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  1. Update: The email oca.crd-us@dfa.gov.ph was the one that worked and responded very promptly (within 2 hours!) to my request for transmittal details. I have now forwarded those details to info@psaserbilis.com.ph and will post another update as soon as I get a response.
  2. Thank you, @top_secretand @Talako! I have emailed both the emails you provided (just in case!) with those details. Will see if I get a response soon Thanks for the input @Chancy! I tried just getting a marriage certificate from PSA but the details top_secret listed above also came up (see screenshot below) so it seems I do really have to get those transmittal details and email info@psaserbilis.com.ph. This seems like such a tedious process to get a copy of ROM ... or even to get my passport renewed with my new name 😅 Wish they would just take the original copy of ROM given to me when I filed it years ago. Always so many steps with these things!
  3. Hello, I am trying to renew my Philippine passport but need a new ROM copy from PSA (https://www.psaserbilis.com.ph/) - as I got my ROM in 2017 so it's no longer valid. PSA website seems to only have birth certificate, marriage certificate, CENOMAR or death certificate as options. How do I request for ROM? Thank you!
  4. It's great to hear everyone's opinions on the matter. Thanks for chiming in! Yes, it was a bit of a weird transition for us especially at the beginning of our marriage... But as most of you have said, communication is key. We also sit down and talk about things that bother us, which this was one of, on my end. I took the time to explain the whole "we're a family now and we share costs" and he has definitely gotten better about it. On the flip side, when he was having financial trouble in the past, he didn't come to me for help or tell me that he's struggling. When I found out, I immediately paid for whatever he needed to pay for and he was so shocked and grateful. I had to explain yet again that hey, this works both ways - we help each other and we support each other. You don't have to carry the burden alone! I come from a family where we buy each other gifts and pay for each other's expenses, if we are able, without expecting anything back. And his family is quite the opposite, where his dad actually has an Excel spreadsheet of everything he owes him since his teenage years! Also, when we asked his parents if we can stay with them for a few months as we find a house of our own, they said yes but only if we pay rent! LOL 😮 That's ridiculous for me - my family would LOVE to have me (and my husband) live with them again for as long as I wanted for free (and that won't even be a discussion!). Anyway, it's interesting to hear everyone's take on it. I also would like to clarify that I'm not in any way troubled by this (at least, not anymore), as my husband and I do discuss this, among many other things. He does try to understand everything from my perspective as well. We have a healthy, happy relationship and I couldn't imagine anything better. I just wanted to open up the discussion because I was just curious of how other married couples deal with stuff like this. I'm not exactly asking for relationship advice here hehe. It's different for everyone!
  5. To each their own, but I don't think splitting costs is weird if both parties work and earn pretty much the same amount every month. It seems fair to me.
  6. Yep, we do. We have 2 actually, one for personal use and one for our business. We have already showed those accounts to USCIS during our green card interview. The personal joint one is now the one we use to pay immigration stuff for - so less arguments now haha. We both put a little bit in there every month for joint expenses... but we still do keep majority of money we earn in our own bank accounts. It's not exactly ~romantic~ but it works for us. I also feel good having money of my own.
  7. Thanks for chiming in, everyone. I'm actually already in the USA with my husband. We have gone through everything already (and he's paid for a bit more than half of all immigration related stuff, especially since I didn't have a job right when I got here) and my next step is removing conditions on my green card, which I'll be doing later this year. We are very open with each other and communicate stuff like that. He understands my point of view, hence why he pays his share in the end, so it's not as if he just refuses to help. It's just not automatic to him, the whole "we are married so we should pay for everything 50/50" thing, especially when it comes to my immigration. So we have the same discussion every time we need to pay another fee for yet another immigration-related packet. Getting married and navigating shared expenses when we used to fend for ourselves is also in itself a journey, so I also try to be understanding of where he is coming from. Anyway, was just curious how it is for other couples. Every one is different. But rest assured my husband and I are in a very loving, understanding, communicative relationship!
  8. Yeah to be honest that's where I'm coming from too, so am a little bit hurt that my husband doesn't automatically think the same way. Can't entirely fault him for it though, I think it was the way he was raised... his family has a bit more of a "fend for yourselves" type of mentality - especially when it comes to money, rather than a "we are family and we do everything for each other" type, which is how I grew up
  9. For immigrants, I guess particularly those who immigrated through marriage, who pays for your immigration fees? Is it you (the immigrant) yourself, your US Citizen spouse, or do you split the cost? Just curious. My husband has helped me pay for mine, but has also argued that I should probably shoulder the full cost since it's my immigration, not his (we both work full-time, though he earns a bit more than me). Just want to note that he's not an(removed) or anything 😅he's actually a great husband, and will help me pay for stuff if we discuss it, but that's just his rationale and I'm wondering how many other couples have the same argument lol.
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