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  1. Hi tk05922, can you please share did you hire a lawyer and did you had joint documents? Thanks
  2. Hello Dimps Congrats for your approval. Can you please share your experience of the interview and what questions did the officer ask? Actually I am also in the similar situation , filed divorce waiver in june 2018, waiting to hear something, I know its still very far ahead. Thanks
  3. yes thats right too Tanish. i think , by the time processing of ROC would be done ,it would already cross 5 yrs. So applying on LPR chance wont come i think. Thanks for the advice
  4. Hello everyone, I applied for removal of conditions on the basis of divorce in June 2018, in the queue of processing. I know its premature to say, if i get successful in removing conditions and get 10yr card, Can in sponsor 2nd spouse? or is there any rule where its not allowed? Thanks
  5. may 2018 , VSC filer, got transferred to potomac on 20 march, 2019
  6. filed in may 2018, VSC, transferred to potomac service center on march 20, 2019
  7. Thanks for your reply. But this is very ridiculous of agency to deny merely on basis of statement without any proof. I am also quite sure my ex had filed fraud complaint against me . I have also filed FOIA but I think , they will omit that part. lets see, fingers crossed what happens. One thing i would like to ask is this your only N400 interview or its together I751 and n400 , ?
  8. Hi mindgap , I have a quick query if you can please answer, I would be very grateful- was your denial just solely on basis of written false affidavit by your ex spouse or there were some substantial proof's also which your ex used against you . I am in similar situation as my divorce was nasty one. 2nd one- Is there any legal way to find out the fraud complaint written by ex ( like filing freedom of information request FOIA) ? So that I can be better prepared for the interview. Thanks Will really appreciate your help.
  9. I think its one and same thing, though using my account link looks more appropriate . Rest , other vj members will clarify.
  10. Hi vj guys, Is it possible that a conditional permanent resident ( divorced from the spouse who was source of CPR status) can sponsor another spouse ? It sounds surreal but since looking at the mammoth time it takes for processing, remaining single is also difficult . Thanks for any inputs.
  11. Hey, i received NOA letter and now i am waiting for biometrics notice. Wbu? Thanks
  12. Hello all, I have one quick question if you guys can please help. I filed divorce waiver in may 19 2018 with the help of attorney. So to which address does uscis send notices - mine or attorney's? Or to both ? Thank you
  13. Does filing FOIA bring out information related to any false allegations/ letter written by ex (if any) ? As i have filed FOIA recently along with waiver as advised by the lawyer .
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