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  1. Yes and yes if you are able to have her sign it somehow then try. If not then I would advise you attach something to it stating she is overseas along with USCIS instructions with the sentence highlighted that the foreign spouse signature is not required. Just to remind them of their own rules in case they attempt to send you an RFE for this later.
  2. Yes. Just sign your name and date it on one of the available lines. This is what i did and it was accepted. As far as your foreign spouse signing the I-130A, I feel like that's a tossup. I had my husband sign it while I was in Morocco and even though the instructions state IF the foreign spouse is not in America, it doesn't need to be signed, I've still seen instances of people getting RFEs for the spouse not signing.
  3. Glad to hear that. Just goes to show the negative Nellies, bitter bettys, and Debbie downers on this site are not always correct like they think they are. Congrats and I hope your fiancé gets his visa soon!
  4. You find the list of panel physicians authorized to do the exam for that consulate/embassy and call and make an appointment with them. You can only schedule an appointment once you have gotten an interview date. The medical exam report is valid for 6 months.
  5. Before this process, I didn't know jack diddly squat about immigration. However, there is plenty of info on VJ and the internet in general about how to navigate through this process and with these resources I managed to successfully file the I-130, have it approved, get through the NVC stage and get my husband's interview, in which he was just approved for his visa last week (entire process took exactly 364 days from start to finish). As others have said if you have a simple case with no criminal legal matters involved, you can do it yourself. Save the money. This process is already expensive enough without paying unnecessary fees for lawyers or visa services who can't speed up the process in anyway. Good luck on your visa journey!
  6. I wish! Since Monday is Memorial day the consulate will be closed. So here's hoping to that it changes on Tuesday to issued! Thank you and congratulations again
  7. That's great! Happy for youu. I see you posted this 2 hours ago, have you picked up your passport?? My husband's status on CEAC changed today to administrative processing after being on "ready" for 3 days. I hope its issued just as quickly as yours was. Good luck to you and safe travels!
  8. Today the status changed to Administrative Processing.... More waiting
  9. Your priority date is 2013? Also did you mean 5/24/19 for the date your received case complete?
  10. CEAC status finally changed to "Administrative Processing" after being on "Ready" for 3 days... Wonder how long it'll take before we see "Issued"
  11. Do you know if paying the fee asap speeds up production and issuance of the green card? Or would it not actually be made until he arrives in US? I was wondering if it made sense to pay the green card fee now even though CEAC hasn't showed the visa has been issued yet. My husband wants to start looking for work immediately and he's worried he'll have to wait around for 45 days before he can start.
  12. When was your husband's interview? And when did he receive the visa? Your timeline is not filled in. It would really help others.
  13. It sounds like he received the DS-5535 form. There's no way to tell how long it will take to process this form. Some people have been waiting since 2017. Here is a thread about it. https://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/637938-form-ds-5535-supplemental-questions-for-visa-applicants/page/239/
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