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  1. Hi I had my interview 10 days and my status still shows interview was completed and should be reviewed. The officer told me at the interview that I may need to get my medical redone The bottom line is today my husband threatened to kill I have videos and photos if him abusing me so I called the cops I didn't press charges but they said they may arrest him even if I don't agree to . Please can anyone tell me what's my options I don't wanna go through vawa it's gonna take me forever and I really really don't wanna lose my job I'm going somewhere with it 😭 . Any suggestions please?
  2. Did my interview today at the Houston office it only took 15 mn for the interview the officer only asked me 3 questions of yes or no then she said that she can't find my medical so she's gonna send me a letter in the mail fi say either I'll have to do new one or not , she didn't ask me anything about my relationship or to show more proof the only thing she said that the embassy approved our case before so we should be fine. She also made me sign on the I -485 form . I asked if she wants me to do the medical and she said to wait for a letter on the mail which will say if I should do it or not. Later my status changed to under review 😭😭 I feel so hopeless it's been so long already . I don't even know if I'm approved or not ?
  3. Hi everyone here's my story I was in New York and my PD is January 2020 case changed to ready to be scheduled on April 2020 then I moved to Texas on September so my status first changed to interview canceled then to ready to be scheduled for an interview again on September after I changed my adresse. I contacted uscis recently and the agent opened a ticket for my case and that's the respond that I got . Does anyone ever got this and heard something back from them soon ?
  4. Hey everyone is anyone here have houston filled office and got their interview already?
  5. Hi everyone , so I applied for my AOS since January 2020 with NYC office my status changed to case is ready for an interview since April 8, 2020 and then I moved to Texas and my case got transferred to Houston filled office and my status changed to case is ready for an interview again about the date changed to September 15th, 2020 . My question is does that make my ranking go to the bottom in the new filling office ?
  6. I had a RFIE on feb 27 sent my respond on march 17 and get ' Case is ready to be scheduled for an interview ' on april 8th
  7. I'm not stay outside alot but I'm asking if it can be denied before interview scheduled and after my case is ready for an interview ( before getting my interview notice ?
  8. And can it be denied after the status ready for an interview and before my interview is scheduled ( like in between the two statuses but without the interview done yet ) I'm sure even if the interview is gonna scheduled its going to be atleast a month from the notice I'm only planning to be abroad for 10 days maximum
  9. Can the AOS application still get denied after 'Case is ready to be scheduled for an interview ' my field office is NYC knowing how busy it's I really don't think that my interview will be scheduled before I go to my trip ??
  10. Did anyone traveled outside the USA with combo card and didn't have a problem? I have to travel to my country with my USC husband when the borders open and I believe by that time I'm not gonna have my GC yet ! I'm scared bc on the letter that they sent me with the card it says on it that the CBP officer can deny entry is that true? Please share ur experience thank you !!
  11. I had my case status changed to Case is ready to be scheduled for an interview 6 days before my expedite request was approved
  12. I just got my EAD card on the mail . Didn't have any interview before ! Filed on January 8 and my biometric was February 5
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