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  1. It is enough for two persons. The amount should be above the poverty line per person.
  2. You will receive a 797C notice 4-6 weeks earlier with the date and time of the interview. It will also say what documents you must bring with you, however, bring the original documents of all copies you uploaded or send with your application, plus anything new you may think will support your petition. Yes to passport, new and old if you have it. Read the instructions on form M-477
  3. It is a common practice especially in the Eastern countries younger ladies to married older men. Main reason is that older men are more established in life and feel more security. Large age gap usually raises a red flag with USCIS. You will need to present stronger financial documents. History shows that four of our US Presidents had a large age gap, with John Taylor 33 years and Donald Trump 25. I have myself 33 years and had not problem with my petition. My N-400 interview will be in three weeks and I expect no problem.
  4. Cover letter. I-797C Form. Notice of action for bio-metrics reuse. I-797C Form. Notice of action for acceptance of the N-400 application. I-797C Form. Notice of action for the N-400 interview on ******** Form I-551, immigration card, both sides. Form G-1450, Credit card authorization. **************************************** Form N-400 completed application, plus two additional pages. Spouses certificate of Naturalization. Marriage Certificate. Passports, (bio-metric page & page with stamp). Passport old, (bio-metric page, visa page, and pages with stamp only). Driver license new and the old Birth certificate. Spouses divorce certificate Absolute v/s *************** ***************************************************************************** Spouses passport(bio metric page) Spouses new and the old driver license. IRS transcripts of joint tax returns for the years 2018, 2019, and 2020 Beneficiaries records from ********** Investments Brokerage joint account from **********Brokerage Services. Auto insurance ID cards from 2018 to 2022 Apartment leases from 2019 to 2022 Renters insurance. Investments credit letter Investments credit card random statements, from 2019 to present. Bank, joint Growth account random statements, from 2018 to present. Bank, joint Spend account random statements, from 2018 to present. Bank, joint Credit Card, account statements, from 2019 to present. Utilities random statements. From 2019 to present. Pictures. * Airline vacation tickets. * Birthday/anniversary cards * * Not uploaded
  5. I uploaded 30 documents close to 250 pages.I followed the instructions on M-477. Every document was several pages, an example is: one document included bank savings random statements. Besides financial records, IRS transcripts, any record with both names on it, divorce absolute records, Spouse's citizenship, all passports etc
  6. I did apply online the first day of eligibility with no problems. The system will ask you to upload several documents and at the end will ask for the payment. Make sure you have all your documents scanned pdf format in your pc. no more than 2 MB in size. You can save temporary but you can not edit the application after you submit it but you may upload more documents the following days.
  7. I know a mother with two children 21 and 17 years old, UCSIS requested proof of income a total of $23.654 per year for all three of them.
  8. As long you exit the courthouse legally married, you will be considered married. Many people married by a justice of the peace, then later perform religious ceremonies.
  9. As a foreign resident(Not of Canada) I learn that it is wise always to file taxes in both countries even if you don't have any income to report. According to US agreement with other countries, a person to avoid double taxation, considered tax resident of a country, if he lives there at least 183 days per year. In this case, that person will file and pay in the foreign country only. In the US(if you want) you will file as a foreign tax resident If you receive your income in dollars, you must change the total income amount to the foreign currency of that country and pay taxes according to their laws. You have to read the US/Canada agreement to avoid double taxation. There are few differences for income received from Gov., or private pensions. https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-trty/canada.pdf
  10. I applied September 9, interview notice sent Dec. 21, scheduled for February 9, Tampa F.O.
  11. N-400 September 2021 applicant Tampa field office Filled 2021/09/03 interview is scheduled for 2022/02/09 .
  12. N-400 September 2021 applicant Tampa field office Filled 2021/09/03 email received 2021/12/21 that an interview is scheduled for: date to be send by post mail.
  13. Are you sure this is your I-751 application file? it seems to me as the Federal budged for 2022.
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