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  1. Thank you for your story and congratulations on your visa.
  2. So I just called NVC and after waiting for 35 mins for a rep to answer, they told me they finally received our case on January 3rd. I'm glad because I thought there was a problem but I wish TSC would've sent it when the petition was approved instead of waiting 3 weeks to send it. We'd be closer to getting a case number if they did...oh well at least they got it. Now the waiting game begins again for a case number.... I hope it doesn't really take a whole 8 weeks to get one.
  3. This worries me. Your petition was approved just one day before mine but they sent yours to NVC on 12/11 and they didn't send mine until 12/21. I had actually called NVC on 12/11 because I thought they might at least be able to tell me if they received our petition and they said it was too soon. Then I got a notification on the case tracker app that USCIS sent the petition on 12/21, I can't understand why it took them almost a month to send it. I called again on 12/28 and was once again told it was too soon for them to confirm if they've received it. I hope there's no problem. Seems like everyone else finds out rather quickly that their file was recd.
  4. Apple Bee

    Applying very soon!

    Filling ourselves. I've been told it takes up to 8 weeks to get a case number. It took 6 months for the initial approval of the petition which is normal.
  5. Apple Bee


    I did the same thing.
  6. Apple Bee

    Applying very soon!

    my husband has not gotten his visa yet. The petition was just approved on 11/28/18. We're now waiting to hear from the NVC for a case number. We sent only photocopies with the petition. They tell you not to send any originals because you may not get them back.
  7. how did you do this please?
  8. Apple Bee

    Filing that CR1 now

    I agree about the affidavits. I just figured it couldn't hurt and I hoped that, coupled with the conversations between my mother and my husband would show she was aware of and approved our marriage. I submitted everything above and my petition was approved after 6 months (no RFE) and now just waiting for the case number from NVC.
  9. Apple Bee

    Filing that CR1 now

    Hi. I was following your case and was sad to see that your fiancé had been denied the K1. So a few of the things I submitted for bona fide marriage were; Wedding ring receipt Proof that I added my husband as my beneficiary to my life insurance policy Plenty of photos of us in different cities and photos of me and my inlaws Itinerary of my upcoming flight showing I was going back to spend another month with him Screenshots of conversations between my husband and my mother and father Samples of conversations between my husband and myself 2 sworn notarized affidavits (from my mother and my best friend/coworker) attesting to their knowledge of our relationship There's only so much you can provide when, as you said, you live in two different countries. I've been told that at the NVC stage you have the opportunity to submit additional evidence although they may not look at or consider it. I'm hoping that they do as I have since gathered more evidence and continue to do so since filing the petition. Good luck with everything!
  10. Apple Bee

    IRS transcript

    I'm still waiting on a case number from NVC so I haven't submitted anything yet.
  11. The NVC and USCIS are two separate agencies. USCIS is funded by filling fees but NVC is federally funded and is apart of the shutdown. However, the employees are still to report to work, they're just not being paid for the time being. No telling how or if this will affect how quickly or efficiently they work. I'd be pretty damn bitter if I had to get up early to go to work every day knowing I wasn't getting paid until the shutdown ends.
  12. Apple Bee

    IRS transcript

    Hi. I just made a thread a week ago asking this same exact question. Apparently others have submitted these transcripts and NVC has accepted them. I had to download them from IRS website because when I ordered them to be mailed to me, I still haven't received them almost a month later even though they said it would only take 5-10 business days. Here's my thread if you want to read the responses https://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/692426-tax-transcripts/?tab=comments#comment-9497773
  13. Apple Bee

    Uscis approval

    It looks like it's been 8 months now for OP. With any luck they'll hear soon.
  14. Apple Bee

    Uscis approval

    Mine took 6.24 months or 190 days (Texas Service Center)