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  1. I am going to update my social and driver's license with the new last name, I am concerned about the greend card because it is a widow, and I do not want to have any problem if I try to update the new last name, or it is not necessary to update it
  2. I am a widow of my previous husband almost 3 years ago, the greend card was approved by my first husband in 2019, widow greend card, but I do not want to be a widow forever is very sad, my question if I remarry another American, will I have trouble changing my last name or is it necessary to update the greend card and take a long time?
  3. please some advice, I have been a widow for almost 3 years, the greend card was approved in June 2019 for being a widow, I can remarry ?, I will have some problem if I change my new husband's last name, it is necessary to update the greend card o i cant wait ,how long would it take for them update the new greend car and send the to me ,I feel nervous I don't want to have any problem. Thanks guys
  4. I have my green card as a widow, but I wanted to know if I can remarry and change my new surname in the greend card and no have any problem the greend card was approved in July 2019 , im widow for almost 3 years , thanks guys
  5. Hi, I'm a widower for almost 3 years, I'm a resident since July 2019, do you think I have a problem if I remarry and want to change my last name on my greend card?
  6. Do you guys no have any experiences in widow entreviews tank you
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