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  1. 2 visits is enough I met my fiance only two times and my k1 Visa get approved last September on the us embassy in Tunisia. Don't be stressed if you're sure that your relationship is genuine. I saw people got approved when I was on embassy and they have red flags. Take alot of proofs with u and be ready for any question . Good luck
  2. Thank you I already have my passport on the visa on it they issued my visa the same day of passport pick up
  3. Hi I had my k1 visa on hand 2 days ago and I noticed that they wrote my petitioner is name they added G at the end of his name . Is that ok to travel with my visa . He's gonna be traveling with me to USA are we gonna have a problem . Did anyone had the same situation . I tried to contact my embassy I called them and emailed them but nothing there's no respond. What should I do ? My fiance called the CBP and USCIS already and they told him that it won't be an issue. Is that true ?
  4. I have my flight confirmation but the bad thing that I didn't look at my passport while I'm on the embassy. I emailed right away when I noticed and I just get my visa today . Do you think if they see my flight they can correct it to me in few days ?
  5. Do you have any idea of how long does it take them to correct it bc I have already booked my flight for the end of October
  6. That's mean they're working to issue your visa . I had the same thing on my status and after that it will change to AP and later it will change to Issued soon
  7. Hi well I got my visa today and when I went back home I noticed that they did a mistake on my petitioner is name they add an extra 'G' I emailed the embassy now and they didn't respond yet . I already booked my flight so is that ok to travel with my visa ?
  8. i hope so . i really wish when i go there they won't tell me that i'm gonna be under AP for a while
  9. Do you think they didn't update my status for 2 days now and nothing was received from them . I don't know if I should go to the embassy or not?
  10. Hi my visa got approved last week at the embassy they told me to came back on Wednesday which is today to pick up my passport but when I check the status it say AP but my status changed to nonimmigrant already I called the embassy but they don't respond . They didn't email or call me neither me or my fiance to tell me to not come today they didn't ask for any documents to fill or anything I wasn't handled the 221g at the day of my interview everything was good . I don't know what's going on I'm so worried please can does have any answers.??
  11. No I'm a female and I was approved at the interview they didn't tell to bring any other documents
  12. I'm sorry I didn't get your respond. Is that mean that the visa can be attached to my passport tomorrow
  13. Hey everyone my question is like the title can my visa be issued the same day of pick up . I had my interview at the us embassy in Tunisia on September 26 and I get approved the consulate give me a pink slip and told me to come back on Wednesday to pick up my passport which is tomorrow and my case still show AP in the website. Can my Visa be issued the same day of my passport pick up or should I get worried about it . Ps: they didn't call me or email me to not come to the embassy.
  14. That's not true at all I'm a k1 visa filer and I got approved 2 days ago at my interview at the US embassy in Tunisia
  15. I'm not talking about the background checks I'm asking if we can get an AP because we have scanned copies instead of originals?
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