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  1. Thanks I know I was approved 11/28. I wrote that post almost two months ago lol
  2. Do you have any life insurance or retirement accounts? If so, you can add your spouse as a beneficiary for those. I think that coupled w/ the photos of me and my in-laws was some of the strongest evidence I provided.
  3. Apple Bee

    Tax Transcripts

    I didn't pay a cent either and also got mine instantly when downloading them from irs.gov. My concerns were that the transcripts only have partial identifying info for me (see my OP) and the appearance of the transcripts looked rather plain as if I could've created them myself and I wondered if this made a difference to the NVC.
  4. I totally agree...this process is sooooo grueling and nerve wracking.
  5. Apple Bee

    Tax Transcripts

    Really? That's comforting. Thanks!
  6. Apple Bee

    Tax Transcripts

    I just called the IRS to see if I could talk to a representative to find out why I haven't received the mailed version yet, doesn't seem to give the option to talk to a live person....so I reordered the transcripts for 2015-2017 again through the automated service and once again it says i'll get them in 5-10 business days... we'll see
  7. Apple Bee

    Tax Transcripts

    I just tried it after selecting "Immigration" and it still looks exactly the same... I wonder why it's different for me. Was this a long time ago that you did this or recently?
  8. Apple Bee

    Tax Transcripts

    So that brings up another question; on the website, it had a drop down menu where it asks me to select a reason I needed the transcripts. "Immigration" was one of the reasons but I didn't choose that, I just selected "Income verification". Do you know if this selection makes the transcript come out looking a different way ? Because the ones I downloaded and printed look like something I could've just typed up in Microsoft Word. It has the big IRS treasury heading and whatnot at the top but it still looks like I could've made this document myself. Is there some official seal/stamp that needs to be on these things or what?
  9. Apple Bee

    Tax Transcripts

    The website states "Those who need an actual copy of a tax return can get one for the current tax year and as far back as six years. The fee per copy is $50." I only needed transcripts as I've read from other VJ members those are better and simpler to provide to the NVC. Those are free. I didn't have to pay when I requested to have them sent by mail (which I've still not received as of yesterday) nor did I have to pay online last night when I ended up downloading them to my phone.
  10. Apple Bee

    Tax Transcripts

    Great thanks
  11. Sorry if this question has been asked before but I couldn't find anything pertaining to this exactly. I ordered my tax transcripts for the past 3 years from IRS.gov and it said 5-10 business days. Well it's been over 2 weeks and I've yet to receive them so I decided to just download them from their site. I notice on the top of them, (I guess for safety reasons) it only lists; the last 4 of my SSN, the first 4 letters of my last name (no first name at all) and my house # and first 3 letters of my street address. Will NVC accept this? I mean, will they use common sense and match all the info I've provided them with to this and see these transcripts clearly belong to me? Or are there transcripts out there that show full information on them? Anyone? Thank you in advance.
  12. Yes. I just spent 28 minutes on hold waiting for a 5 second conversation of "It's too early for us to have your file. Give it 6 weeks from your NOA2 date"
  13. My petition was approved 13 days ago and the status still hasn't changed from "Case was approved". I wonder if this means Texas still hasn't sent the file to NVC
  14. Apple Bee

    Morocco Casablanca Consulate

    Lol yes there were cats everywhere. Cats at the courthouse, cats at the police station, cats walking through the restaurants (which I was not a fan of). I enjoyed most of the food except the sheep during Eid Al Adha. I'm not really into couscous that much but I like the vegetables on it.