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  1. So you're saying that they can cash it with no problem Bc we did the name right we put the right amount money the only thing the missed up with is instead of signing in the front we signed in the back
  2. Hi so my fiance sent our k1 petition to USCIS this Wednesday and they received it this Friday so we were talking and somehow he remembered that he signed the money order in the back where the USCIS should sign it We still didn't get our noa1 yet so I wanna know what can happen to us? Are we gonna get denied or have a rfe? How much time it's gonna take and Is there anyone who had a similar experience like this ? Please anyone answer me I'm really worried
  3. Ok thank you 😊 No he doesn't have any CRIMINAL record at all
  4. If only he have a mailing address and he been using it and since he don't used to stay in one particular place but keep on changing place's . I will say he should continued using his mailing address at the post office so that where ever he go or traveled his mail's will be saved. Yes he have been using the same mailing address for more than 4 years now . But I'm asking if it's going to be ok if he don't put all his physical address for the past 5 years ?
  5. Hi , so we're about to send our petition next week I have some questions: 1- my fiance moved alot in the past 5 years most of the places that he moved in he didn't report it and he forgot most of those addresses too .. is that ok that I don't write the addresses that he didn't report I mean sometimes he only lived in the place for a month or two PS : we have a mailing address that he have been using for years now beside his physical address 2- we put some of our Instagram posts in one of them that he post he said my name with his last name .. is that going to be a problem for us ? Should we remove it ?
  6. Hi I started filling the I-129F with my fiance so we have a question about the adresse section I already put the question before here but I didn't get a clear answer So my question is :- my fiance moved from his ex is house 5 years ago and since then he started renting rooms everytime he move ( bc that's less expensive and he's planning to rent an apartment when I get my visa approved ) so his mailing address is his ex is house and he doesn't any prove that he moved to that places before no bills no contract nothing. . We were worried about what we should put exactly I hope that made my question clear thank you
  7. We lost our whatSapp chat logs almost all is that OK to send only last couple months screenshots and chat logs? That's not gonna affect us? ?
  8. ok thanks , so i can print balnk copies of the page in the forum ? and btw the adresses was not under his name he just kept moving with some friends so the place is under his friend is name and his mailing adress is still his old adress from 4 years ago the bad thing that it's the only way to show our communication and even if i'm gonna change the name i can't get the old chat logs back bc i already took it a long time ago
  9. Hi everyone hope you all doing good I'm statred doing my I-129F package ( K1 VISA ) now , so i was worried about two things , the first one is : my USC fiance change his place alot in the last 5 years he changed it 10 times or maybe more so how we should file the forum exactly because there's only two places in the adress section the second one is when i did a screeshots of our whatsapp i wrote in his name " MY HUSBAND " is that can make a problem for us ? i'm worried what if they can think that we are already married but i'm trying to avoid that by sending my certificate of no marriage !! is that gonna be ok ? thank you everybody , and i wish to everyone the best of luck in their visa journey 😃
  10. Hi everyone , hope that you all having a good day So i have a question about the evidence of relationship , we started doing our k1 visa packge because my fiance work all the day he don't have enough time to do it , so i'm doing it I was wondering if i did a screenshot of our messages and calls with my phone it's going to affect our visa ? because they will know that i did it by the names and the pictures ? is that ok ! thank you everyone ☺️
  11. yes he have certificate of citizenship .. In 2008 his dad took him to do it because when he was living with his mom she didn't do it ( his adopted parents are divorcd btw ) and he went to USA in 1997 when he got adopted and now he have everything a certificate of citizenship and an american passport !!
  12. I'm from Tunisia , I'm the beneficiary
  13. yes you're right !! and yes he have a citizenship certificate
  14. yes he have his US passport and citizenship certificate he have all his papers ..