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  1. @HelpneededJessica, there is definitely a green light at the end of the tunnel. If you look at my timeline you can see i just got the best gift before Christmas which is my hubby getting his visa. with my hubby noir letter they told us one by one the reason why the consulate refused his visa. It like 5 or 6 point. Each point i provided details to rebuts the consulate misinterpretation of my marriage. Some of the evidence i got was in regard to what the consulate officer stated. Evidence was that i created a time line of my hubby and i relationship, put text message of before marriage conversation leading up to up to date chat history(over 100 pages front and back), letter from my hubby ex-wife, letter from myself explaining my marriage and a letter from my hubby explaining our marriage, letter from my parents and his parents and my friend, and a letter from his aunt who introduced us together, more photos of recent visits. Those were the few i could remember but just try to put things that could prove your marriage. thwy question the reason why my hubby married another US citizen and why we didn’t include before marriage communication and things in which the consulate question him about in his interview. My suggestion is that: you know your spouse and marriage better than anyone so just know all will be well, the worst case scenario is having to wait again for reaffirmation! It’s not over and best of luck. If you need any further assistance then email me.
  2. Hello, youre welcome to look at my time line and see. My husband and i was in similar situations back in 2016 but we overcome it.
  3. Hello, what i did for my husband was that i had filled out and scanned him the documents that he needed. He got approved with it. So as long as the documents are real, you have no issues to be worried about!
  4. My case was similar. Delay isn’t a denial. Congratulations to you !! The issue with Lagos US consulate is that, you can’t pick up an Immigrant Visa from any other place besides the Lagos Victoria Island one because other DHL offices are authorized to have it due to people stealing passport, but if it is a non immigrant visa, it can be picked up from anywhere. Wished they told my husband and i before he traveled to Benin City to pick his up and was told that they aren’t authorized to have his visa picked up there. So be sure the area that you decided to have your Immigrant Visa to be picked is an authorized area that the US consulate approved
  5. Hi, when my husband case was reaffirmed, i and my husband received an email from Lagos embassy about the reaffirmed petition. In the email we got a list of things to update such as medical, police clearance and the time to schedule but i had to physically schedule the interview for my husband but they told me to pick a 7am time. I scheduled for my husband due to internet connection that is poor on his end. You will be told to update your ds-260 page and will need to contact Nvc for the logon information. All what you need to do will be on the email which the embassy will send you if you have your email on file and will contain packet 4. Well you’re lucky tht they schedule you interview for you, ours i had to schedule. You need a current affidavit of support(I-864). My husband had his interview and required more eveidenve such as a join sponsor and the divorce certificate, we turned both in and he was asked to drop off his passport at the DHL office that was in the email. Now we are just waiting for 10 days for him to pick his passport with visa in it. If you have any further questions, i will try to assist if i can. Goodluck on your interview. Make sure you take more evidence of communication and pictures with you/him for the visa interview
  6. No one can really tell what the consulate will look at. Many have gotten married on first visit and was approved. My close friend when she filled for her husband , she got married on her first visit and she only stayed in Lagos for two weeks. The same age gap as you. Just do your best and all will be well. Best wishes.
  7. I did my I-130 on my own. Did my recommendation for NOID rebuttal on my own and got reaffirmed. It’s possible to do it yourself but everyone is different. This is a helpful community and when i needed answers i came online and found it on this site. My husband is from Nigeria as well and i petitioned for him.
  8. Congratulations, i am awaiting my husband 2 interview after reaffirmation of petition. This gives us hope, as we all know how the CO are unpredictable. This process is already long enough. Safe travels to her 🙂
  9. @JackandRed the consulate overseas should of emailed you the website and from there you can create the login for new person and pick your interview date. In the same letter they should give you the time to pick and all you have to do is go and pick an available date you want. Our next available date was four months out, you the quicker you do it the better. I’ve attached what they sent me
  10. I’m currently on this process now. My case was reaffirmed as well. Uscis send it back to NVC then after NVC finish doing what they need to do on their part, they send it back to the US consulate overseas. Once consulate receive the emailed me and sent package 4 and all the things my husband needed to bring to the interview. He has to do a new medical and police clearance, also your spouse or you would have to login and pick a new interview date. Once it reaches the consulate for the second time around they will contact the beneficiary to let your spouse know it’s been reaffirmed and will provide the necessary steps on things to do next. If you need further assistance, message me!
  11. Hopefully It hasn’t been a year since you have contacted them. If it’s past the year it’s more than likely that they probably may reject your case. But definitely on Monday you should contact them. Department of state is usually Nvc. Their number is ‭+1 (603) 334-0700‬
  12. @Zainspeak my husband got the same update. They sent my husband case back to Uscis for a detailed additional security check and questioned some of my husband answer at the interview. Long story short, i answered Uscis response and they reaffirmed my husband petition and now he has another interview coming up. It took a little over 13 months before the case was sent back to the consulate and we are waiting for the new interview. I just pray you don’t experience the same thing i did with my husbands petition
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