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    tayro got a reaction from Tella&T in Reschedule AOS interview   
    I want to share my recent experience in case anyone else is faced with the (terrifying!) task of rescheduling their AOS interview. I had read many horror stories but, at least in my case, it was no big deal.
    So, I am a first-year Spanish teacher and I am taking some students to Madrid in March. Of course, our interview was scheduled for a day that I am out of the country. I freaked out and was so worried! 
    We simply sent my flight itinerary and a letter from my boss explaining why I would not be in town to our LOCAL office. They sent us a letter in about a week later
    saying that our original appointment had been canceled. I was nervous but then our status changed online that we were ready to be scheduled again. A week later we had the new date. 
    Now we just have to prepare for the interview. Another nerve-wracking situation!
    Hope this helps.
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    tayro got a reaction from MrHanky in Scheduling juarez appoiment   
    Here is a great post:
    You can do it online at this website: https://ais.usvisa-info.com/es-mx/iv
    Good luck!
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    tayro got a reaction from tab0712 in What happens now... Mexico K1   
    For the k1 visa, do we do the immigrant or non immigrant application on this website ais.usvisa-info ?
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    tayro got a reaction from TriloByte in January 2017 I-129F Filers   
    Still waiting for NOA2
    They received by RFE reply on May 22nd. Does anyone have a similar date?? How long will it normally take to respond to an RFE? 
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    tayro reacted to SkruDe in Proof of intent to marry   
    I submitted one letter of intent to marry.  In the letter I specifically stated both names as willing and able to marry with intent.  My fiance and I both signed the SAME letter of intent.
    We got approved.
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    tayro got a reaction from Ermin&Zijada in January 2017 I-129F Filers   
    Seems like another quiet night... 
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