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  1. I think I didnt know what I was doing then evidently..lol. No they have advance parole and work permit, but no green card as of yet.
  2. What are mandatory paperwork requirements I need for our green card interview and how vital is it to have everything ?
  3. So my wife had me get tickets for her and my kid to Russia on Christmas Day to see family. We just got a letter stating our green card interview is on January 9th . Is it an option at all to reschedule ? Someone told me rescheduling can add a year to your wait for a green card. I know I sound like an idiot for scheduling them a flight- but everyone and the processing times said a bare minimum of a year and typically much longer. Can we suggest a reschedule time a few weeks out, or is that impossible ? And do we need documentation to show its necessary for a reschedule ?My mother in law has Alzheimers and they need to get back asap and get her in treatment. Any help would be HUGELY appreciated. Marko
  4. Ok wait, these 2 statements completely cancel each other out. You said being a resident doesnt automatically qualify as in-state tuition but then the employment states that she would count for in-state if she worked for at least 90 days. Which is it and where did you find this information ?
  5. We cant afford the tuition for grad school without financial aid.
  6. Hmm I'm even more confused now. We are in Alabama and that link says our Field processing office is in Alabama. But, we went to New Orleans for biometrics appointment. So, will green card interview be in Montgomery where it says our field office is, or in New Orleans where we did biometrics ?
  7. Ok so 9 weeks ago my Russian wife got a notification after receiving her Work Permit and Advance Parole card that said USCIS would send us a letter for her upcoming green card interview. We never got any notification for when/where the interview would take place and USCIS kinda rudely told us to be patient and wait indefinetly when I called. Whats the typical wait time, just to receive a letter stating an interview time for green card? I'm hearing it could be months ? Is there any way to expedite it or find out why they want an interview at all ? My friends wife from Indonesia had her green card mailed to her with no interview necessary at all. It's literally screwing my wife's life up as she desperately wants to attend university but cant do so without the green card and permanent residency. Any info on how long we can expect JUST to receive the letter showing date/time for green card, and how long we should expect to wait for it.
  8. So my wife and step-teenager finally got their work permits/Advance Parole, and then she got a message from USCIS that they would schedule her Green Card interview. But that was like 3 weeks ago and we never received anything in the mail. I'd call, but I work until 5 and they wont even speak to me without my wife on the phone. Do we just sit around and wait forever, or are we supposed to call ourselves and schedule the Green Card interview ? And speaking of that, what all do we need to have with us at the interview and where can I find a study guide/prep for the interview ?
  9. Ok this one is a little complex. But any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. So we applied for 3 separate cases, Green card 485, Advance Parole I-131, and work permit I765. My wife who I have posted about many times is having a mental breakdown over receiving a RFI 6 months after we applied for all 3 of these cases with no word from USCIS. We were just told by USCIS that the RFI for the green card I485 could put the other 2 cases on hold. Which is confusing because 2 days ago a separate CSR rep said the opposite, that they were 3 separate cases and shouldnt affect each other. She doesnt care about green card at all- she just wants to get back home asap to visit her mother who is very old and in bad health. And to sell her apartment. It's my fault. I was told when I sent it off in January that my 2016 tax returns would suffice. Now the letter for the 485 says I need 2017 W' 2's and/or tax return. I just want to know simply, will a RFI for the i-485 green card case also hold up everything else that I applied to ? Which doesnt make sense, you dont need tax returns to apply for advance parole or work permit. Any advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I appreciate all the helpful suggestions. I think she may have been talked out of leaving by a Russian doctor friend here in the U.S . Complicating matters is the fact that my wife has severe depression/bipolar disorder(with no medications or therapy which she refuses ), and my stepdaughter was recently diagnosed with severe Crohns disease after spending 21 days in intensive care and almost dying due to complications from her disease. So its clearly a horrible idea for them to leave, even though I know their intentions are good to visit her mother and sell real estate to leave extra money to their family in Russia. Without the advance parole it's essentially impossible to even return for over a year. Sometimes I think they just want to leave for good and sometimes not, its hard to say because people with Bipolar disorder can go through tons of emotions and contrasting decisions within the same hour. I was told by numerous doctors that her life would be in danger back in Russia, where she was misdiagnosed and given no treatment for her symptoms. Hopefully they will chill out and bide their time , but *shrug*.
