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  1. My wife revived her card yesterday Im not sure if it was because of the message she sent or not. Now we're just looking forward to removing the condition next year.
  2. Thank you I'm going to get her to call them. I've read this happens a lot so just be patient.
  3. My wife still waiting for hers and we're at 124 days.
  4. I think it doesn't matter long as you answer everything pertaining to you.
  5. Monday will be 3 weeks for my wife and she still hasn't got anything from the ss and we also had checked the box on the ds-260. Does it sometimes take longer or are we part of the unlucky ones that ran into the issue as others.
  6. My wife just brought her orginal documents and didn't have any issues. Most stuff they never even ask for, but it's best to be prepared.
  7. We're having a hard time contacting them we Called the main support and told them she will pick it up Monday and they said they would inform them, but we're trying to call to confirm.
  8. My wife's visa was delivered to 2go mall of asia yesterday how long will they hold for pickup she's wanting to fly there on Monday.
  9. We have everything ready and then some we're making sure we're over prepared for this.
  10. Oh that's good to hear it was making us both nervous. I figured if we have it there in person it should be fine.
  11. They just requested her to upload that to the nvc but they take a month sometimes to verify the documents, and her interview is on monday I am wondering if this will be a problem. We have already submitted it just waiting on them to accept it. She has all the orginal copies of the documents as well.
  12. My wife recived her email from the embassay about the interview. It requested the advisory on marriage to be uploaded. We have submitted it, but it's still not accepted yet and her interview is next monday. My question is will this be an issue at the interview if it's still not accepted. She will be bringing the orginal copy of it there for them to see it.
  13. Good Day! We got an email from US Embassy and we got confused about the I-864. On the email they said bring the copy of I-864 on interview date but my husband submitted the I-864ez, the shorter version of I-864 which also allowed if you are a qualified petitioner. We have emailed and called the embassy for clarification but they only replied to bring whats in the list. Do we have to furnish again the I-864 even though the NVC approved the I-864ez already? Pease attached screenshot of the email. Thanks in advance
  14. I emailed them, my wife said there isn't a red check next to the box so she doesn't think there is an issue. It also says the same message for the sponsor and we don't need a sponser as I make enough. I guess not many have advice on this because only you replied.
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