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    Enemyz got a reaction from JulianaSteve in Received interview email from embassy   
    I emailed them, my wife said there isn't a red check next to the box so she doesn't think there is an issue. It also says the same message for the sponsor and we don't need a sponser as I make enough.
    I guess not many have advice on this because only you replied.
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    Enemyz reacted to Lucky Cat in No More DCF in Philippines Starting in July? USCIS?   
    It's part of the immigration process for most of us. 
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    Enemyz got a reaction from Gojo in October 2018 I-130 filers   
    I finally received the email and text 8 days later after i got the approval noa2. If you're following the website check the mail because they are slow on updates online.
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    Enemyz reacted to ArmyVet in October 2018 I-130 filers   
    Congrats! My case was never update online until it was send to department of state.
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    Enemyz got a reaction from Blair86 in October 2018 I-130 filers   
    Our i-130 was approved! I never got an update on the website or email or text. I received the letter in the mail yesterday. 
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    Enemyz reacted to ArmyVet in October 2018 I-130 filers   
    Most embassy will have you scan and upload these documents to CEAC. If you are doing the interview in the Philippines, you will can and upload the documents. There will be areas to download specific documents. They are very picky and need to be legible and under 2mb. I used a website called smallpdf to compress and combine documents as needed. The original civil documents need to be taken to the interview by the beneficiary. It takes about 4-5 weeks to get case number AFTER NVC RECEIVES the case from USCIS, it typical takes 2 weeks after your approval for USCIS to send and NVC recevie the case.
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    Enemyz reacted to ArmyVet in October 2018 I-130 filers   
    As everyone in this group gets closer to the NVC, I made a list of documents needed so you guys can prepare. NVC is reviewing document in two business days. That means the quicker you scan and upload you documents, the quicker your interview will be scheduled. The first step at NVC is to make the payments once case number is assigned: $325 and $120.
    The IV application and requested documents will available 2 to 3 business days after payment is entered.
    For the IV application, you will need the beneficiary's address history from the age of 16 and school information (high school and above). So get that ready.
    The following documents are needed:
    Civil Documents:
    Beneficiary birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce papers (if any), beneficiary passport picture, and police certificate for any country lived over 6 months (not including USA).
    AOS Documents:
    Sponsor: I-864, 2018 tax transcript, and proof of domicile (if your physical address is not in the US).
    Joint-Sponsor: I-864, proof of U.S. Status (passport, birth certificate, certificate of naturalization, green card), proof of U.S. Domicile (lease, mortgage, utility bill, car re gistration, voter registration, etc.),  and 2018 tax transcript.
    Good luck to everyone, and hope this helps.
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    Enemyz reacted to adam751 in October 2018 I-130 filers   
    You can subscribe to USPS Informed delivery service and view your upcoming mail on their website or your email. They'll email you an image of your mail daily. 
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    Enemyz reacted to Dashinka in Do not Ignore Obvious Signs   
    Good luck to you and keep in mind it is not only women that are scammed.
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    Enemyz got a reaction from Apple Bee in file married jointly with foreign spouse   
    Certified copy of a passport isn't accepted?  My wife is Filipino she went to the DFA and they gave her a certified copy I was reading that would be good enough to show proof. is marriage certificate really needed? it doesn't list it as a requirement on the website. she also isn't sure how she would do her written statement she was looking for a template for it. I do have her version of a w2 though to show her income.
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