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  1. I just booked my medical for late June and my interview for 9th July. Thank you for spreading the word!
  2. Im in the same situation, medical is booked for 2nd April and havent been able to book interview for the 9th yet as they havent put that date up for booking yet. Have a wedding venue and everything booked for June 20th so this is a real issue for me and my fiance.
  3. Just went to book my appointment for early April and I am now getting the message in the attached photo. It was working a couple days ago. There is no news on the embassy website.
  4. No but her parents seem to treat her like one. She is graduating her bachelors degree not high school. I will just ask for an extension of approval notice and have my medical and interview in April and bring a new intent to marry affidavit. Thank you for your advice and help all.
  5. The only problem that I forsee is that as I cannot enter until the beginning of May (due to her father saying she cant get married till she graduates), my k1 medical will most likely have expired by the time it comes to the interview. I am having my medical in December as my 4 months approval ends December 22nd, I am home near London for Christmas but after that I will be on the other side of the country till the beginning of March.
  6. I am denying the flu shot during my medical this December as I will not be entering the US on K1, and applying for AOS, till after flu season is over. I understand that this will mean that my k1 medical will say that I am missing vaccinations. The above information is what I have found on these forums so far related to my situation, however the threads are too old to post on. My question is: Is this adjudicator that is mentioned above, part of the AOS application processing itself, meaning that I will not have to see a civil surgeon if I decline the flu shot next month at my K1 medical and my AOS application is sent in and processed outside of flu season?
  7. Apologies. I didn't see the second and third pages with further info. I guess that leaves me with the sole question as to whether if the flu shot is missing, the USCIS guidelines that are quoted below will just be processed administratively as part of the AOS application or whether I will be required to pay for a civil surgeon to do it for me.
  8. Sorry to bring back a 2012 thread. I have a dilemma. My k1 medical in London is in December, however I will not be entering the US and applying for AOS till the beginning of May. I want to decline the flu shot during my k1 medical as by the time I enter the US and apply for AOS it wont be flu season anymore. If the flu shot is the only shot that I decline then will I still be signed off by the London medical team as ok or will they sign me as incomplete and force me to have to see a civil surgeon for AOS? Another question, can this issue instead be waived by the adjudicator instead of me having to start over in the US with a civil surgeon. Thank you for your help, Alex
  9. I searched for this topic in various ways in this forum and could not find an answer. Will it be an issue if the co-sponsor for the I-134 is different to the co-sponsor for the I-864? We have my fiance's parents sponsoring us for the I-134 but they felt it was such a hassle and pain that they say they do not want to do all the paperwork for it again for AOS. Thank you for any replies.
  10. Thank you for that clarification. Much appreciated. All your replies to my original post have let me know I need to get the application in ASAP. Thank you all for your help.
  11. Sorry I am confused, one person is telling me that NOA2 expires after four months and it seems that getting the extensions from the embassy is not a given. This would imply that I should wait till something like August/September to send the application giving me about 4 months till Jan/Feb 2020 for the interview. However you just said that I need to hurry up and my time line is tight. Sorry if that sounds argumentative or antagonistic, I couldn't think of another way to phrase it. EDIT: I think I understand now, you are saying that because NOA2 is being received about 150-200 days from filing on average.
  12. Hello all, My fiance and I plan to get married mid-May 2020 (family rules restrict this as she has to get her bachelors degree before marrying). We were wanting to send the I-129F off in a week or so. As I get out of the Army in April 2020 I was wanting to leave my interview until February 2020 when I have resettlement leave entitled as I know once issued, the K1 visa lasts 6 months. Is it possible to book an embassy interview this far in advance based on expected NOA2 receipt time if we sent the I-129F next week. I have heard of one case of inactivity but that was for AOS I believe. Thank you for your help, planning everything to fit a certain time schedule is not easy.
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