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  1. Guess I can check that off. Time to really settle in for the long winter. lol
  2. It lists a received date of: June 5th Notice Date: July 1st No biometrics yet for me either but I'm not really concerned about that part.
  3. Update: it’s my NOA extension letter. Just pulled it out of the mailbox : ) Date of Received Filing: Jun 5th NOA Dated: July 1st Weird thing is I called on July 6th to request a service inquiry. They told me they had originally sent one out on June 10th but would send me a new one within the next 15 days since I didn’t receive it. Well with this one being dated July 1st, I’d take the information they give over the phone with a grain of salt. Also I guess I’ll receive another copy at some point. Who knows? At least now I can rest easy for the next year or so. And also get my license renewed. lol Good luck all.
  4. Informed Delivery says something’s coming my way! Haven’t had any updates about biometrics being applied so I’m really hoping it’s my extension letter.
  5. I’d say it means exactly what it says. It was signed for at the USCIS mailroom. Mine was FedEx’d also and went directly to the mailroom.
  6. Hey, yea I was also given a LIN number. Everything I’ve read says it’s the Nebraska Service Center.
  7. Just received an update so here’s my timeline so far if it helps. FedEx’d - June 4th Delivered - June 5th (a Friday) Check Cashed - June 11th Received NOA text message - June 11th LIN number - Nebraska Service Center
  8. Its sooo easy to think worse case scenario with these things. I’m sure I stress out and age an extra year everytime I have to send one in. Try not to worry too much tho. Did you make a complete copy before sending? Make sure you have the right forms, everything was signed and dated by both you and your spouse where necessary, no boxes missed, card numbers are accurate... Outside of all that, sometimes there’s just a lagger than gets through just fine but just takes a bit longer to catch up.
  9. My package came in at a whopping 6lbs and ive heard of heavier. Our bank statements were definitely the bulkiest section. My motto from the start though has always been send EVERYTHING. lol Especially with financial co-mingling being such an essential element.
  10. Just got a notification from FedEx. Delivered and signed for as of 10:13am this morning!
  11. Hey all! FedEx’d mine yesterday! Set to be delivered this morning. Happy and nervous at the same to finally have it out of my hands. Lol
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