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  1. I just checked My completion time went down from August 2020 to June 2020, hopefully that will be a good sign.
  2. 100% agree with you I applied in Minnesota 6 months ago and nothing happened, my friend applied a month later in Ohio now he is citizen.
  3. Congratulations did your completion time changed or still showing June 2020
  4. Seems like they start scheduling interviews for December and January filers and some of February and March filers what is your completion time ?
  5. Looks like Minneapolis field office process the application faster now any body applied in March already received the interview notice?
  6. Sorry about that but what I heard from friends that they start in June to transfer cases to another offices to reduce the processing times especially in the slow offices like Minneapolis office.
  7. My estimated completion time August 2020 but how accurate is that? I have many friends in another stats applied in may and got interviewed
  8. Anyone applied in May and have received an interview notice?
  9. Anyone from Minnesota applied in June and get interview notice
  10. My completion time increased 2 months yesterday and today decreased to one month
  11. Kansas City field office the fastest field office not like mine the waiting time keep getting worse in Minneapolis field office (14-27.5) months some people wait 2 years to receive the interview notice.
  12. I applied in July 27 biometric scheduled in August 22 in Minneapolis field office the busiest field office in the nation my completion time is 12 months, the wait game started.
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