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  1. I like to know when will uscis select month of May and uscis always go back and fourth on their case
  2. Lot of people mention it how long your process take can you help me out
  3. Hii guys I like to know which case Texas Service Center is currently processing i130 and I like to is it faster service for ina 201 b spouse called immediate Relatives my case submit 125 days ago still waiting for approval thanks guys
  4. My wife she is 20 next year may21 so yes I want to get fast approval as possible
  5. Thanks so much I’m going india Jan and our 1st year anniversary on feb 10 so I’m excited I’m happy
  6. Thanks a lot she miss me lot and we are apart new couple you have any other choice or to wait to approve
  7. Yes brother she miss me and I miss her I’m going January to India to see my wife we are separated long time due to work and family business
  8. got it thanks because I thought Texas service center now doing March case I thought pretty fast so long process
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