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  1. Hoping someone can help me and I apologize in advance since I am sure this has probably been asked many times in one way or another. I became a green card holder in February 2020. I was on OPT (F1 visa) all throughout 2019 until my cap gap ran out September 30, 2019. Then I stopped working until I received my green card and returned to work in March 2020. Now I am faced with having to file unemployment and wondering if I am eligible since I worked during the “base period” that they use to determine eligibility as an F1 student and only became a green card holder in February of this year? The unemployment application doesn’t allow me to add multiple immigration statuses and worried sick this will somehow come back to haunt me when I file to remove conditions. Any insight would be appreciated!
  2. I didn’t know there was a difference between a joint account and being listed on banks accounts?
  3. Hi everyone! My husband and I did not have a joint bank account until 4-5 months after we got married (from the time the account became joint we do use it for all our bills, use regularly like any 'normal' couple would). Will this be a problem when providing bank statements for ROC, since USCIS wants to see statements for entire period of marriage? Or is it sufficient to provide statements since account became joint, even if it's a few months after marriage date? Would like to get your opinion as I want to make sure we submit good evidence. Thank you!
  4. News reports say that the stimulus check will be for US citizens only and based on 2018 tax returns. There is no way to indicate citizenship on a 1040, permanent residents and non-resident aliens who are resident aliens for tax purposes file this form too. Will non US citizens get in trouble if they receive this payment? Already worried about this!
  5. Sure! We were called in about 5 minutes before our appointment time (I think because the office was not busy that day, there was only one other couple) and led into a small office. The IO put us under oath and start going over questions on the application. The interview was mostly confirming what is on the forms (address, birthday, if I've ever used any aliases, any crimes, how and when I arrived in the US etc.), making sure medical is okay, and then she started asking security/eligibility questions (not all of them but a good number of them). Throughout she'd throw in questions about our relationship, nothing difficult. Asked for specific dates of certain events in our relationship, when we started dating, that sort of thing. At the end, we were asked to provide any additional evidence we want to give (so we gave joint health insurance, joint checking and saving accounts, utility bills, more photos, life insurance beneficiary designation, and a few more things). Overall, IO was very professional and emotionless but fair. At the end we had to sign a paper stating we told the truth during our interview and photocopies of our passports were made. The whole thing was a blur since I was so nervous (always get nervous in official situations), I think the interview took 20 minutes. Status changed to 'card being produced' 30-40 minutes after the interview. This morning it changed to 'case approved'.
  6. Interview was a bit after noon today and status changed to 'new card is being produced'! Never received EAD/AP card.
  7. “Case ready to be scheduled for interview” two days ago. Changed to “interview is scheduled” today. Insanely fast! Have not received time and day in mail yet.
  8. Received my medical courtesy letter today, dated 1/11. No other status updates yet sigh.
  9. My status showed the same change to “case was updated to show fingerprints were taken”. Seems like tons of people got the same update and that USCIS changed the language for fingerprints. Doesn’t seem to be anything bad or negative about that.
  10. We filed mid-November, biometrics completed 12/10. No interview scheduled or RFE yet. When does the status typically show an update for either 'interview scheduled' or 'RFE' once biometrics is completed and status has changed to "Case was updated to show fingerprints were taken"? Around the one month past biometrics mark?
  11. Hello! Anyone filing for AOS with their local field office being St. Louis, MO? Would love to compare timelines with current filers as well as get experiences from users who previously went through the process here. Thank you!
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