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  1. @IK27, @dnvnlee, How was your interview today?
  2. Visa bulletin is for August 2019. Will there be any impact for applicant with July interview date (e.g. reschedule interview or delay in visa issuance)?
  3. My family doctor gave me DTAP. she told she will give MMR when she gets the result of MMRV immunity. MMRV test will also prove that I had chicken pox before.
  4. where did you take MMR vaccine? My family doctor gave DTAP but asked for blood test to check immunity of MMRV.
  5. Anyone who already completed the interview, can you suggest me on this?
  6. Hi everyone, I have a question about employer letter. Does employer need to send the physical copy to me? Or I can print the scanned copy that I received through email? Is this letter need to be notarized or sign of HR director is ok?
  7. Will they send another email with information about scheduling medical exam?
  8. got interview date today for 19-July. My CC date is 21-Feb (although received mail on 28-Feb).
  9. I called NVC last week. They guy told that "When Montreal consulate will ask for one E2, we will send one E2 case from our queue. There is no guaranty that it will be based on earliest case closed date"
  10. Probably. Last month there were no new interview date emails for Montreal after 9th (based on data in this thread and tracker).
  11. When is your CC date? As per your timeline, you received packet 3 on 1st April. Is your case already sent to Montreal?
  12. PhilCanUSRN EB2 7-May 16-Nov Deztiny EB2 21-May 26-Nov CanMon EB2 26-Jul 29-Jan Ratri EB2 6-Aug 05-Feb vnca EB3 20-Aug 15-Feb Kapen EB3 17-Sep 12-Mar adison EB3 20-Sep 20-Mar Shaki EB2 10-Oct 3rd week of March ascb EB2 11-Oct  Early March dskar EB2 18-Oct March 20 Mr Jingles ? 18-Oct 22-Mar AshleyJill EB3 6-Nov  22-Mar lombardi EB3 6-Feb April 18 HH2018 EB2 6-Dec Mid May bkbk8 EB2 7-Dec 15-April GGM EB3 11-Dec Mid May Mo85 EB2 12-Dec Mid May SuperY EB3 03-Jan-19 Waiting NB90 EB3 04-Jan-19 Waiting May2019 EB1 01-Feb-19 Waiting leopard11 EB3 06-Feb-19 23-May IK27 EB2 26-Feb-19 Waiting VRace EB3 26-Feb-19 Waiting polar2018 EB2 28-Feb-19 Waiting GottaLoveCalif EB2 14-Mar-19 Waiting --updated interview date of bkbk8 based on old post.
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