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  1. I did post a new thread for my whole experience with the interview and the questions they asked us. Hope it might help
  2. Oh im sorry..everytime i would edit my profile the option would just be nebraska and california i dont know why so randomly i chose california
  3. Haha. I was like internally asking myself if he's joking.. i mean its awkward, we do it in private but with someone staring at you like that, i just swallowed my awkwardness and nervousness and push through it. I did not expect that to be our finisher 🤣🤣🤣. Thank you hope you do great with yours.
  4. Hi everyone, Just finished interview today and was approved. Posted a topic on the questions and the interview in general. Hope you find infos you need in there.. have a great day.
  5. Hello everyone, Visajourney has been a great help to us with the immigration stuff so in return id like to share our i751 interview to everyone wondering what and how it goes. Since most are probably gonna go through the interview due to the recent changes i hope it helps. Interview schedule was at 8:55am but we arrived and went in at 8am. Screening (like the ones on the airport, emptying your pockets, belt and watches on trays and then shoes off) [We did not bring our phones inside since usually its like that with immigration interviews, but the moment we were waiting in the reception area we saw several using their phones even if there's a sign saying no using mobile phones while waiting🤣] Reception (where you will give your appointment letter just the 1st page, then wait for your name to be called) 8:30am we got called in. Swear to an oath etc etc . He asked for our ids (we gave our driver's license), my expired green card and asked us documents wed like to submit. Then the interview. Here are some of the questions arranged accdg to how the interview went 1. You have a child together? 2. Can i have the birth certificate? (They want the copy and original, they will double check stuff from the copy you gave that day to the copy you first submitted to the original) 3. So tell me, how did you guys meet? (Literally what he asked us) 4. When did you start seeing each other? 5. When did you meet each others relatives? 6. How long have you been living with each other? Who is living with you? 7. Have you been on a vacation recently? (He asked us twice in between these questions) 8. Tell me, who were with you on these vacation? 9. Did you stay at a hotel?where did you go? 10. Who paid for this trip? 11. So where is your spouse working? (This is where it seems like the officer was really testing me how well i knew my spouse) 12. Whats his position? (He then asked my spouse the nature of work) 13. Does your spouse work overtime? 14. What's your spouse's annual income? 15. How much rent do you pay? (Because i gave the lease contract late) 16. Who pays the rent? How long are you living in this address? 17. Do you host parties at your house? (He was joking since our address has a "fiesta" in it) 16. How old is your child? 17. When is her birthday? 18. So i want you to face each other and in 30 secs tell each other what made you decide to marry? (I was so nervous i just started saying whatever comes to mind that i liked and loved about my spouse) 19. So lets just go over your file.. ( this time i knew we were almost done) he just asked about whats in your i751 application so make sure you memorized everything from your name to your bday, to your socials, address, spouse bday, children's names and bdays etc.. He then turned his back and gave us a letter saying our application is approved and green card will be delivered in mail after 1month to 90days. 9:10am we were out the room and back to the reception where the lady was congratulating us probably because of the big smile on our faces. My only advise is try to relax and be calm. Smile at your interviewer. Adjust to his/her pace and mood, if he's in a lighter mood smile from time to time. They can feel it if your lying or being truthful. Regarding documents we submitted, we gave him latest copies of our bills, most recent photos, lease contract (which was specifically asked on our interview appointment letter), tax documents, health,life and car insurance copies. Hope you guys got an idea of the interview from our experience😊
  6. Im sorry..i got confused by the questions regarding the local office. Im in nbc from the beginning not transferred or anything what i meant with the san bernardino is, that the location of my interview as well as biometrics where from there. Im sorry for the confusion
  7. Hello guys just a quick update. We finished our interview and got approved..planning to post a separate one regarding our whole experience to share to everyone
  8. Thank you so so much. I was anxious actually as i dont know what to bring exactly aside from the ones i submitted and the ones listed in the interview notice. Also i dont know what to expect so im hoping somebody might share their experience. I wasnt checking their website anymore after i did my biometrics at april and figured it might stress me out and was actually expecting to hear from them next year as i know the process is really slow. May i ask are you on the cr or the k visa? Hope you hear from them soon.
  9. Filed last march 15, 2019. My local office is in san bernardino if im not mistaken.
  10. Hi everyone.. was wondering if anyone here went for an interview already? Im also from nbc mine’s 19907 and was scheduled for interview this august 9. Pretty nervous so was hoping someone can share their experience.
  11. Thank you so much..initially i thought something was wrong since the interview schedule came after 3.5mos. But still thankful i hope i just get 1 interview🤞🏼
  12. So there's still a possibility for a second?ohmy..but some do get approved after the first 1 right?
  13. Just a quick update. Timeline is: 03-19-19 sent package to phoenix az 03-21-19 package received 03-25-19 notice date for i797 03-27-19 cashed check 03-29-19 received i797 in the mail 03-29-19 notice date for biometric appt 04-05-19 received appt in the mail 04-15-19 biometric appointment schedule (did a walk in on 04/12) 07-03-19 scheduled for interview 08-09-19 interview appointment quick question: it says in the letter its initial interview. What does that mean? Is it “the interview” or a separate interview?
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