. I wasn't given any request for more evidence. I think I'm in limbo.
  9. Hi everyone. So I had my interview yesterday and even though it seemed to be going well I wasn't approved. I was nervous and my brain couldn't remember my address back in Mexico. That was my only mistake. My husband couldn't remember the exact date I arrived in the U.S. last time. (2nd mistake?) The migration officer didn't say anything about my medical being expired but he did say that sometimes the medical examinations aren't done in the right way in the home countries and if he sees mine wasn't conclusive he'll request a new medical through a letter on the mail. He said they will need to verify my case further and do backgrounds check (which I thought they did with the biometrics). He said that on my husband's end (he is the USC) everything looked good and his part was approved. (I didn't know the USC had to get an approval of any type) The interviewer seemed very polite and nice. I am now just worried they will deny the green card for whatever reason. I am older than my husband which might have been a red flag for them. We don't have kids yet. We only have joint accounts (credit and debit), rent lease and we bought a car together. We are planning to buy our home. We didn't bring many pictures but they are from different dates and situations. I am not sure what to do next except waiting. Anyone in a similar situation?
  10. Hi everyone. This is stressing me out. My medical was done in May last year and since I came here with a k1 I gave my sealed envelope to the migration officer at the POE. I sent my vaccination sheet to them with my application and my interview is literally in 2 weeks. My field office is Hartford, CT. I really don't want to do the medical again. Needles scare me. I see divided opinions between people not getting asked for it and others are required. What should I do?
  11. Hi guys this question is for those who already had their interview. If your medical expired by the time you had the interview, in your experience did they requested you to take another test? Or you guys were prepared ahead of time and brought a new medical? Thanks.
  12. They didn't return my photos or any other proof I sent. Do I need to send it again?
  13. Hi everyone I am really shocked to receive news my petition to renew my EAD was rejected due to missing fees and outdated form. The form I understand I used mostly the one I sent long ago with my original AOS package. But it is to my understanding I do not have to pay a fee if my AOS is pending. Three days ago I received an e-mail that my interview was scheduled. But I haven't received anything in the mail. My renewal AP was approved and is now in processing and I didn't send any fees for it. My questions are: is a c9 category still valid for renewal of EAD? I sent the proof my AOS was pending. What else do they need to show I don't have to pay for it. Would it be wise not to send it and wait for the AOS interview and just wait for the GC ? Please help!
  14. Updating again. I got a notification by e-mail today that my interview has been scheduled. Now I'm sad because I won't have it on time before my medical expires
  15. Hi again! I sent my Work Permit and Advance Parole forms around 2 weeks ago. I got a text 2 days ago that my advance parole petition was received but no news from the work permit and i am worried it might have got lost or something (they were sent together)