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  1. PD: December 2, 2019. Case Statue just got updated to New Card Being Produced last night. Divorce waiver. 700 days pending, so glad the wait is over. Good Luck Everyone!
  2. 2 to 5 years sound like a reasonable timespan. I can get it done in a day or 3 years is my to go line at work going forward.
  3. Again, no one knows what is the timeline to schedule an interview in an office. It is random, yours could be in a months, or years. No one can give you an answer, including USCIS. Sit back and wait. Apply for N-400 if you can it might speed things, who knows? No one here or on the phone can give you the answer you want,
  4. Well they are not really looking at your case. It is just collecting dust. Same situation here. They either will RFE with something they lost or want, approve, or Interview. Not much to do
  5. Again, your case could be denied if you don'r respond to your RFE. Send a respones, and an explaination ASAP. If your case is denied for not responding you will be in bigger mess. Do whatever you want, but these are my 2 cents so you don't come back asking what to do if they deny your case since it will be a bigger mess.
  6. Banks tend to keep statements for 5 years after closure (as far as I know). If your name on was on the account, you can request statements. Give them a call right now, they need your SSN, old address to verify. Don't wait. You can do that on the phone. If it was joint, then you have access Yes send both, and I hope the amended are still joint? Again, attach W-2, or even 1040 if you have. Just go to IRS.com and print transcript. It is easy Send all leases, full leases, and just make sure your sig page up front to make it easier Evidence from the marriage. Did you go for therapy joint or indvidual? Do you have more pics? Text messages? Trips? 401K? health/life insurance? phone record to show daily communications? literally anything to show you both had a life Again, don't wait, but don't rush. Pace around to get everything you can, and send it ASAP, and attach a cover letter explaining you never got RFE, mention you changed your address, and detail the evidence submitted, AND if you don't have anything explain it.
  7. Don't confuse them nor yourself, keep it simple. Explain how bills where paid, and how the money was join. Like did your spouse transfer you money? was the joint account used for direct deposit? Were the bills split like you pay some, and the spouse pay some? If you send them your own bank statement without joint names, that is confusing, unless your spouse transfer you money.. They want to know who paid for what, and how they were paid for, and they want to see expanded pattern. Like since the day of the marriage. Don't skim on paper, nor on explaination. They want to see the joint factor, if not joint, explain it.
  8. That is incorrect. USCIS changed the rules FOREVER ago, and they don't really issue NOID at Service Office level, and barely on Local Offices anymore. Fail to respond to a RFE means denial if they discover it on time (Most of the time, they don't, and because of COVID is are more loose and added extra months). NOID, when sent, they are usually from Local office, and in lieu of sending a second RFE. @annab864 Shoud send a response ASAP, and a letter explain that they did not get the RFE. Also, get on the phone with USCIS and try to make them note that on your file (It may take hours if you are lucky) Print The Tax Transcript and attach W-2 (If you have). IRS don't show name anymore, just last 4 digit of SSN Reprint the lease, and just highlight the names, and put the sig page upfront Print all banking statement to ease your mind Send any additional financial evidence you got, if any, if not FOCUS ON ADDRESSING WHAT ARE THEY ASKING Make sure to write a cover letter of what you are sending, and how it correspond to what they are asking like: Attached a full lease with both names signed. If you don't have anything or have a gap in any evidence, just explain it. The bright side is, they specifically want few things from you. PREPARE EVERYTHING, AND SEND IT 2 DAYS SHIPPING OR THE FASTEST YOU CAN AFFORD, and PRINT EVERYTHING. I CANT STRESS ON THAT ENOUGH
  9. If it makes you feel any better, today marks my 20th month too with zero updates... I guess two more to go before the increase it to 25 months lol
  10. Send what you have, and you will get a transacript for all filed taxes regardless. If you stay at home-mom that is understandable, and if you don't have a job, that normal too. Just explain it, and provide more evidence that cover other parts like joint banking, housing, trips, kids, major purchases, joint assets, and so on. You can also send additional evidence later on. All you have to do is copy of reciept, the evidence, and letter explaining what you are sending.
  11. Congrats! See, good things have to those who wait... when it comes to USCIS
  12. unless USCIS changed something recently, I have seen people getting denied for failing to apear for Biometrics appointment. try to call again, or use the chat. Good luck
  13. You are right, but some people fear of that possible combo interview if you are in a big city where local office is clogged as it might drag the I-751 months more, so that is a good keep in mind. Either way, no one can predict. Some people get smooth process, others not very lol. The general advice is always, if you are eligible for citizenship, just go ahead and apply as soon as you can and get it done with...
  14. lol you are trying to logicalize such a chaotic process. 99.9% it doesn't mean anything, and hell, it could be just a system glitch. Filing N400 doesn't change the needle until it goes to the local office for an interview, where they can request your I-751 file, even if, some people recently been complaining about refusal of combo interviews. If you file N400, AND I-751 gets approved 3 months later, it has nothing to do with you N400. The Processing Centers, MSC, and Local offices are not really working together, and I-751 is manual process, and USCIS don't really put cases aside because you filed for Citizenship since cases are literally in piles, in baskets, waiting for an officer to collect them. If they want to put your case aside, they will take hours to manually put it aside, which is something they ain't doing. My 0.02 for you is benchmarking your case to other cases is ridiculous, and will stress you out if other cases around you are approved and yours is not even though, again, it is not by order. USCIS doesn't work by logical in a clear system, it is just a mess mess mess. But good luck with your research.
  15. Correspondence was received is either a RFE response, or they are actually working on the case. USCIS is not systematic. It is by order. Some fillers from 2021 were approved. It is all luck. Your case could be approved tomorrow or next year, no one knows.
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