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  1. My wife and I just got married on a K1 visa and wanting to file AOS soon. My 2021 IRS tax transcript does not meet the poverty guidelines for i864, as I was unemployed for 2yrs and 2 & a half months due to living in my wife’s country. I just started a new job as of the end of March 2022. My question is; when filing AOS I864, can I use my 2022 predicted income backed up with paystubs and an EVL?
  2. Gotcha, thank you! last question here, would I need to prove evidence of domicile?
  3. Thank you!! im worried they might ask for extra years on the tax documents for me (beneficiary) because I’ve been living in PH since Dec 2019. So I’ve been unemployed all this time. I filed 2020 taxes but it was for the stimulus check. 2019 is the most recent from when I was working.
  4. Petitioner in PH with medical issues and needs assistance from the beneficiary to travel.
  5. Yes, they claim me on their taxes still. So would the joint sponsor household size be 4? and my dad doesn’t need to give like his own earning statement or anything? we got an expedited appointment, got an email for June 3rd is the interview.
  6. I am the petitioner and my mom will be my joint sponsor for form i134. I live with my mom and dad. My questions are: 1. so when my mom fills out the i134, would her household size be 4? (My mom, myself, my fiancée, and my dad) or would it just be 3 and my dad not be included since he’s not a dependent of my mom? 2. since my mom and dad file taxes jointly, does my dad need any tax documents to differentiate his earnings from my mom’s? If so, what would that tax document be? My mom will send me her: - IRS tax transcript (recent year only) - W2 (recent year only) - Form 1040 (recent year only) - Passport biopage - Form i134 3. is there any other documents my mom needs to send me besides those listed above? My fiancée’s interview is coming up and we just want to do everything the right way the first time. Thank you in advance.
  7. Thank you, best of luck to you as well. It’s on June 3rd
  8. I hope so! I filed Nov 2019, NOA2 on Mar 2020, Case ready June 2020. Slowly but surely, things should hopefully be getting better for Philippines🤞🏼
  9. Update: I got an email today. We were approved our expedite & given an interview date. 1 month and 20 days until the embassy replied. Don’t lose hope.
  10. Our expedite request was approved today and my fiancée’s interview is June 3rd! 🥳 Late to the party, but better late than never 😁. Just in time for our 3 years anniversary!
  11. K1, I’ve seen many K1s get expedited but its mostly CRBA or military fiancée’s. Are you K1 too?
  12. I haven’t tried. I was really considering it at one point but saw a lot of people have no luck with their congressman so I got discouraged to even try.
  13. If your CEAC says at NVC, then yes. But it depends where your petition is. Mine has been stuck on “Case ready” since June 2020, meaning it’s at the embassy so that’s who I contacted. Just feels like an endless waiting game.
  14. I emailed and requested April 1st & followed up multiple times, still haven’t heard anything yet. Since the Embassy in Manila isn’t accepting emails anymore, I’ve filled out the public inquiry form many times and still haven’t heard anything. I’ve called and our latest status is Escalated to Post since April 30th but haven’t gotten any news or update on that either.
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