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  1. well what do you know, I found the info right there on the Philippines embassy site.
  2. Are there restrictions on intercity or interstate travel?  Yes. For more information, see IATF Resolution No. 101 on the  Philippine Official Gazette website. Checkpoints are in place and domestic air travel remains limited. LGUs my request information about your purpose of travel. In general, leisure travel is not permitted at this time. 
  3. https://ph.usembassy.gov/covid-19-information/
  4. Go to the Philippines embassy or US embassy website for current info.
  5. Cool, this is great to know...we may just wait completely to get my wife's dual citizenship and new passport until getting back to the Philippines. No hurry it seems, since I will get the balikbayan, so did your wife just get entry with no time limit?
  6. Biggest for us Is we plan to live there more permanently, so with dual she and my daughter don't need visa, she can stay because citizen. Me on the other hand will have to deal with it as we go. Of course we can keep our property there also since she is a philippines citizen. So for us it is best.
  7. We (wife) already purchased, but of course will complete dual citizenship for us to stay long term.
  8. Thanks for the great input, we will just file dual then and get her a new Philippines passport once back in the Philippines. Our daughter is already a dual citizen so nothing to figure out there except maybe renewing old passports. Tentatively planning for July time frame for going back for probably a very long term stay/live full time. So even if there is quarantine upon entering we don't care, will deal with when the time comes.
  9. Nah, they NEED the tourist....already signs that they are allowing inside travel to Cebu for tourism. Maybe fully open by end of year, that is my guess.
  10. Well we will see later in the year, we are In a lease here in Phoenix until end of November. So no hurry.
  11. Ok, thanks for the heads up..we won't go to the Philippines until she has it all done...once all is completed no more headaches with travel to and from the Philippines....hopefully they relax travel restrictions soon though, but doubtful!
  12. So my wife just passed citizenship interview and oath ceremony will be next week. We plan to apply for her dual immediately, does anyone know the approximate time to finish this? We will also of course immediately file for US Passport, expedited. We just want it all done so when the first chance it's open for travel into the Philippines we can go, preferably once they stop requiring quarantine on arrival and then again with province/barangay! We will either fly to San Francisco or LA consulate.
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