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  1. This notification is from Visa Journey, not USCIS. If you wanna enable it, go to menu, immigration timelines, view/update subscriptions then enable the weekly timeline approval estimates.
  2. My I-751 Timeline CIS Office: LIN (Nebraska) Date filed: 11/11/2018 Case delivered to USCIS: 11/13/2018 Check cashed: 11/21/2018 First call to USCIS: 12/31/2018 e-Request of Non Delivery: 1/3/2019 Second call to USCIS: 1/4/2019 Phone call from USCIS: 1/7/2019 Infopass appointment: 1/10/2019 Response from USCIS regarding e-Request: 1/15/2019 Third call to USCIS: 1/15/2019 NOA received: 1/19/2019 Biometric notice letter: 07/11/2019 Biometric appointment: 07/24/2019 Fingerprint review was completed: 07/25/2019 New card is being produced: 10/9/2019 Case was approved: 10/10/2019 I hope everyone will get the good news soon. USCIS never sent me email about my case, my status on USCIS homepage is still the same ("you do not need to do anything"), but I check my case status for so many times in a day and got this update since yesterday morning. The wait is (almost) over.
  3. Thank you, like everyone else who is still waiting, I just want this to be over soon lol.
  4. I'm with you. I filed it on November 11 and still no update. I check my case status few times in a day. I guess it's just pure luck cause they don't based it on who filed it first. I know someone who is 1 number away from my case number and already received the new card since last month. I don't even know if I will have RFE. This is stressful.
  5. Government fiscal year runs from October to September, since you submitted in November then it's fiscal year 2019.
  6. Oh my God. My first 4-digits is also LIN1990. I hope I'll receive the same good news as well, especially now that it's harder to check my case status because USCIS website doesn't work well anymore and my USCIS homepage is still saying you don't have to do anything else which is not updated 🤦🏻‍♀️
  7. I never received any text even though I opted for it. I check my status for few times in a day hoping for good news.
  8. That's probably how my status will be for the next few months lol. After biometric, it should take between 4-5 months to receive any additional notices from USCIS. But judging from how long it took for me from NOA to my biometric appointment (7 months), I probably have to wait until 2020
  9. YESSSSSSS me too!! My status finally changed from "we received your case, you don't have to do anything" to "fingerprint review was complete". I'm so excited.
  10. My service center also doesn't accept walk-in requests, but I called USCIS customer service to set up an InfoPass appointment for my I-551 stamp, and they did it for me.
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