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  1. Thank you best of luck to you too 🤞🏽 I really hope you see some movement soon.
  2. Hi all, our case has finally been scheduled for an interview. It’ll be on February 2nd so almost exactly 22 months after applying. on November 9th the status changed to ready to be scheduled for an interview and a month and 20 days after so on December 29th, it changed to interview scheduled. good luck to everyone who’s been waiting very patiently. I feel your pain, especially to be left in the unknown as to when they’ll ever treat your case.
  3. Gosh that is so frustrating!! Sorry you have to redo your medical and I hope you can hear good news soon.
  4. How can the medical expire? i thought that if you sent it with your packet you wouldn’t have to resend it?
  5. Ah I’m sorry about that.. I hope you hear good news soon. I’m sure you’ve done anything you could do at this point. I do believe that reaching out to my congressperson had a positive impact, even though the immediate answer was to wait.
  6. That’s awesome news guys! Hopefully it’s a smooth and short process for now on. 🤞🏽
  7. Is there anybody here that saw some movement lately? After my case changed to interview is ready to be scheduled à month and a half ago, we are still waiting. i just talked to a tier 1 and when I asked him about the location of my file he told me that he’s only seeing that it was at the nbc back in May. i hope it was transferred..
  8. Hi, i hope you can see some movement soon.. maybe you can also try using the ombudsman? I also raised service request but my case is now « ready to be scheduled » since November 9th. my priority date is on may 4th too from Austin as well.
  9. Hi Viking, mice been lurking for the past few weeks hoping that people would at least see their status changed. What’s the status with yours? it’s been almost a month now that my status changed to ready to be scheduled, but they still haven’t set up the appointment.
  10. Thank you! I’ll make sure to keep you updated and feel free to let us all know if you see some movement anytime soon. im really hoping you do!!!
  11. Hi PatSquared, we haven’t gotten anything scheduled yet, It’s been 2 and a half weeks so hopefully soon. i hope the senator route leads to something for you. It can’t be bad at least to try. I understand your concern with the ead problem, if that’s the case maybe you can try to file for an expedited in January claiming financial loss?
  12. Okay well that’s probably a good thing if the expedite has been approved.🤞🏽 i see that it could take up to 2 to 3 months to get scheduled sometimes.
  13. Hey Still no interview scheduled? Mine has been ready to be scheduled for an interview after 18 months of patience. i hope they can schedule me soon so I can finally breath a little.
  14. Hi, fot me it took less than a week. I was really surprised, that’s the only piece of paperwork that went fast.
  15. Thank you i hope for you too that things start moving. My only thing is that I’m not sure if they actually sent my packet to my field office or if they’re actually just scheduling my interview soon but without having my file in hands. So in other words, once I’ll do the interview they might not be able to produce the card right away if they don’t have my file. this is just me speculating, I have done a lot of that in this 18 months process so far.
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