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  1. @HelpneededJessica, there is definitely a green light at the end of the tunnel. If you look at my timeline you can see i just got the best gift before Christmas which is my hubby getting his visa. with my hubby noir letter they told us one by one the reason why the consulate refused his visa. It like 5 or 6 point. Each point i provided details to rebuts the consulate misinterpretation of my marriage. Some of the evidence i got was in regard to what the consulate officer stated. Evidence was that i created a time line of my hubby and i relationship, put text message of before marriage conversation leading up to up to date chat history(over 100 pages front and back), letter from my hubby ex-wife, letter from myself explaining my marriage and a letter from my hubby explaining our marriage, letter from my parents and his parents and my friend, and a letter from his aunt who introduced us together, more photos of recent visits. Those were the few i could remember but just try to put things that could prove your marriage. thwy question the reason why my hubby married another US citizen and why we didn’t include before marriage communication and things in which the consulate question him about in his interview. My suggestion is that: you know your spouse and marriage better than anyone so just know all will be well, the worst case scenario is having to wait again for reaffirmation! It’s not over and best of luck. If you need any further assistance then email me.
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