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    Never thought I would love my Mexican man as much as I do. Not a day goes by that we don't think we aren't supposed to be together. Been together since 2011, married 10/2015, and had our first child 10/2016. He crossed from Mexico to USA in 2006 without inspection, requiring a i601a once our i130 is approved. We are working with a lawyer. I am very proactive, so I have come to this website to foresee any immigration steps and to view other successful (and difficult) stories. I am very hopeful of this stressful process :)

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  1. Not sure of the address. Google can help. FGE Ciudad Juarez. It's a 15 minute drive from the consulate. $91 pesos, passport, proof of domicilio in Mexico (hotel receipt), birth certificate, copy of birth certificate.
  2. Already knew. It was 1 of the first questions asked in the screenshot I posted. The dispositions were sent with the 601A and then the NVC documents. My husband also had the certified ones on hand. The interviewer had them in front of him and never asked for my husband's copies. I can only assume he had the 1s from our previous submissions.
  3. It's not required. We got it because we couldn't locate 1 of his charges in our county. So, we just brought it along to the interview.
  4. Yes. People who have been in the US since kids have been put into administrative processing for not having the one from Juarez. I see it all the time on the FB groups. I recommend getting it either way. We had the 1 from my husband's home state (he's been here since his early 20's) and they STILL only wanted the 1 from Juarez.
  5. They don't want it from the US, but we wanted nothing holding him there, so we got it for the interview.
  6. Florida. Went to FDLE, filled out online form, paid for it, and it was sent within a month.
  7. We had 4 criminal (police) reports. 1 from Juarez, 1 from my husband's home state in Mexico, 1 from the FBI, and 1 from our US state's police department. The US nor FBI is required. Getting a police certificate is different by each US state. You'll have to get in contact with your state police department to find out their process. For Juarez, we went to the FGE in Juarez 2 days before his interview.
  8. Yes on April 26th. My husband was approved.
  9. Yes. You must pay the IV and AOS fees with NVC and include those PAID receipts with the 601A. USCIS will reject your packet if you do not include those receipts. Not yet, but with this new case number with NVC email, there will be a checklist for documents to have to send to NVC. You can either send these while waiting for your 601A OR wait until it is approved. We opted for the latter option. They usually take up to 11 weeks to review these documents, but it takes less than that (usually 4-8 weeks nowadays).
  10. Our main reason for taking it is that our appointment is after April, meaning, it is a new tax year and different amount of income.
  11. Yes. You will need recent paystubs even if already sent in. Aside, Juarez is taking about 3-6 months from the date of civil documents, financial documents, and DS 260 submission before the interview date. We sent ours in beginning of December and our date is the end of this month. And, for the I864, it will depend on when your appointment is. If it is after May 2018, then you will bring the updated form.
  12. Nope. Ours took 4 weeks 6 days. Received 12/5/18, reviewed with cc 1/11/18. Waiting for our interview date now.