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  1. Hi guys Could someone please guide me. I have been trying to find the info about if the new delhi embassy is open to process b1/b2 visa or they are not doing any processing for tourist visas. If i fill ds160 form, will I be able to take an appointment? Are appointments available? Is there any ban in place for tourist visas? Thanks
  2. Just over uscis EMMA tool...i just write "representative" in EMMA...and it connects me to the uscis representative....i have been doing this since 1 week...
  3. Ok...so today I checked my status, it finally changed from payment received to the card has been sent to production. I have been messaging them non stop since last week...lol
  4. I have filed an inquiry. They told me to wait for 30 days to get a response. 30 days will be completed 2 days after tomorrow but still no response yet. After 30 days, I can make another inquiry and this process will go on like 4ever as USCIS does not care. They just ask you to wait. What is the meaning of normal processing time if I still have to wait...bullshit
  5. How you used emma to talk to representative...it only gives me general info....does not helpt me to connect to anybody...can u help plss..what should i write to emma so that she connects me to someone
  6. Have u got it already...my POE was in april and its been nearly 5 months...still no green card..
  7. You got the green card? If yes...how long it took since POE...for me its nearly 5 months since POE and still waiting for green card..
  8. Have u received the card...its nearly 5 months for me...my POE was in April..
  9. I submitted an inquiry after 4 months and called them as well...they said to wait for 30 days for a response...also i can put another inquiry only after 30 days since the last inquiry.....the online status says the green card fee has been received....
  10. My POE was 21st april chicago. Its 16 sep and i have not received my green card yet. Nearly 5 months.
  11. 120 days for me today and the status still says the paymemt has been received. This president has messed up many people's lives. I dont know if he did anything to block the illegal immigration but he has definitely managed to block the legal immigration. He did completely opposite to what he had promised before the elections.
  12. As some of you may know, there is a provision in US immigration law that allows consulates around the world to reissue the expired visa if a person is unable to travel due to situations not under his control. I have read that particular provision and understand it except the line I have marked in RED below..can somebody please explain me what is the meaning of this line. The provision says as following-: 9 FAM 504.10-5(A) (U) Issuing Replacement Visa During Validity of Original Visa a. (U) If you are satisfied that an applicant will be or was unable to use an immigrant visa (IV) during its validity period because of reasons beyond the applicant’s control and for which the applicant is not responsible then you may issue a replacement visa with the originally allocated visa number within the same fiscal year even though the visa has not yet expired. You should recall and cancel the originally-issued visa and collect once again the appropriate IV application processing fee (including the Diversity Visa Lottery Fee for a DV applicant), unless the applicant was unable to use the visa as a result of action by the U.S. Government over which the alien had no control and for which the alien was not responsible. Now, Let us suppose my Cr1 visa expires in august and I apply for the reissue of visa at US consulate. Suppose, consulate start workimg on my case after september. Can a consulate be able to reissue visa or extend visa even after 30 september 2020. Because when we read provision "FAM 504.10-5(A) (U)", there is a line in there(marked in red above) that says something "SAME FISCAL YEAR". Does this have anything to do with my Cr1 immigrant visa if in case I need to get my visa reissued or extended? I will really appreciate if somebody can please guide me.
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