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  1. My oath ceremony scheduled I don’t know the date and location yet
  2. Congratulations, I am waiting my oath to be scheduled in Minnesota after my previous oath was de-scheduled, did you receive an oath notice.
  3. Because uscis in their website they mentioned that , they will perform small ceremonies when possible(In certain limited situations, USCIS may be able to perform small naturalization ceremonies for limited numbers of applicants, when it is feasible and all appropriate precautions can be taken)
  4. Most likely either they will raise the applications fees or reduce the staff but not closing the door
  5. I don’t think that will work let’s wait until uscis open,
  6. Mine approved in February 25, and Officer refused to schedule me in the ceremony dated 3-9 I was scheduled in April 6 but that ceremony canceled
  7. Please keep me updated if you received any update on your case, or if they scheduled your ceremony.
  8. I also checked the court schedule and I found that date but no specific time.
  9. Me too I am not expecting anything happening before 2021, good luck
  10. Most likely the governor will extend the stay order, that’s why the virtual ceremony is the only way,
  11. The court have the right to waive their exclusive authority to uscis.
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