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  1. unfortunately, both will show the notes. I might just omit those statements with any inappropriate words. I might just include everything for a peace of mind,
  2. I was responsible for managing the bills and my spouse used to transfer me money during the month for our expenses (That is basically why we opened a joint account). Sometimes when she transfer money, she would write me a note. Those notes could be sometime a little inappropriate. We both had dirty sense of humor, we never really assumed anyone will take a look at the statements, so I am wondering is it okay to just conceal those notes with the sharpie like the president? I will not touch the amount or the transaction info tho. Also, I am not keen that the USCIS IO keen of Zelle and such money transfer, do I need to explain to them how Zelle works? I can ask my soon to be ex wife for a bank statement to prove that she is the one transferred the money; other than that, the statement usually shows her first and last name, bank name and #, and amount
  3. As of now, yes. My wife wants the divorce, and I can't force her to stay married. Yes, I don't feel comfortable sending joint form if we filling for divorce around the same time. it loses the value of the word joint
  4. The past few weeks been so eventful. I posted before below about my marriage and the struggles we been going through. After attempting counseling twice, my wife declared that she don't want to be married anymore, and that she loves me so much, and she doesn't mind us working on our relationship in the future, but she just don't want to be married to anyone, period. She want to be independent, and the marriage counseling ended up revealing a lot about her feelings. We love each others, but in different ways at this point. The decision of divorce been so hard that the past 6 months we talked and re-talked about it like 20 times. At this point, it is 100% clear that divorce is happening no matter what I do. I need to file I-751 within the next 10 weeks, and divorce once filed, will take 2.5 to 4 months to finalize. Despite our great relationship, I am not comfortable with filing together as we are clearly getting divorced (despite it being a legal option), so I am taking my chances here. we just need to sort of some joint finances before we file, and hopefully I will have the decree within 3 months of sending the forms Now, I don't want to give up on my wife even after the divorce, and I want to keep trying to fix our relationship, maybe starting over down the road; however, I am scared that will look bad for USCIS? I understand that people usually don't get divorced to date each others again, but I don't want to give up on the love of my life, and I want to keep trying to win her back even after the divorce as she is open for us trying to fix our relationship outside the marriage. I honestly not sure what to do at this point. Outside being married couple, we are best friends, and I don't want to give all up and pretend we never happened, but I also understand that is not traditional to keep talking to your ex wife and be close after divorce? I thought divorce is easy, but it turned out to be more complicated than our marriage... Our divorce is not due to lack of commitment, or lack of love, or communication. It just we can never live together, and we can't live without each others. We can't deal with our strong differences, but we can't stop being together. I'd appreciate any advice really
  5. could you share what you sent up with the application for evidence? and how long was the long distance pre filling if you don't mind me asking since i am in similar situation and i will file soon
  6. you attorney is wrong. If you are already employed, your current employer should NOT need to reverify you per the DHS's E-verify communications. Conditional Green Cards don't need to be reverified after their expiration date once they are verified. However, if you are applying for a new job, then you do need a stamp or extension later with your CGC to be verified (unless you have unconditional SSN with Active ID). I'd attach you a link for the E-verify roles for CGC holders, but I can't find the link. Long story short, you are fine, you can keep your job. Just try to apply on time, and consider the insane processing time for I-751, you should be able to submit your decree by the time you get the RFE
  7. About a month before my CGC approved (Two months after Interview), my wife and I had some problems due to our strong personalities, and we did split for about 1.5 months (We didn't get separated or anything), it is just my wife went back to school out of the state and we were talking everyday, it is just we were not sure about our future. During her 5 months enrollment, we were able to amend our relationship, but never discussed our problems. After her graduation, she received a great job opportunity (her dream job), and we therefore decided to have two apartments and do long distance since our marriage never better while my wife come back home every 5-6 weeks for a week. Distance just helped us sweep all our problem under the rug, and it worked for a year, up until early this year where we had a serious conversations about our future. Our first conversation ended up with talking divorce, but since we love each others, and we are more or less like best friends and soulmates, before lovers, we decided to start marriage counseling first, and I pledged to make some changes to make sure our marriage work. As a result, we are now on our way to make a move to my wife's work state, so she can keep her job, and at this point, I'll be working remotely from home to support her fulfill her dreams. We plan to make the move in the next two months since we have to make some arrangements first. Now, I am wondering what is the best way to address our situation in the cover letter? I know it doesn't look good, but it is what it is, we lived apart most of time after CGC was approved due to school then employment. Marriage is REALLY hard in early 20s and I think we struggled a lot to adjust to each others, and that is why distance helped us to keep our marriage going until we had to admit that we need a professional help, which I know is is not ideal for USCIS As far as evidence goes: We have 3 joints leases (but were living apart most of them) 2 Joint State and Federal Taxes W/ W2s at the same address Bills with both names ID with same address Multiple Credit Cards since engagement Joint checking and savings since engagement (They are active, but we are so financially independent so we use checking account for my wife to transfer money to me to pay the credit card and insurance bills) Multiple trips w/ photos Healthcare, dental, life, vision, and 401k with my wife as beneficiary Joint Brokerage Phone records for daily interaction past 18 months Receipts for gifts we sent each others for anniversary Recent flight boarding passes to see my wife I am honestly so stressed out, and I have a bad feelings about the whole process since I am so skeptical and cynical by nature. 2019 wasn't really nice between the martial problems to the immigration process now, and I am starting to lose my mind, and I am not sure if the evidence are enough, and I am pretty that living apart for year and half will raise FLAGS
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