  11. My unreasonable wife and stepdaughter seem to believe that they can leave the US without their Advance Parole I-I31 document approved while their AOS/Green card is pending and return to US. Is that still possible ? I'm reading that its no longer possible. My wife seems to think she can leave to go visit her mother in Russia and I can send her the Advance Parole document via mail and that she would be able to return to the U.S with no issues. Any opinions or knowledge of this ? And also we've been waiting 9 weeks now after their biometrics exam with no word from USCIS and I honestly have no idea how to actually get anyone on the phone at USCIS with the literally endless option choices that never connect you to an actual person.
  12. My wife and stepkid completed the biometric exam one month ago and still no word from USCIS. I wasnt sure what comes next. Do we need to do anything in the meantime ? They applied for work permits and advance parole, which is honestly far more important than the green card. Would appreciate any input as I'm slightly worried we missed something. We havent received any paperwork or anything else.
  13. Now I just feel like an idiot. She had no plans to work hence I didnt any reason to apply for an EAD for her, just for her mother. So she can apply for EAD even though shes still currently 15 ? If so, then ill apply today if someone can assure me that applying for EAD can get her a Social ? Its weird because my wife got Social before she ever applied for EAD.
  14. My stepdaughter is extremely sick and now in hospital for 12 days, and its really bad because I keep getting denied insurance because I cant get her a social security card. My wife was given one in like 5 minutes no problem. But SS office says a K2 isnt eligible for a social security card until they receive their green card, which is still months and months away. I was just now told that a K2 who wants a Social has to apply for a temporary I-551 stamp on her passport, THEN apply for a Social after DHS grants her the I-551. It sounds backward and unrealistic. They are essentially telling me that ALL minors who come in to US on K2 visas cant receive social security cards, which also means no health insurance often. Anyone know anything about this or can maybe point me in the right direction ?
  15. I appreciate all the comments, im still torn on what to do since they constantly go back and forth between staying and trying to have a life or returning to Russia permanently. I can say with confidence she wants to work, but she refuses to do manual labor(Which I understand and agree with ) and is terrified that her strong accent will prevent her from an office job whenever she gets her work permit. She has NO self esteem whatsoever- she's been beaten and raped in Russia and this is why she wanted to leave her country and make a life in the US with a different kind of guy. The reality is im not a big city guy- and they fail to understand that a big city isnt always better. I live in the richest, safest zip code in my state, and also the most expensive. Hence..the parents house for the time being......I'm 30 minutes from the ocean, they have Russian speakers here as friends, and my large family who invite them everywhere, to baseball games, to the beach, movies and etc. We've done EVERYTHING we possibly can to make them feel welcome and at home here, and yet still I get the constant sadness and crying because we cant live in Miami, or go visit LA for Spring Break. Or go on a shopping spree. They dont care about being fed, or what it costs to feed them, and buy their make up and cosmetics, their health/dental insurance, it doesnt compute for them at all. My stepkid is ABSOLUTELY lazy- she's too lazy to model even. She is honestly too lazy to stand still while being photographed and says she doesnt expect to work before age 23 after college- not to babysit not to do anything but ask for money for clothes and go out to eat every weekend. I have to force my stepkid to wash her own dishes and clean her room lest her mother do everything for her, then they whine at me for being mean and "controlling". They are both too afraid to drive even though I take them every weekend to teach, and they cry and say they will die once they drive alone or when they go take the test. I'm just...im over it. I love them to death and always wanted to have this picturesque beautiful wife and daughter, but I honestly dont know how much more I can take. They cry if I even mention going back to Russia