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  1. javadown2

    H0TELS in Manila

    Guess I'll give some info on a few hotels I stayed at in October/November of 2018. We stayed at the Limketkai Luxe Hotel in Cagayan de Oro for around 10 days in November. It is supposedly a higher end hotel, which I suppose is partially true. It had a very secure entrance and you can only access the elevator with your room key. The room was kind of small but fairly nice. We have a baby and needed to move around some furniture and found it to be very dirty. They did supply us with a portable pak-n-play crib which was very convenient. The swimming pool was very nice, especially at night when you could see the city lights. We've stay at the Seda Centrio hotel which is fairly close by and find that it is a much nicer hotel. They both have a nice breakfast buffet but the Seda is much newer. I would NOT recommend the Luxe for what you pay, there are better options in CDO. Ok, now on to the Hotel 101 in Manila. I stayed there because I was given a coupon for a free night's stay from someone I know. It was a great location near the Mall of Asia, lots of resturants nearby (jollibee's, starbucks, mc'd's) and easy ride to the airport. The only draw back is that the room was very small but it was clean. I would recommend the Hotel 101 if you want a great location near the airport and Mall.
  2. javadown2

    question about B-2 and overstaying (i-94)

    So she was here for 6 months to be here for the birth of her granddaughter, not sure how she allowed her self to miss this flight. What do the airlines have to do with this decision? When was the child born?She could have easily planned to come like 3 months prior to birth and then stay 3 months after if you thought it would be a little late? Bummer what others are saying that she will have to file for a new visa since her's won't be valid any more.
  3. javadown2

    Visa Denied

    Your on the right track now, but you never should have sent the application without it being completed. Knowing that you didn't meet the income requirements and ignoring it was your first mistake. Once you send this in and as long as it meets the requirements then for now you will be fine. Good luck and keep us informed.
  4. javadown2

    Future in Philippines, buying property/building house

    Checking it out right now, so far i like it, thanks for the reference!
  5. javadown2

    Future in Philippines, buying property/building house

    Thanks, I did join a forum yesterday, I'll check it out.
  6. javadown2

    Future in Philippines, buying property/building house

    Nice, we would like it done so that we won't have to upgrade later is the plan so that is why I was thinking of the higher costs.
  7. javadown2

    Future in Philippines, buying property/building house

    Ok...update. After finding out about the headaches of doing a basement we've decided not to go that route and honestly don't really need the extra space. Besides the costs would go way up by doing this and have a budget in mind. Another thing I'd like to know from people who have already built a house or are getting ready to build one in the Philippines......the cost per square meter. I've read on some of the more reputable contractor web sites that many will build to suite your budget, which makes sense in the Philippines because of the differences in wages. They give a range from 13000 PHP/square meter to a high end of around 31000 PHP/square meter, with my estimate I was thinking around 27000 PHP per square meter would be a good estimate? This is for a rough estimate and includes blue prints and them taking care of the permits, and of course It doesn't include the cost of buying your property. Anyways, just wanted to get some opinions on the quality you get for a house in that price range. It may be to subjective and varies on each persons tastes in what they want such as do you want Granite counter tops or are you fine with tile....etc.
  8. My wife won't buy used cloths. Some items I will buy and personally I don't mind at all as long as it's clean and not from the 70's, lol.
  9. Funny you mentioned underwear.....had this same experience..it's kinda embarrassing asking for larger sizes. The helmets fit me fine and I'm sure if I had to buy shoes I'd be limited (I'm limited in US because I wear size 9 4E). Easy to find wide shoes in US but really not many choices to pick from (New Balance, Brooks and some other running shoe brands). Anyways, guess we've gone off topic. Many stores have Petite sections, but with her case that sounds to big even!
  10. I kinda agree more with you, she will need lots more cold weather cloths so they will have to buy new.
  11. So where exactly do the ukay-ukay cloths come from...hmm No I just had to buy a few changes of cloths when my luggage got some how "lost" didn't think about that option.
  12. Yeah, should have just paid the extra baggage fees (had to do same thing when my wife came $$$) but much cheaper then shipping. But hind-sight is always 20/20 right? lol. I say do the balinkbayan box shipping because by the time she needs the summer cloths it will have arrived Ok on a side note...I have the opposite problem buying cloths in Philippines, I wear XL (don't judge I'm just big boned, haha). Good luck with your shipping and enjoy shopping in the kids section.
  13. javadown2


    I'm really confused (and know nothing about proxy marriages) but if it is an actual legal form of marriage then in fact you can't file a K-1. Did you not research on your own the requirements of a K-1 visa before doing this? The military legal system probably isn't your best source for marriage/immigration help, obviously they were wrong in telling you to do a k-1. It seems like you need to do some more research and abandon the idea of a K-1.
  14. javadown2

    B2 Visa denied for parents for my wedding on K1

    Haha, yeah all of a sudden 10k in bank account...looks very suspicious Never mind then, yeah bad advice.
  15. javadown2

    B2 Visa denied for parents for my wedding on K1

    Your thinking the same I was, just wait until you get your Green card, but honestly that still won't help them to get a tourist visa. And you can't petition them to come I think until you have citizenship. Better off taking trips back to your home country and visiting them frequently, sorry to say but that is the reality.