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  1. Hi Vj members, I filed I 751 waiver in June 2018 . I got status update on Nov 29 that interview was scheduled but there are no signs of any notice till today. It's already 13 days. How much time does it take normally for the notice to come. ? My local office is NYC. And how much time does they give for interview from notice update on the website ? Please share your valuable knowledge. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi i filed I751 waiver VSC in June 2018, got rfe in august 2019, replied in oct and status changed to interview scheduled on nov 29, and now waiting for the letter
  3. Hey fellas, Quick question - how much time does it take for the interview letter to come ? I got status change last week on Nov 29 " interview was scheduled ". It's been a week waiting for the notice. Don't know when it will arrive. Thanks
  4. Thanks icystorm and dwheels76 for the valuable input. I think for now wait and watch is the only option . And postponing the interview doesnt seem fair option. Lets see what comes up. Thanks once again for the info. will update in the forum soon.
  5. Hi VJ members, I am June 2018 Vermont ROC filer , transferred case to potomac in july 2019, got RFE in Aug 2019 , replied in sept end . now got the status changed to " case is ready to be scheduled for an interview" on 6 Nov 2019. My local office is in New york . When do you think I can get tentative date for the interview ? As i was wondering now I am out of US in my home country, I would have to prepone my ticket. Also is it advisable if I postpone my interview date ??? Kindly advise . Thanks in advance
  6. Hi tk05922, can you please share did you hire a lawyer and did you had joint documents? Thanks
  7. Hello Dimps Congrats for your approval. Can you please share your experience of the interview and what questions did the officer ask? Actually I am also in the similar situation , filed divorce waiver in june 2018, waiting to hear something, I know its still very far ahead. Thanks
  8. yes thats right too Tanish. i think , by the time processing of ROC would be done ,it would already cross 5 yrs. So applying on LPR chance wont come i think. Thanks for the advice
  9. Hello everyone, I applied for removal of conditions on the basis of divorce in June 2018, in the queue of processing. I know its premature to say, if i get successful in removing conditions and get 10yr card, Can in sponsor 2nd spouse? or is there any rule where its not allowed? Thanks
  10. may 2018 , VSC filer, got transferred to potomac on 20 march, 2019
  11. filed in may 2018, VSC, transferred to potomac service center on march 20, 2019
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