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  1. Honestly our interview was rough. The woman was very serious and meant business. She did not ask anything about our relationship. I had handed her some proof (vet bills, concert tickets,etc.) She asked my husband what our dogs name is which he of course knew. And she asked when did we go to ny (for the concert) but he did not have that date memorized nor did she specify which ny trip she meant since we had been twice. I had attempted to answer for him, but she strictly told me not to tell him answers and I apologized and explained that we had been multiple times and that he did not know which time she was referring to. She then asked basic questions like where I was born and the date of my birthday. She told us at the end we were approved. I would reccommend knowing the information about all the documents you are bringing.
  2. Tell that to the people who were held up at airports for hours upon hours. Im sure to them it wasn't "completely illegitimate". I also think its quite a different story for someone to weight the dangers of visiting Canada and lets say a muslim majority country.
  3. Hi, we had our interview last month. We got the notice about 5 weeks before the interview date. We are from Richmond and had plenty of options to choose from in terms of doctors. The medical exam was between 200-300 dollars (cannot remember exactly).
  4. Just an update on us. We received the letter that our interview is scheduled for February 20th!
  5. We were told because it has been over a year since we filed for aos that my husband will need a new medical. Is that not the case? Also, what form should we bring for the doctor to fill out at the medical?
  6. Not a miami filer, but we did an infopass appt when we hit 15 months and a week later our status changed to “interview scheduled” it really cannot hurt to try.
  7. Thank you! My dad does not mind having the obligation so we will most likely keep the paperwork as is. Will any of my fathers information be needed at the interview? Like updated taxes? I read your sponsor should have a letter from his employer but my dad is his own employer so I dont see how that would work.
  8. Hello, Our case status finally changed to “interview scheduled” after 15 months of waiting! Regarding the aos interview...will we need to have co-sponsor information? My dad was our co-sponsor for k1 and the original aos application so will we need to bring an updated affidavit of support since its been over a year? Also, my husband works now, but is his income even relevant since he is the immigrant?
  9. For our initial 129F application I sent our entire skype log as proof of communication. Then for the interview I screenshotted a part of our conversation for every month of our relationship. It may have been overkill, but I felt better knowing my fiance had that with him and the interviewer did look through it.
  10. We have been waiting for an interview since September 2017. We were told at our infopass appointment yesterday that someone must have "dropped the ball" and forgot to schedule it. Hopefully we will hear something soon.
  11. Hi all, So we filed for my husband's AOS in September of 2017 and then received an RFIE in October. Our status on the site has been stuck on "Response to RFEI received" since Oct 2017. I had tried reaching out to a congressman and doing an SR myself, but really we did not get any info until we attended an Infopass appointment the other day. We were told his application was ready for an interview since June of 2018 and that someone "dropped the ball" by not scheduling it. The officer kindly told us it was very unusual for a case to go on for 15 months prior to an interview at that service center. He told us he would email his supervisor to get the interview scheduled. What are the odds we hear something in the next month or so? Has anyone had a similar experience?
  12. Our status still reads “response to rfe received in October 2017.” We reached out to the senator who was able to find out that we are technically in line for an interview. Is anyone else still waiting for an interview at Norfolk? Or had an interview there recently? Our close family friends who applied a few months after us (at the same office) had their interview months ago so it is very agitating that we are still waiting. We are also curious about if we will need to bring a translator to the interview or if I can translate for me husband? Ive heard differimg answers.
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