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  1. Maybe you could try to file for an expedited request based on financial loss to an individual and claiming that you’ll have to stop working at your current job if you don’t get the card in time. hopefully they’ll issue it right away and even issue your green card at the same time. im afraid to be in the same situation in a few months too..
  2. Interesting, I didn’t know that’s what they did before transferring the file. I understand the frustration.. of all people you would think it would be so easy to adjudicate a former F1/h1b case. first we’ve been here for years, going in and out of the country. I met my wife in first year of college, it’s not like we met on a one month vacation abroad. Also, if you've got a degree from a US university it’s in their interest to process your case, we don’t need to convert a degree from an international university or go for more school. We’re ready to work right now!! They shouldn’t be dragging their feet so much for a straight forward case like ours.
  3. Hi i did the same yesterday, we ended up doing one file for i765 and one file for i131 each in a separate envelope. we put a cover letter on top of the two files and sent it to Uscis. we put the exact same form than the first time around but also added proof of current ead, with receipt notice from Uscis. Proof of biometrics, I also put my job offer of when I was recruited. you applied in January 2020 and are still waiting?
  4. I hope so for you.. I did the same yesterday and added a note in the cover letter to transfer my aos case to my field office. Hopefully they do because there’s no need to stay stuck at the nbc for months.
  5. So when you went to the SA field office, did you request an info pass appointment first? I tried doing that but missed the tier 2 call back. They called once and that’s it.. now I’m going to wait for our trip back to France to reschedule. thank you for the advice, I’m going to try and reach this guy Lloyd. It sucks because I’m renewing my ead now and really thought I wouldn’t have to because it took 8 months to be processed..
  6. Hi, I'm san antonio field office too but I sent it in may 2020. Still nothing for me unfortunately. Before they scheduled your interview did you know where your case was? I called a few times and sometimes they tell me it's still at the nbc, another they tell me it's in baltimore.. anyway I don't want to go on a tirade again about uscis but I'd appreciate if you can tell me a bit more about your case?
  7. I feel like we’re all losing patience at this time because if it hasn’t happened yet it feels that it could take many more months. im so tired of hearing about people in the same office that get treated before you even when filing month prior to them. I’m not sure how you guys are even able to put a service request in yet. Every time I call they tell me I’m in « normal processing » 14 to 36 months. I guess I’ll put a service request in 2023 then..
  8. Thank you, would you recommend doing it now even if I have planned a trip out of the US next month? Could it pose a problem?
  9. Hi guys, I apologize if a similar post was created in the past. I tried to look for one but couldn’t find any. i am currently in the AOS process and working with an EAD that’s expiring at the end of the year (December 2021). When would you advise filling the paperworks for the ead and advance parole extension and what should I file?
  10. Hi, so sorry to hear that.. did you mean that you filled i-130 for him? Or just i-131 to go and visit him abroad? from what status are you adjusting your status that it’s taking so long? honestly if something like this were to happen I would know what to do and I would probably turn to an immigration attorney. Maybe some people have been in that situation and fixed it themselves and I hope they can help you.
  11. Good, so you have to get the notice for the extension to work? Do you know if it typically goes a lot faster? Since they don’t have to take biometrics?
  12. I’m sorry to hear that.. I thought we could still work up to 6 months as long as we je filed for the ead renewal?
  13. I called Uscis at 800 375 5283. they called me back once with tier 2 and I missed the call and instead of calling back the closed the service request and sent me an email saying I had to call again. Problem is now I can’t even talk to them anymore.
  14. Yes and have you notice how they make it harder to talk to a representative? I used to say that "I'm experiencing technical difficulties" to go through but I can't anymore. The whole process is against you. Why would they even put the NBC in Missouri? One of the most radical state in the country! But when we talk about processing time that's what get me infuriated, even if they did absolutely nothing during the pandemic it shouldn't add up to 36 months. Maybe 27 at the worst. They need a serious team of engineer in there to streamline their process. Or else in 10 years, it'll take 3 years to process an AOS.
  15. Hang in there, we will eventually get it. I'm only bothered by the situation because I book a trip back to France in September and it would have been so much nicer to have a GC instead of using advance parole.
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