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  1. Thank you for sharing! This option seems to be the least stressful
  2. Hi, how long were you in the US before deciding to marry? was your visa expired? I am currently in the same situation and would like some insight.
  3. As far as I've read and understood, there is no expiration date while your petition is with the USCIS
  4. Found this from a post online “The I-129F petition is valid for four months from the date of approval by USCIS. They’ll extend your case for 4-month increments as long as they see that you’re actively working on it (i.e emailing them, scheduling interview, submitting visa fee, etc.). The maximum they’ll extend it is 12 months.”
  5. My estimate says between February 28th and March 8th. I filed April 20th.
  6. Hi everyone, I filed an i-129f for my fiance but we're considering cancelling it, getting married and filing an i-130. We'd like to move abroad together while going through the process. I read I would need to get biometrics done. Do I need to be in the US for that stage or can it be done abroad? Also, can anyone give me any insight of the timeframe from the time you send in the form until the time they tell you to get the biometrics done? Any additional advice is greatly appreciated!
  7. Our receipt's are in the same list! I'm getting the same estimate as you from visajourney, but considering the rate of approvals in our group, and the amount of petitions remaining within the 7700 group, it seems as though it may be sooner! My fingers are crossed!
  8. Hello! does anyone know if k1/k3 visa interviews are scheduled in line with tourist visas?
  9. Hi, does anyone know if it’s possible to change the address for the beneficiaries embassy and how? I want to change mine to a different consulate in a different country thanks in advance 😅
  10. I've been going over older posts that have said it's mentioned to have all pages copied in the instructions for filling out the petition. Since those were older posts though (dated back in 2012), I think they might have changed the requirements and all pages are no longer required (or so I hope) because it's not mentioned in the instructions when I read them. I reside overseas so it'll be a bit difficult should I receive an RFE, that's why I'm freaking out a little. Also, pretty sure having the intent to marry on a joint letter is fine. As long as you've both signed, that should be all that matters.
  11. we both live and work in the same company overseas, it's not a long distance relationship
  12. Hey everyone, I just read somewhere that I needed to submit a copy of ALL pages of my U.S passport with the petition. Is this true? I only submitted a copy of the photo page and signed page. I also sent a copy of my birth certificate. I’m afraid that I will get a denial letter because of this 😰
  13. Hey everyone! here's our timeline: 04/18/21 packet sent to Lewisville, TX Lockbox via FedEx 04/20/21 packet received 04/04/21text received 04/05/21 email received (Will be sent to California Service Center) -------- I'm not home to collect the official receipt from the mail. My mom will be receiving it on my behalf. Hoping this won't be a problem and there isn't anything major other than a receipt.
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